Lincoln Park - Lake Shore Drive: North
Lincoln Park is one of the most beautiful spots throughout Chicagoland. It is
one of the advantages characterizing life in a large urban center. Every day
Lincoln Park is enjoyed by many residents and visitors to Chicago. The park
includes many unique items that represent Illinois. Some of the most
interesting are the statues. Citizens put up statues of people who were
important to them. In Lincoln Park, most of the statues commemorate
Illinoisans, reflecting the local outlook of the world in the late-eighteenth
and early-nineteenth century.
Vast lawns stretch toward Lake Shore Dr, groves of trees, gazebos, bandstands
and picnic areas dotting the view. Cobbled pathways wend their way through
scenic areas, running alongside bike and jogger trails. To the west the
Lincoln Park Zoo can be seen, reddish brick walls enclosing the area, while
the east finds the shores of Lake Michigan.
Heavy snow falls, making it hard to walk through the accumulating drifts, and
occasionally even hard to see. All the world seems grey and white. The wind
blows the snow about from the northeast, and it swirls around objects and
never falls straight down. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop.
There is about twenty inches of snow on the ground.
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Despite the fact that it isn't a full on blizzard yet, it is snowing.. harshly.

So one might wonder.. how.. and why.. There is a pack of lions in inside of
Lincoln park. In the snow. There at at least seven of them, and they've
managed to keep people out of the park proper so far. Right now? Pacing along
the perimeter is a lone female lion. Her tail twitching, tawny fur covered in

Snow Snow Snow.. Pyotr loves snow. Especially in the park. It's a great
shortcut to cross to get to where he is going rather then hoofing it around
with his dufflebag of.. stuff. Whatever metal goodies he is delivering
clanking as he walks down the pathway, his technicolor trenchcoat dragging
along the snow with him.

Amanda is utterly lost in the snowstorm and somehow finds her way down the
street and stumbles Into the park in lieu of seeing the signs or anything.
Snow Blind, she stumbles around trying to find something familair to look at

His top hat covered in a dusting of white, Wes walks towards the park looking
like the newest version of Frosty. His long brown coat is also sprinkled with
the cold white stuff, a coffee cupped in a gloved hand. When he's about two
hundred meters away from the pride of lions, he stops in the snow to look
over in their direction. "Bit out o' season for lions, innit?" he says to
himself, taking a sip of the coffee as a lost Amanda stumbles by, and a
clinking Pyotr walks.

The lone female lion paces along the perimeter, getting ever closer to Pyotr,
Amanda, and Wes. Her tail twitching in obvious annoyance.

Pyotr is JUST passing Wes, looking up from his bag. He smiles and is about to
say hello when.. wait.. what did he say? "Lions? What Lions?" he asks,
quickly peeking around and noteing.. The Lioness. He blances and steps back a
step, cursing in thick old russian.

Kai is not a fan of the snow. First of all he is from Hawaii, which should be
enough. Ontop of that he is a crocodile and they don't exactly enjoy the
snow. So he is a little disgruntled by the fact that it is going to blizzard.
He has to go through the park in order to get home. He's got on a hooded
sweatshirt with his leather jacket over it. The hood covering most of his
blonde hair and some of his face. He's got his hands in his pockets and he's
muttering to himself. It isn't until he spots the lions that he mutters a
curse to himself. Crocodiles and Lions, in Africa they don't exactly get

Amanda actually stumbles and falls into the snow rather close to the fence row.
Her nose contacts with the cold metal and blood spurts from her nose. She
eeps and starts backing up, covering thenose.. "he's gonna be mad." she tries
to move quick, not actually seeing the Lion prowling.

"Aye, there's at least one lion around, innit," Wes says to Pyotr, and notices
Amanda heading in their direction. "Better at least give 'er a heads up," Wes
says, starting to quickly walk towards her, trying not to be too obvious.
"Honest to god, though, if you aren't noticing a lion in the middle o' a
park," Wes comments as he reaches the girl.

Pyotr nods quickly, his hand reaching deep into the dufflebag… "I'll warn
the.. oh wait.. the guy over there seems to notice." he says, relieved.. his
hand comes out and he is holding a cellphone. He steps back a few
feet,powering up the phone.

Blood? Like sharks to uh… blood. The lioness stops, lifting her nose into the
air and sniffing. She takes several slow stalking steps toward the source of
the scent. Tail flicking in annoyance.

Amanda squints as her vision now straightens out as she has been out int he
snow so long, it had hampered her vision. Suddenly, she holds her nose and
begins to panic. "Oh no Oh No Oh.." Spying a couple men she starts
frangically scrabbling towards them, never having encountered such things she
runs. "Help.. Help!!!" Yep.. that's it.. prey.. Being sheltered and timid all
her life, this is one thing that makes her shake with fear and run

Three-hundred-and-fifty-pounds of cat, you would think the lionness would move
slower in the snow, wouldn't you? But like lightning the act has closed the
distance and pounces ontop of Amanda. SPLAT. Flailing woman underneath
three-hundred and fifty pounds of cat. Though no claw or teeth are used on
the woman.

Wes does an apparently rather idiotic move — he runs up towards the lion, and
looks it in the eyes. "I rilly, bloody 'ope that you're not some sort o'
fae," Wes says, his feet spread apart in case it wasn't, ready to run again.

Pyotr 's phone comes on with a few beeps.. but he curses once more in russian..
"What! No SIGNAL!" he cries, tapping the buttons.. He looks up at the Lioness
and notes her change in stance.. heading towards Wes and the girl. He drops
the phone into the snow and reaches into the bag searching.. searching.. the
sound of metal clanking. AHAH. He he puls something shiny out and wraps it
around his neck.. a gorget! He has to push down his turtleneck to get it on,
revealing that beneath it he is wearing.. is that chainmail? He pulls out two
short swords.. and calls out to Wes. "COMRADE! CATCH!" And with that he

Kai grumbles under his breath. He looks at the lions and he then looks towards
Wes, Pyotr and Amanda. He bites his lower lip in contemplation and he says,
"What are these bitches doing here? This isn't prideland." Or else he would
have definately considered going somewhere else. He isn't sure if the human's
know that these aren't normal lions or not. When the lioness starts getting
even more restless he says, "Bad girl." And that's when Wes' power flares up
and decides to let the man handle the Lioness. He keeps an eye on the lion
but then looks for the others in the pride. They rarely alone.

Amanda gets landed on and wheezes, feeling herself being slowly sat on, playing
squishybits isn't what she had in mind as her bloody nose bubbles while she
attempts to breathe

Lioness snarls at Wes, when he rushes near. Her paw lifts up, and drops onto
the top of Amanda's head exerting just a little bit of pressure. Then those
large amber eyes filled with human intelligence settle onto Pyotr. And with a
roar, the lioness leaps from Amanda and goes toward Pyotr even as he is still
pulling out his swords.

Pyotr looks over his shoulder at Kai, raising a brow. "Prideland?" he asks,
looking back at the Lioness and her prey. He hasn't ran at it yet.. keeping
his distance. He has no illusions. He is strong but not quite inhuman strong
and NOWHERE near as fast as a lion. But Wes could probably use backup and..
Oh CRAP. "SHIT!" he cries and unsheaths the sword.. not swinging as he falls
back, just holding the definately-not-steel-shiny blade up in a defensive
posture between him and the oncoming creature.

Kai was watching the female lioness and when she decided to leap off of Amanda.
Well he can't exactly let her go after someone else. The crocodile pours on
the speed. A blur of movement through the snow and the shapeshifter collides
with the Lioness before she can attack Pyotr. He tackles her and brings her
to the ground. Gritting his teeth he tries to pin her down. Yeah the surfer
is stupid, but it's not a secret that he is a shapeshifter. It just isn't

"Christ," Wes says, glancing at the crushed Amanda and then over as the lioness
leaps for Pyotr. He listens for a pulse, standing half crouched over the
girl. No point in defending a dead body, really. He looks over at the other
six or so lions, checking to see what they were doing.

The lion pride? Seem to watching, for the moment. One of the females is pacing
around. The male, is sitting watching as well. His head turns toward the left
and he makes a small growling noise probably lost in the shuffle. Two more
females pace their way over to the fight.
He's Dead he's dead he's dead he's.. ALIVE?!? The russian blinks as the other
guy blurs and tackles the Lioness before he is lunch. Pyotr's shoulders sag
in relief and he turns tail.. towards Wes… and skids to a halt a halt only
feet from where he started. "SHIT! MORE!" And stands there, eyes wary.. sword
held up but thats it..
Amanda coughcoughs and rolls over onto her front, trying to relearn how to
breathe and, whimpering in pain, tries to crawl out of the way, bleeding from
her nose. Blind terror drives her as she moves, alive but.. well, you get the
idea. "Oh godohgodohgod." she breathes as her nose drips and she finally
drops and curls up intoa ball, shivvering in paralyzed fright

"Aye, two more 'eading your way!" Wes calls over to Pyotr and Kai. He has no
medical training, and has no idea what might happen if Amanda's spine was
broken and she was moved. But then she curls up, and that is likely a good
sign. Here was very much not a good place for a still likely bleeding human.
He picks her up, as carefully as he can, moving the best he can through the
two feet of snow. "Let's get out o' 'ere," Wes says as he out and out legs it.

As he does this, he keeps his head up, looking for anyone else who might be
passing along the park — police, any kind of person, really.

GAME> In comparing Kai's muscle+unarmed combat vs Lioness's muscle+unarmed
GAME> Lioness has a +15 advantage.

Lioness growls and hisses, attempting to get out from underneath the guy. But,
well. Kai manages to hold her down.

Meanwhile two more stalk in. One passes by Amanda, reaching out and batting at
her with a paw, claws tearing the clothing, but not the skin beneath.

Kai holds down the lioness and he growls at her. "

Amanda wakes up enough as she's picked up and SCREAMS at theh top of her lungs,
kicking and screaming, clawing as she fights to get away from everyone
everything, fighting and kneeing like a frightened thing that doesn't know
who is who or what….start kicking squishy bits and hands flail…..

Pyotr grits his teeth, trying to not let lions get behind him, turning slowly
in the snow.. the silvery blade held steady. "Damnit.. fight like MEN you
cowards!" he yells. "Stalking people like you think you are superior! Fuck
you! Kill us and every law enforcement officer in a thousand miles will hunt
your asses down! Is that what you fucking WANT?"

Kai holds down the lioness and he growls at her. Yes, he's a crocodile but he
can growl too. It's a primal thing and not species thing. He shakes her
trying to get to the human inside of the lion. "Snap out of it. Get control
now." He holds on tight and then there is the warning of the others getting
closer. He lifts his head up and says, "If you know what's good for you, you
will stay back." He doesn't have an extreme amount of power, he's not an
alpha. But he pushes his beast out to warn them not to get any closer. Any
sensitives will feel the prickly power of a shapeshifter, it snaps like
lightning, much like a crocodile would snap at it's prey to warn them.
"Control yourself or I will knock you out." He'll give her a chance, there is
a possiblity that he may be able to get in touch with the human and not the

Wes streaks on through the snow, heading towards the nearest building, carpark,
whichever was closer. He curses roundly at Amanda as she screams, kicks, and
claws at him. "Listen you bloody bint, stop — " Wes is smacked in the face.
" — stay sodding /still/," he says as he continues to dash the best he can.
He looks around for the closest indoor space.

One of the new lioness turns to stare at Wes and the panicking Amanda. The
lioness stalks toward Kai and the first one. It comes to a stop and then
coughs.. yes.. coughs.. It then /speaks/ in a gravelly tone, "Let Aishwa go,
crocodile. Or the Dry Blood Pride will have issues with you." The voice is
distorted and gravelly, and oh so odd coming from the voice of the lioness.
This one is obviously an Alpha.

The other one comes to a stand still next to the female Alpha.

Alpha snorts in Pyotr's direction and states, "You, human, are the one that
pulled weapons on Aishwa, when she was only giving the.." A perk of her ear,
"Bint, a warning."

Amanda continues to scream mindlessly as she's carried off, kicking and
screaming and generally trying to beat the crap out of Wes, probably ahving
no effect at all, since she has NO fighting abilities. *unsure of injuries,
but she's panicked and flailing. Odd image going down the street, heheeh*

Pyotr looks towards the… Alpha? "What fucking RIGHT do you have to issue
warnings in a PUBLIC place? A HUMAN place. This isn't your damned terriroty
no matter WHAT you believe." he growls. "All your little games. You secret
little rules. Cowards!" He hopes he is buying Wes time to get to SOME safety
by distracting a few of these lions.. The Other guy seems able to handle
himself. "Come near me and I will shove silver laminated steel up your ass!"

Kai looks towards the lioness and then he says with a laugh. "You have no right
to hunt on this land. The Dry Blood Pride has no claim to this land, no
shifter does. And you threaten humans and myself. I am Kai the Taweret of
Medinet el Faiyum Bask. By injuring me you would bring the wrath of the
entire Bask. Sobki Dyson would not stop until your entire pride was skinned
and eliminated. I will let Aishwa go and you will leave this land. When you
have made official claim to an area, then you will have right to hunt there
and only when humans are not around. Or you could ignore my warnings and see
how your tiny pride holds up against the power of the White Crocodile." He is
very serious in this. A shifter can tell if one is lying or not. He turns
towards Pyotr and shoots him a look…the kind that says it may be best to

Wes does indeed appear to mostly take this as an annoyance. When they're a
sufficient distance away, Wes stops, rearranging Amanda with the type of ease
of someone who did this on a fairly regular basis so that he could keep her
from running off and pull out a cell phone. From that flailing she had to be
at least fairly all right. "Now thanks to you 've left me mates in bloody
danger," Wes says, "The /least/ you could bloody well do is stop making me
ears bleed."

The alpha does not speak to Pyotr, he is ignored even as he rants at her. Her
tail twitches and she states to Kai, "Hunt? We are not hunting here, Taweret.
Nor are we claiming land." A flick of her tail and she sends the other female
back. She repeats in that gravelly voice, "Let Aishwa go, and there will be
no more problems tonight."

Pyotr listens closely and shuts up.. But narrows his eyes on the Alpha,
muttering under his breath in Romani.

Amanda bites down on whatever body part is nearest to her screaming lips…
HARD… Nasty Hard… sharp teeth digging in to make the monster let her go.

Kai nods his head at the Alpha and he says, "That is a deal. I did not wish to
harm Aishwa. I only am preventing human injury." He is off of the tawny
lioness in an instant and he steps back. Bowing his head to the Alpha. "No
disrespect to the Dry Blood Pride but your judgement in places to be was not
the best. Choosing a location that is closed to the public would have been
much wiser. It is not my place to tell you what to do, but if any other human
saw you. They could have called the police and then animal control would have
been down here after you. It may be best to take your Pride and go elsewhere
for this evening. Good Evening." Another bow and he moves to Pyotr and he
says softly to him, "Smart. You pissed her off, I wouldn't have been able to
stop her from squashing your head like Gallagher does a watermelon. Best we
get out of here." He will follow the others as they leave.

Aishwa scrambles up, huffs at the Alpha, who huffs back, and then stalks back
to the rest of the pride.

The alpha, simply twitches her tail. Her gravelly inhuman voice leaves Kai
with, "Our being here is not our choice, taweret." Then she turns and also
stalks back to the rest of the lions.

Pyotr doesn't let his eyes OFF the lioness and lions, but does lower his sword
and step back with Kai. "It's all I could think to do to distract them from
Wes and the Girl… I know I didn't stand much of a chance.. but I am sure
they would have gotten indigestion from the silvermail." he says. He picks up
the swords he dropped earlier and slides it into the large duffle, but keeps
the one he drew for hiself in hand. "Da, lets get out of here.."

Kai stops, a shiver runs down his spine and he turns to look over his shoulder
at the lions. A sigh of relief and he just makes sure that the others are
gone. When he see's Wes and Amanda he says to Wes, "Glad I went for the
lioness instead of that one." He laughs softly and pretty much washes his
hands of the hysterical girl. He pulls his fallen hood back over his head and
starts back to the Polychrome.

"Out o' the two o' us, 'm the only one that got bloody bitten," Wes says as he
shakes off his arm. He drops Amanda off at the nearest hospital, having the
number on his phone, calls out the front desk worker before heading off
himself. "'ave to consider a shot for bloody /insanity/," Wes mutters as he
calls a taxi over, and then goes home.

Delayed Exodus

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