Emily Elizabeth Darling's Vitals
Name: Emily Elizabeth Darling
Race: Human
Shortdesc: 5'7, blonde, blue eyed, well dressed.
Position: Deputy Mayor
Fame: Facing a life of personal adversity
Temperament: Sweetheart of a good natured girl
Themesong: Coming Soon
Kristen Bell as Emily Elizabeth Darling

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Chicago's Darling, it helps that it is her last name. Her father is a lawyer for preternatural rights. Her mother was changed by a shifter and then died when poor Emily was sixteen. She has gone to Yale and stepped into the spotlight. There may be no sweeter girl found.


The woman is the epitome of the girl next door. Her golden hair falls in casual waves down to dust just past her shoulders, while strangely appearing classically elegant. Her skin is just slightly too pale, but she is most definitely still alive and breathing. Her eyes are her most captivating features. They are the exact shade of a summer's day and tend to reflect her thoughts and emotions easily. As well, her lips are almost always pulled up into a friendly and welcoming smile. Today, she's wearing a light dusting of shadow upon her lids in a golden hue and her lips are a soft pink with a glossy finish.

Dressed for a position of power or esteem, this woman stands at the height of 5'7" and does so rather gracefully. The suit is not only designer, but is tailored to fit her measurements perfectly. A black suit jacket cuts down to the valley of her breasts, but her assets are covered by a pink cashmere shell. It flows tight to her hips where a pencil skirt takes over. The skirt falls at the respectful length of an inch above her knees; long enough to cover everything and short enough to keep interest. A pair of wicked leather stilleto shoes encase her feet.

There is a 1.5 carat diamond solitaire on the middle finger of her right hand. As well a simple chain of platinum hangs around her throat with a diamond heart outline against her breast bone. The only other article of jewelry is a slim watch around her left wrist. Due to the weather, she almost always has a grey cashmere coat that falls mid-calf, leather black gloves and a black cashmere scarf.

Known Information

Where to start? Emily was born in Chicago to the wealthy elite. Her mother became turned to a shifter and then killed when Emily was sixteen. It was a time that the city hurt for the teenager, but she was never without an encouraging word. She's known to be an activist in every potential cause there is. She made news when a few years ago her fiance, a war hero, was gunned down and killed overseas protecting his men. She was the Deputy Mayor under Mayor Carter (pretty much acting mayor) and a shoo-in for the 2012 elections, until Mayor Keeton took office.


  • Robert Evan Darling - Her Father - Robert Darling is a wealthy Chicago lawyer who does a lot of pro bono work for the preternatural kind. He is a caring man that has instilled ethics and morality into his daughter. It is said that he is still her moral compass to this day. (NPC)
  • Mary Elizabeth Banks Darling - Her Mother - Mary was a socialite born into blue blood Boston elite society. She was set to marry into another proud family before love took over. She was very in love with her husband of twenty years and adored their life. She was changed by a shifter when her child was thirteen and killed by when the girl was sixteen. (Deceased)
  • Lt. Colonel Andre Stephen Collins - Her Finace - Andre was a war hero and beloved by a nation. His death took a toll on Emily, but she has hidden from public view. It was her tears that broke the hearts of the people and her optimism that brought them cheer. (Deceased)
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