Emil Rene' DeJoux's Vitals
Name: Emil Rene' DeJoux
Race: French
Shortdesc: Tousled dark hair, blue eyes, snazzy dresser
Position: {$Position}
Fame: None
Temperament: Easily amused by life, friendly.
Themesong: None
Nicholas Hoult as Emil Rene' DeJoux


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Born and raised in Paris, France, Emil is the only child of a wealthy family. Studied Business Administration at one of the top Paris Universities and detested every moment of it. After having his share of partying years there, he moved to the USA. Now he is enrolled in the University of Chicago and is studying medicine.


Alexavier - Artist and psychic. Emil's boyfriend.
Ayden - Vampire that saved Emil's life a few years ago. Emil came to Chicago to prepare for Ayden's return, but Ayden never showed, and Emil has moved on.
Gaius - Emil currently lives at Gaius's place.
Julien - Animator Emil met at the Basement. Emil is somewhat drawn to the man.
Royal - Current Master of the City, Alexavier is his Pomme.
Toby - Royal's Human Servant, a bit on the shy side.

RP Hooks

School - Emil is attending the University of Chicago, and is studying medicine.
Personal - Emil enjoys being social and can be found at the Basement, Pier Pressure, among others. He enjoys artwork and will visit galleries, attend the theatre and symphony.


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