Erin's Vitals
Name: Erin Altice
Race: Werewolf
Shortdesc: Raven haired, amber eyed pleasant woman
Position: Interpreter
Fame: n/a
Temperament: Pleasant and fairly easy going.
Themesong: n/a
Alexa Davalos as Erin Altice

Erin Altice is a fictional character played on the game Windy City. This page is a work in progress.


Erin was born to a to a rich liberal family in California. Her father was a doctor her mother a fashion designer She was the only daughter of the happy couple, and they did their best to spoil her. Fortunately for all involved they did not succeed. Erin was a bright chide and giving many opportunities to stimulate her mind as growing up. Weather it was piano lessons, painting, or classical literature. Nothing was too good, nor not good enough for their daughter. She enjoyed to traveling, especially by plane, for she got to see more buildings that way. She was a huge fan of the way houses, churches, sheds, skyscrapers, bridges, everything was done. With her father often taking her to new areas she soon started to become quite the linguist even at a young age. Overall her life was charmed.

She was often traveling from one country to the next as she grew up. Either father's expertise, or her mother putting on a show, there was no corner of the 'civilized' world she didn't set foot in. Her natural good humor, and friendly way helped her in learning much about a great many things. Architecture, dance, fashion, music, but most of all languages. Europe is all about trains, which was fine as she could walk the cars and talk to people. Yet she loved it most when they flew, especially since they always went first class. This meant she could often charm her way up to sit in the cockpit if it wasn't a commercial flight and talk with the captain, a few even let her hold the yolk and fly.

With all of the traveling, especially in the summer it was hard to keep friends. Not to mention going to any one school for a year. So she had tutors for her education. Learning often about whatever country they were in at the time. Her parents legally lived in Chicago, but as fare as Erin remembers the family had spent one holiday there ever. O'Hare being snowed in had more to do with it then anything else. Her overall grades were fair. Her parents never worried though. Her skill in languages and interacting with most people put most of their fears to rest.

It was near her 16th birthday, and she was going to routine physical. It was a new doctor, but that was something she was used too. Along with her normal booster shots, and everything else was a lycanthropy serum injection. Since some of the countries she was going to for work didn't have the same laws on therians her new doctor thought it wise to be safe. Unfortunately next full moon she woke up nude in the woods of the Black Forest near the carcass of a slain dear. She didn't know what to make of it at first, but she had some suspicions. Calling her doctor she asked for an immediate copy of her medical file. Some quick reading showed her the source of her infection.

She didn't know what to do. Her parents were liberal and open minded, and loved her she knew that. They were going to be in traveling for a vacation in Alaska for a bit, then heading over the Pacific to Tokyo for a convention or something. On the flight while there were over the great woods of the Northwest Territory of Canada the plane hit a bad storm. Storms are normally not that bad, but they couldn't get over it or under this one. That's when the lightning started to really get nasty. The plane took at least two hits frying much of the instruments and damaging one engine. The plane pitched forward and started to fall quickly to the ground. This was getting a bit much for the new wolf. She ran for the tail where the bathroom was to lock herself in. The plan shuddered as it hit the first trees, the pilots looking to land safe as the could. The aircraft bucked and twisted, as the second impact hit and cracked the tail off. Erin was already shifting as the part she was in fell away from the rest of the plane. Howling she went careening into the dark woods as the plane continuing on without her.

When she woke she was in a great wood without any smell of 'man' around her. Nude and very very lost. She looked around, and called out. Only the faint echo of her voice answered. Where were her parents, were they alive, what is she going to do, how far from the wreck is she, did she do anything bad while a wolf? Too many questions, and she had no way of answering them. She started off in a random direction, she was pretty sure it was before noon. So keeping the sun to her left she started walking. Soon her fears, imagination, and stress brought about the change again. This was a land for wolves, not humans anyway. The young werewolf's thoughts were just of 'home' as it padded off deeper into the wilderness. It would be over two months before anyone human would see Erin's human body at all.


Over the time spent as a wolf slowly Erin was able to get her 'mind' back. She knew she was traveling mostly southwest. Before too much longer she started to recognize the area. She wasn't far from Chicago. Would her parents be home, are they alive? She stayed in her wolf form as long as she could. She started to make her way home once she got where she was exactly. She didn't even think of shifting back to human until she was nearing to the gated neighborhood of her parents home. She shifted, and soon found a sheet in someone's back yard hanging on a clothesline. She felt bad about stealing, but being nude was worse. She shifted and it took a bit to remember how her body worked. Everything felt off and unnatural almost. She wrapped herself up in the sheet and turned for the gatehouse to home. The guard had spotted her fairly early and came running out looking happy "Ms. Altice it's you?!" as he got closer he came to a literal skidding halt. "My god!" Erin felt weird as her head canted to look at him because her ears didn't lift and turn like they should. It took two tries to get her voice to work right. "Yeah Bob it's me. Did mom and day survive the crash?" she had no idea of what she looked like. Bob nodded "Yeah, both are fine and alive, they're home too. Worried about you, they knew you were alive, never gave up hope" he was backing away from her as he reached for the phone to the house. Soon her parents were both running down the drive to see their daughter. Erin thought it odd that Bob didn't just let her in. When her mother gave a gasp she knew something was wrong. "Mom, Dad!" she was so happy as she started to move to them. Her parents only hesitated slightly before both hugged Erin. She learned as soon as she got to her room to get some clothes why everyone was acting funny. She just stared at her reflection. She would never pass for human now. No wonder Bob had been scared. That was a few weeks ago. Most of that time was spend with her staying home and with family. The search was over for her, and her dad dealt with all the legal stuff of her no longer being missing. Her family accepted her. She was still their daughter. She stayed inside and safe when the news of the hunter killings happened. Yet she knew she needed help, and wasn't sure if she could go to school this fall. Her dad got the address of some sort of shelter for shifters and told her to check it out.


Erin is a current member of the local lukoi pack. She is the guardian of the packs memory with the rare ability to call munin. Erin is a strong Beta with middle ranking in the pack. She also possesses the talent to help enhance the gifts of others around her. Though this normally drains her and takes blood to really make the connection. Helping her to lend her strength to other preternatural abilities or to accelerate another's healing.

Erin is a highly accomplished linguist. She can speak almost a dozen language, and understands a great deal more. It has always been a hobby that she loved to do. It has taken some work but Erin even has managed a fair understanding of the bird like language of the fae. Her other hobby and passion (besides her wife Lilly) is cooking. From when she traveled the world with her family she collected many recipes from all over. She loves to cook big meals and enjoy them with friends and family.


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