Etana Obayomi's Vitals
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Race: Hyena
Shortdesc: A mildly attractive bald black woman with an athletic build
Position: Homeless
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WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Etana has been smuggled into the US as a illegal immigrant. Recently she came to Chicago and appears to be homeless. She is also sometimes seen leading a Hyena on a leash, though never in populated areas.

She is a Werehyena from South Africa. A Nigerian by birth she was infected when she was fifteen years old. Her parents fled when the Clan of hyenas approached on a full moon and as far as she knows are still living in South Africa somewhere. She was smuggled out, along with some others, due to the Clan splitting apart when rebels begun hunting them for the money the body of a shifter can bring in to a starving family.

She has chosen to start a new Clan in Chicago. Since this announcement four hyenas have approached her to become a part of the new Clan. A fifth has displayed a mistrust and has not yet joined with her.

She survived an attack by a mob of humans lead by a wolf. Its beleived that this group was behind the deaths of the wolves Ulfric among others. She was lucky enough to survive long enough to fight her way out and escape to where the police could find her and get her help.

She has recently partaken in a hunt that has netted her quite a trophy. She now is in possession of a boars skull. Not just any, but one from a three story tall boar to be exact. Quite the conversation piece.

The picture is as close as I can find for now. She has some more meat on her, mostly in the form of light muscling.

Information on the Clan - Werehyenas

Etana is also a member of Claw


She is a hyena. Any RP with other Hyenas or those who have information on them is most welcome.
She is homeless. She might find herself anywhere where she might be able to scavenge up some food or perhaps someone offering some help.
She has a illegal, exotic animal. While she keeps her spotted hyena far off the beaten path someone with a curious nose might find them.
She is an illegal alien, an immigrant from South Africa. She is going to need to get in contact with a lawyer to get her citizenship.

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