Esha Talbot's Vitals
Name: Esha Shri Talbot
Race: Fae
Shortdesc: Exquisite femme with eerie hair, skin like a pearl, turquoise eyes.
Position: Gambler
Fame: n/a
Temperament: Lighthearted and frolicsome, she's also plenty of fun when she drinks but is horrible if she's hungover.
Themesong: n/a
Morgan Ewing as Esha Shri Talbot


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Birthday August 13, 1950 (IC set as Feb. 25, 1951)
Age 54
App age 25

Doesn't know what happened to her parents. They were incredibly self involved. She left the old land when she was fifteen and traveled. It wasn't long afterwards she came to the United States. In April of 2005, has come to Chicago to work as a stripper. (Since she can call flesh, she can change her appearance as well as shift to other forms.)

Half-Apsara: water fae and spectacular dancers/entertainers. They have a weakness for gambling and alcohol. They can also curse, call air, call flesh, and call water. In Esha's case, as a half-ling, she can only call water and flesh. She has two true forms: her human or 'dry' form and her aquatic form. When in her 'dry' form, her hair still continues to behave like it was underwater.

Knack: Alcohol boosts her magic for shape-shifting.
Flaw: She must return to her water form when she sobers. She recovers faster if she is actually IN water. She is also subject to crippling hangovers.


ANIMAL: When caught up in a particular emotion for longer than 1/10th of her Willpower in poses, Esha has a reactive habit of turning into an animal. If her Willpower isn't divisible by 10, the 'remainder' is the chance of her changing on that next pose ('remainder out of ten' chance). The change is sudden and can be to any mundane animal that has less mass then her normal human form. She can't turn this on by choice, although she can 'work herself up into a fervor' to try to activate it. Once in critter-form, she's stuck that way (unable to speak human languages) until she is reverted back by successful Fae 'Flesh Magic' or if she is immersed fully in water.

FLIGHT: When surrounded by fog or steam, Esha can use it to assist her in a climbing or swimming sort've flight. It only works for visible water vapor though (so she won't get far on a teakettle), and a blatant glowing aura surrounds her body while she's using it (brighter about her head, as if she had a spotlight behind her, aimed at the back of her head).

DANCE: When Esha is dancing a particular dance called 'The Churning of the Sea', it evokes a trance in the viewers not unlike vampire Mind Rolling. Every other pose of dancing The Churning, she can roll Performing Arts + Power to see how much of a thrall it produces (cumulative for sequential poses of dancing) — those whose Willpower is less than the amount of 'thrall' that they've witnessed are enthralled by the dance, repeating whatever act they were performing when it kicked in. This preternatural repetition can continue with no physical exhaustion, but it can get mentally exhausting over time (IE: If Churned into holding a big heavy thing that one can normally barely lift, one won't get physically tired of holding it up. Just very very bored). When Esha stops dancing The Churning (which she'll do eventually since one can't dance forever) or if an enthralled person is removed from her presence, the trance turns off. To witness The Churning in silhouette or on a visual medium (EG: A video recording) instead of 'in person' has no preternaturally funky effects other than being very emotionally stirring.

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