Prior to 1993 and Adley vs. Clarkson (which provided vampires a chance to submit for US citizenship), meting out justice towards the preternatural was typically carried out by the subcontracting of freelance "bounty hunters", commonly known as Executioners. Following the Supreme Court decision, the role was put under the jurisdiction of the United States Marshals Service. As such, those applying for a position in the Preternatural Operations Division (AKA: The 'POD', still commonly referred to as 'Executioners') must now meet the same qualification standards as any other US Marshal.

Non-Marshal preternatural consultants are still occasionally called on by law enforcement, but generally under the supervision of a US Marshal.

Typically, one is initially accepted at the GS-5 level, as a Deputy US Marshal. With training and experience over the next year or more, one can apply for a specialization track at the GS-7 level. Above GS-7 comes GS-9 (with a $5,000/year raise), and above that comes GS-11 after at least three years at GS-9.



You must…

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be between the ages of 21 and 36 at the time of application.
  • Have a bachelor's degree, or three years of qualifying experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. (see below)
  • Have a valid drivers license with a good driving record.
  • Be in excellent physical, mental, and medical condition.
  • Complete a structured interview and background investigation.
  • Undergo a 4 month basic training program at the U.S. Marshals Service Training Academy in Glynco, GA


  • A four year bachelors’ degree OR a minimum of three years of responsible volunteer or paid experience. Listed below are examples of acceptable experience:
    • Law enforcement
    • Work involving the correctional treatment and supervision of criminal offenders in correctional institutions
    • Classroom teaching or instruction
    • Sales (other than taking and filing orders as in over-the-counter sales)
    • Interviewing experience in a public or private service agency which involved making determinations on individual requests for services, benefits, etc., and explaining, interpreting, and applying rules, regulations, and procedures
    • Work involving contacts with the public for the purpose of gathering information, such as credit rating investigator, claims adjuster, journalist, etc.
    • Volunteer teaching or counseling
    • Other experience that has demonstrated the ability to take charge and make decisions, such as civilian/military supervisory, managerial or leadership responsibility.

A GS-5 position affords a yearly salary of approximately $40,000/year. One can apply for promotion to GS-7 after a year's service.


    • Have one year of responsible law enforcement experience in addition to the GS-5 experience requirements above
    • Have the ability to deal effectively with associates, subordinates, the general public, and prisoners.
    • Have the ability to make arrests and use firearms proficiently.
    • Bachelor's degree and at least one of the following Superior Academic Achievement provisions:
      • A grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher for all completed undergraduate courses, or for those courses completed during the last 2 years of undergraduate study.
      • Rank in the upper 1/3 of your college or university undergraduate class.
      • Membership in a national scholastic honor society (other than freshman honor societies) recognized by the Association of College Honor Societies.
      • Successful completion of graduate education in law, or in a field related to law enforcement (EG: criminal justice, preternatural science, et cetera), or completion of one full year of graduate study (minimum of 18 semester or 27 graduate quarter hours).

A GS-7 position affords a yearly salary of approximately $45,000/year. One can apply for promotion to GS-9 after a year's service.


  • If you do not qualify based on education or experience alone, your education and experience may be combined and evaluated in an attempt to satisfy the minimum general experience requirements, at the GS-5 level, for Deputy U.S. Marshal positions.
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