Evie's Vitals
Name: Evie Higgins
Race: Human Pyschic
Shortdesc: brown hair, green eyes, mature woman
Position: Lawyer
Fame: Member of NAAVP
Temperament: Relaxed, friendly, tiger in the courtroom
Themesong: n/a
Debra Gano as Evie Higgins


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Native of Chicago, lawyer, and widow. Also a member of the NAAVP, often seen doing campaigning and seminars.

Vampire: Human who's son was turned in 2007 after an accident in NYC. Member of NAAVP, campaigning against the hate groups for continued vampire and preter rights.


  • Higgins Law - Private Practice that is open to dealing with issues concerning Preternatural Rights.
  • NAAVP - branch of NAACP that campaigns against the hate groups for continued vampire and preter rights.



  • Henry - husband, died in 2004 from cancer, doctor
  • Tony - son, Belle vampire, turned in 2007 after an accident in NYC where he was attending school


  • Paul - friend, runner for law firm
  • Shawn - friend, runner for law firm
  • Klara - Paralegal and Secretary for the law firm
  • Kevin - Lawyer who has joined ranks in the firm, taking on more criminal defense suits


  • Robert - Rumors are that she is retained by the Ulfric for he and the Pack
  • Logan


  • Amun - MotC, her son's leader


Brunette takes on a vibrant life in the hair that graces this one's head - rich walnut, loamy brown, all touched with a hint of gold streaks gained from the sun and not through chemical help. Her hair is expertly cut to frame her face, layers to hang down to her shoulder blades when not worn up for work. Lightly tanned skin shows off her leafy green eyes beneath delicately arched brows. A petite nose and a sensually full mouth finish off the look. She's of average height for most women, falling about 5'6", her willowy form kept in shape, especially for a woman of her years.

She is sleekly dressed in a black pin stripe suit that seems to have been custom tailored to her willowy form. A skirt comes to just about her middle thighs, barely covering the top of the stockings that lovingly caress her legs. The jacket is a chic number, double breasted with black onyx buttons. Pictures of small roses rest within the center of each of the buttons. A white silk shirt rests beneath the lapels which are pinned open, as well as the shirt, to reveal the small curve of her cleavage where crimson lace might be seen to rest next to her skin. The layers of her hair is swept up in an elegant little twist while understated jewelry marked by a string of long pearls only draws the eyes to her face, where artful application of cosmetics brings out her earthy beauty.


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