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The Basement: Bar/Pub - Grand Street: East
A place of casual hanging out, the room has an 'L'-shaped layout. Dark wood is the predominate theme, with hardwood floors, wall paneling, bar, and matching tables and chairs. The long and straight bar takes up the majority of the right wall, lighted by hidden bulbs and neon signs advertising various alcoholic beverages, these reflected in its smooth polished surface. Two to three bartenders serve ID-bearing customers seated on stools, from walls lined with about any drink imaginable, and a waitress will appear from the kitchen now and again to cover small 'pub food' orders. Taking up the back wall are four pool tables and dart boards, set off from a few booths and small round tables.
One section of the interior wall almost opens to the dancefloor below. A fine polarized black mesh set about a high railing cuts out much of the flashing lights and rhythmic beats from drifting upwards, and also prevents folks from falling downwards. The opposite wall bears short but wide windows high up by the ceiling, looking out to 'foot level' of the outside street.
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Pool Table
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It's early evening. While the sun has fallen beyond the horizon, it is still rather earlier. Being a Monday though, the bar is only lightly populated. Sitting in his usual corner booth is Zack. The young blond is currently munching on a cheeseburger and seems to be paying light attention to the television that's playing through some college sports game. There isn't a look of much interest in his silvery blue eyes.

Poe marches into the bar typing away on his phone. He's really not paying attention as his face meets the glass of the door to the bar. He looks up and frowns. He pushes it open then quickly lifts his shirt to erase all evidence of it. When it's done to his satisfaction he moves to the bar and jumps up on a bar stool. He waits for the server and takes the menu. "I'll have the nacho's. No. I'll have the fries. No. I'll actually have the onion rings. Ohhh. No! Yes, Nacho's please." He hands the man the menu and looks at the drinks. "Sprite. Rootbeer… no coke. No sprite. No Rootbeer. Yes Rootbeer."

GAME> You sense Poe to be a human, seemingly normal, extremely less powerful than yourself.

Zack looks over at the rather curious young man. He cocks his head as he watches. It's kind of like driving past a car wreck. You don't really want to see anything, but yet you just can't look away.

Poe sits there vibrating. It's like he's a little ball of energy that's about ready to explode. He takes out his phone and starts typing away. He waits silently for his food and then when it arrives he smiles broadly. "Thank you!" He pulls the plate from the man's hand and starts to eat like food is going out of style in a few minutes.

Zack continues eating his burger, or rather what's left of it. Once he's done, he slides out of the booth. He pauses at the bar, leaning on it slightly. "Hey, Caroline… Make sure that no one messes with my table." He glances at the very hyper young man gobbling down the nachos, with a slight quirked eyebrow.

Poe ignores everything around him since he's really just wanting to eat right now. He finishes off the plate in record time and then licks his fingers. He nods his head and pulls out his wallet. He pays with a black credit card. He takes a sip of his root beer and smiles happily.

Zack shakes his head slighly, "Dude, I think you could give a school of pirranha a run for their money." The comment is said mostly to himself, not necessarily expecting Poe to respond. He looks back at the waitress, "When you get a chance, refresh my Dr. Pepper too. Thanks."

Poe turns his eyes to Zack. "Hahah. That's funny." He nods his head and then finishes sipping his drink. He turns to Zack and just stares at him before woahs. "Dude you are like… superman!" He jumps up and pokes the man in the chest. "You are like… Epic Cat-man!"

Zack reaches up and brushes the veil of silky blond hair from his face, "What?" He obvious has no clue as to what precisely Poe is talking about it. The pool table can wait. "Not really following you there."

Poe puffs out his chest and grunts. "You are like…super duper strong!" He pats his own chest. "So am I." He smiles slowly and watches Zack. "So you are like Uber Cat right? You're like… awesome and shit." He giggles. "Whoot!" He takes a sip of more rootbeer.

Silvery blue eyes focus on the young man, as Zack cocks his head, "Well, not sure about that all that, but if you're talking about what I think you're talking about … in public… Then yeah, I'm awesome and shit." His energy pushes out against Poe, "And you are?"

Poe blinks a few times and then ohhs. "Right shit man! Sorry." He pats Zack's shoulder. "I'll keep it on the downlow man." He nods his head then shoulder bumps Zack. "I'm totally like you." Oddly, there is truth in his words, no sense of lies.

Zack looks at Poe, "Get your drink and come over to my table… we can talk a bit more comfortably there… the white noise makes it mostly safe." While completely pleasant, there is something deep down in his voice that suggest that it isn't a request.

Poe frowns and blinks a few times. "Am I in trouble?" He grabs his drink and his credit card and he moves over to the table and sits down heavily. He sits there holding his root beer looking scared but he wipes that from his face and puffs out his chest.

Once the two pass the hum of the oven vent, crossed by the air conditioner, it's almost like a pocket of quiet. Zack shakes his head, "No, you're not in trouble. Not necessarily at least. I don't know you, and I can't sense your beast. And then you go mentioning what I am in a bar of mixed people… We don't really do things like that. So when you say you're like me, what exactly do you mean?"

Poe blinks a few times and frowns. "You can't feel me at all?" He pushes his chest out more and he almost looks like he's going to blow a blood vessel. There is a little pop and he blinks. The power isn't too strong at all. "I'm a shifter." He smiles. "I can shift into a wolf and shit." He nods his head. "You got a cat and I got a wolf." He smiles happily though he looks dizzy.

Zack looks at Poe again, cocking his head. He relaxes a little more when he feels the shifter's energy. "You're better at hiding yourself than I am." He takes a sip of the soda that was waiting for him. "I'm Zack. Nimir-Raj of the Glass Tree Clan."

Poe blinks. "Why Glass Tree Clan? Iron Tank Beast Clan!" He nods his head and flexes. "Glass is breakable and we so aren't!" He shakes his head and leans forward. "So..does your skin fall off too when you shift? It's like gooo."

Zack smirks slightly, "Leopards live in trees… the only trees in Chicago are the ones that are made of steel and glass." He smiles, "Yeah, I tend to think more of it as melting… because of the rush of energy that is released."

[Weather] The stormy sky lightens faintly to the east.

Poe chews his lip and then yucks. "I never… Oh man… That's grody." He makes a face and then sighs. "Do you know the Alpha guy of the wolves? Cause I gotta meet him I think." He nods.

Zack looks at Poe like he has grown a third eye. "You are just strolling around without having sought out the Ulfric of the city's pack?" He sighs, "How long have you been a shifter… " he pauses, "Sorry, don't think you introduced yourself."

[Weather] Rain falls in west wind-lashed sheets at dawn.

Poe blinks a few times and frowns at Zack. "I just got here and I found this place." He looks at Zack. "I've been a shifter for like… 8 months! I know how to not shift and I know how hide myself and … I can't really find others like me." He sighs.

Zack reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cellphone. He scrolls through his address book. He writes the name 'Logan' and a number down. "This is the number to the Ulfric. His name is Logan. You need to get in touch with him as soon as possible." He pauses and writes another number down. "This is mine. If it is an emergency, and you can't get in touch with your own people, you can call me."

[Weather] Furious west winds drive rain into the ground at angle. The morning sky is slate grey.

Poe takes the paper and looks at it. He nods his head. "Logan…Like wolverine logan?!" He smiles happily. "Zack… Hi Zack." He shakes his head. "Fuck me! My name is Noah! Otherwise I'm known as Poe. You can call me Poe. Poe poe poe." He smiles and nods.

Zack chuckles, "Yeah, Logan… just like that.. except if Wolverine was well spoken and wore three thousand dollar business suits." He leans back, "So you got a place to stay? You need to be careful.. Chicago isn't always that friendly to our kind."

Poe frowns a little and then blinks. "I don't remember Wolverine being wel… OH! That's Logan." He laughs. "I get it. Derp." He chuckles. "I don't have a place to stay but I'm sure I can find where my Alpha man lives and crash on his porch.

Zack sighs and shakes his head, "Look, if you can't get in touch with him, I have a guest bedroom that you can use … tonight. Just because I'd hate for something to happen to one of the Lukoi when I could have prevented it, not that I am taking responsibility… "

Poe frowns. "Oh nothing is going to happen to me. I'm a tank." He nods his head. "Super powerful. I can kick Chuck Norris's ass. I'm fine." He waves his hand. He really believes what he says.

GAME> You sense Poe to be a wolf shapeshifter <hot energy>, of inhuman Power, far far less powerful than yourself.

Zack looks over at the young man, "Look, Poe. I know you feel like you're invincible. There's a rush being what we are, but we aren't the only things that go bump in the night. Last week, someone murdered one of my leopards. And rumor is, she wasn't the only shifter to have gone missing in the past couple months."

Poe frowns and watching Zack. He nods his head. "I was Pomme to a vampire. I know there are stronger things out there then me." He slides his glass of ice over to Zack. "Sorry…take my ice." He frowns a little.

Zack raises an eyebrow at the 'take my ice', "Sorry?" He looks over at Poe, "Before or after you were infected?"

Poe frowns. "It's a gift of what I have cause Ice is all i have right now so I'm giving it to you. I find ice chips are comforting." He nods. "After I was infected. She just disappeared one day though. Later I was told I wasn't her Pomme but… I don't know why she left me."

Zack chuckles softly. "Thank you, but it isn't necessary. You don't need to offer gifts to me, I'm not your Ulfric." He smiles and it is not condoscending, "Besides, I hate the cold… it reminds me of before I was a shiter." His glass has just enough ice in it to not be room temperature. He looks at you, "If you were that fresh from the change, why did your pack allow a vampire to claim you?" He sighs, "Sorry, none of my business. My Pard and the vamps have a very businesslike relationship. There is very little pleasantries."

Poe frowns. "Cause my Alpha dude was having trouble keeping up with me cause … well he said I was like a squirrel on coffee and he was quite a bit older so the vampire who had me as her Pomme called wolves so she helped with training." He nods his head and finally breathes. He didn't breathe that whole sentence.

Zack frowns slightly. His expression shows that he's not overly impressed with the description of the cub's old ulfric. "Well, each pack and pard are ruled differently, I hear… " He smirks, "I suppose I can't completely disagree with the description of you being like Foamy though."

Poe frowns a little and blinks a few times. "What's a foaming?" He tilts his head. "I said squirrel that's on coffee…" He points out again. He moves to slide from the seat and looks at Zack. He sticks his hand out. "Nice to meet you sirs."

Zack grins, "Foaming the Squirrel.. it's an online cartoon.. you should look it up on youtube." He nods and smiles, "Like I said, if you need a place to stay and can't get a hold of Logan, I have a spare bedroom, just call me."

«OOC» Zack says, "Foamy not Foaming."

Poe blinks a few times and pulls out his phone. He types something in his phone and then the sound of Foamy the Squirrel. He just laughs. He shakes his head. "Totally me!" He nods his head. He then types something into his phone and waits. "I don't think Logan is home." He points out quietly and frowns.

Zack thinks to himself that he doesn't know if he would have like to have seen Poe when caffine could have actually affected him. He smiles and nods, "Yeah, sure you're a werewolf and not a weresquirrel?" He frowns, "Offer is open if you want it."

Poe nods his head and grins slowly. "That would be a shitty were thing. I'm totally a wolf. I know cause I've chased my tail." He chuckles. "I've also seen myself in a mirror and squirrel's don't have that amount of awesome." He chuckles. "Sure I'll take it for now as long as you don't like turn around and ask for something for protecting me."

Zack holds up his hand, "I'm not protecting you. I'm giving you a safe place to stay the night. I'm not harboring a rogue wolf, nor am I extending my protection over a member of the pack." He grins slightly, "Well, if you don't want to feel indebted, you're more than welcome to wash the dirty dishes, but you don't have to."

Alexavier comes in from the foyer.
Alexavier has arrived.

Poe frowns and looks at Zack. "Alright. I can wash dirty dishes. I am rather quick at dishes." He flails his hands a little. "I would like a bed. Since backpacking across US of A is balls." He chuckles. He shakes his head and then laughs randomly.

Zack smirks, "Try doing it in midwinter…. during a blizzard." He shakes his head, "I was joking… I have a dish washer and am kind of OCD about the house being kept clean, so there's never more than a couple things ever… and I'm not sure that there are any at the moment anyway. But there will be after breakfast."

Alexavier pops in to the Basement. He is soaked from the rain. Probably been walking a long distance in the rain. The old army coat he has is really wet. He pulls his messenger bag out from his jacket when he gets inside. The artist just shakes his head to imitate the wet dog. "Damn, Chicago weather." He grumbles and puts his bag down on the bar. "When does the rain stop again? I forget."

Poe nods his head and salutes. "They will totally be done." He nods his head. "I could do it as it happens." He chuckles. Then Alex walks in and he points. "Who's that?" He looks at Zack. "He's stronger then me." He frowns. "I don't like that." He shivers.

Zack looks over and shakes his head, "That's Alexavier. He's a psychic and an old friend." He raises his voice to answer Alex's question, "When it becomes cold enough that it turns to sleet then snow."

Poe turns his head and watches Alex and frowns. He moves towards Alex and eyes his. "Who are you? Why are you stronger then me? What the hell!?" He doesn't breathe through any of that. He looks at Alexavier and eyes him.

Alexavier looks at Poe for a long moment and he says, "I am Alexavier. You should probably learn that there are lot of people in this world that are more powerful then you. I may not be stronger then you, but I pack a bit of a punch when it comes to power. At least for a human." He shrugs his shoulders. "Keep your distance though, I am fragile and I really don't like to be touched by people I don't know. Wouldn't want to have to introduce you to the ceiling."

Zack smirks and shakes his head slightly at Poe. "You're still young, relatively speaking… Like I said, there are more than just us that go bump in the night." He finishes off his soda. "Not everything is as it seems. You should know that, Poe." He grins, "How's it goin', Alexavier?"

Poe frowns and jumps back. He looks to Alexavier. Then he moves quickly over to Zack and crawls over him and hides on the other side of him. He frowns and squeaks quietly. "What is it?" He grumps, looking at Alex.

Alexavier looks at Zack and then to Poe. "Poe eh? And I don't go bump in the night. I can go out during the day too." He smirks at Zack. "Maybe one day i'll show him what I do." He winks and then he turns to the bartender. "Beer and a my usual please." He then pulls off his jacket and puts it down on the chair to dry off. To Zack, "So, you got a new kitten? Teaching him the ropes of the Pard?"

Zack shakes his head, "Nope.. .not one of mine… just looking after him until he can meet up with his own people." He looks at Alexavier, "I've seen what you can do, remember."

Poe frowns. "I'm not a kitten!" He sits up, pushing off Zack's head. "I'm a wolf. I am just in sheeps clothing cause then you let your guard down and then I pounce." He nods his head. He really sounds like a squirrel on caffeine. "Oh god… I said too much. Never reveal the plan." He bops Zack on the head lightly.

Alexavier laughs softly and nods his head. "Yeah, you have seen what I can do. But it's been a while. I can almost bench press as much as a shifter." His power has grown considerably since he first met Zack, actually since the last time he saw Zack he has boosted up a bit. "I only like people I know touching me though, and even then." He looks at Poe like he grew an extra couple of heads. "Is he alright? Safe to be out in public." He scrutinizes Poe even more.

Zack's energy surges slightly, almost like a silent hiss at Poe. "Careful, Poe. You may not be one of mine, but I am still higher up on the food chain. You don't really know me well enough to even jokingly strike me." He looks over at Alexavier with a nod, "Yeah, he's safe enough… Just young." He says young as if he was some ancient gray beard himself.

Poe frowns. "I'll have you know that I passed my training with flying colors, pretty boy." He points to his pocket. "I even got a certificate." He nods his head and then crawls off of Zack and sits beside him. "Sorry." He frowns a little and kicks his feet out. The little wolf got scolded well and seems to be taking the hint.

Alexavier looks at Zack, "Someone needs to take him to the school of hard knocks. Let him get a degree from the place we went." The two have been through a lot of shit in there time. "Feels like 500 years ago when we first met and you were a human and I was a starving artist." He chuckles with his old friend. Then he realizes something that Poe says, "Wait, i'm pretty boy?" He actually beams at that.

Poe nods his head and blinks. "Yeah. You have the… quality. Your eyes and shit. Your lips are pretty nice too. It's like your kept to be gorgeous. Like Mr Big Kitty over here. He's pretty too. Sexy hair and eyes. It's like… a hot guy convention came into town and are playing a joke on me." Yeah he didn't breathe through that either. He huffs finally and lies forward against the table.

Zack chuckles but it's hollow, "Yeah, it's been a rough couple years." The young blond rolls his eyes as Poe calls Alexavier pretty boy, and he responds. "Oh great, he's going to be so full of himself now he's never going to fit through the door to get out." He chuckles, then when it's applied to him, "Wait, what?"

Alexavier likes the compliments. Who doesn't like being complimented? When Zack teases him, he looks at him. But As the leopard reacts similarly to the way Alex does. He sticks out his tongue at the other man. "See, it's nice to hear compliments. Even if he is a little… different." He grins. "Alright, we can keep the wolf boy. Someone's just gotta teach him the rules of the game. What it's like being a preter in the real world."

Poe nods at Zack and grins. "Really really." He makes a mock frame of Zack's face. "Like a work of art." He grins. He crawls over Zack to get out and stands up tall. "I totally know the rules of the game and being a shifter." He puts his hands on his hips and pushes his chest out. "I was raised in New York, man. Roughest part of the world." His phone vibrates and he pulls it out and looks. "Oh god. Deckon totally just slept with Laura!" He laughs. He texts back. "Mike won't like that…" He snickers again. "Alright, so I'm…from the upper east side but that doesn't mean I don't understand. It's tough out there."

Zack looks at Poe and shakes his head, "You're not a wolf.. you're the lamb, Dude." He looks at Alexavier, "I wish that I could still be like that, honestly… " He sighs, "But, I'm not sure I was ever that innocent."

[Weather] Torrential rains fall at mid-day, driven by raging west winds.

Jeremy has connected.

Alexavier looks at Poe, "I was raised in New York. And you may know the rules of being a wolf in New York. But you don't know what it's like to be a supernatural in Chicago. You may think you are a predator, but you have no idea the shit that is out there. I am just saying you gotta be careful Poe." He quirks a brow. "I don't know who Deckon or Laura are." He blinks and then turns to Zack. "Hmm, maybe just a little. But it was way before you were infected."

Poe gasps and turns to point at Zack. "I am a wolf. I'll prove it right now if you want! Shifter lambs are stupid!" He nods his head. He turns his eyes to Alexavier. "I know that." He sticks his tongue out. He stops his foot in an attempt to be dominate.

Zack sighs, "Poe, stop acting like a spoiled brat and can the bravado. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, but things here are a little rough, especially with the wolves. It's literally a dog eat dog kind of world with them at times. Hell, I had a doctor pulling silver slugs out of me three days after my first shift because of a rogue vampire."

Poe frowns and looks at Zack. He deflates quite a bit and frowwns. "I don't want to be eaten." He sighs quietly. "I'll talk to Logan and get his protection and stuff. I'm no danger to his thrown." He shakes his head. "Did the vampire thing get killed?"

Alexavier looks at Poe and he looks at Zack and he says, "Really. Did he just stomp his foot?" He scrunches his nose up and he says, "You want to see some of the shit that I have seen in my life? I can project the images into your head." He furrows his brow. "You need some time in the trenches. Just avoid Royal. I am his Pomme. I don't think he would appreciate the…naivety? Is that even a word."

Jeremy has come to the pard's old hangout, mostly to get some air and also to see if anyone he knows is around. He's missing his friends and sitting in the house wasn't helping. So off to the Basement where everyone knows your name. And their usually glad you came…that is unless you shift and trash the place. Then they don't like you. But at least the wings are good. He enters the establishment and is immediately alerted to Zack's presence, bringing a smile to the young looking man's face.

Zack smirks slightly, "Well, I'm still.. " he looks over at Alexavier, "You're what?" He looks completely shocked by that statement, "Since when? What they hell, Alexavier? You used to be scared shitless just to be in a room with one… " Without even looking in that direction, a faint smile crosses his lips as one of his leopards nears. "Hey, Jere…" His beast moves to brush across the snow leopard's.

Poe blinks a few times at Alexavier. "Oh! Royal is a vampire. What a dumb name." He sighs quietly. "I miss being a Pomme. It was so nice to be able to not be bitten by everyone who wanted a taste." He then scuffs his foot. He is quiet as he holds back scoffs about being afraid of vampires but one can see it on his face. He wants too, so bad. He is holding it back so hard that he might blow a blood vessel.

Alexavier looks at Zack, "Yeah, I am still a little afraid to be in the room with them. But as Royal's pomme, I have his protection. No vampire is going to try and mess with me. And I kind of enjoy that when he bites me, it makes my powers a little numb. Sadly when you are a psychic, more power doesn't always mean good things. Not like a shifter or vampire." He looks at Poe for a long time. "I would /not/, let him hear you saying that." And the scoff being held back has him scrunching his nose. "That's it." He stands up and he starts to move towards
Poe. "Come here you little shit. You need a bitch smack in the face with some of my reality." He goes to grab Poe's arm. But he is only human fast, no supernatural speed from him.

Forest has arrived.

Jeremy is smiling brightly as he moves to give Zack a hug. Which he does do quickly before turning to stare at Poe. "Ummmmm I've never found it wise ta speak badly of Vampires, no matter what their names. Sometimes they do not choose their names and are thus stuck with them. Other times they have taken a name for a reason. Either way, they tend ta be a bit sensitive about things…." He gives Zack another smile. "Apparently things have changed since I was pomme to the old Master of the City…." He sees Alexavier going after Poe but doesn't do anything physical. Thought the mention of psychic ability does make him reach with his own abilities to get a sense of the man.

Zack smiles as he rubs his cheek across Jeremy's before drawing back to kiss that same cheek. He looks at Poe and Alexavier and growls. His voice holding the power that he possesses. "That's enough from both of you. This my territory and I will not have you two going at it like two ten year olds." He looks at Poe, "If you were a pomme, then you know the relationship that Alexavier has with Royal, who is not someone to make light of. Trust me. Both of you behave." He looks beyond them at the bartender to assure him that things are going to be okay and that there is no reason to worry.

Poe has about as much supernatural speed, he is grabbed and he doesn't fight back. He looks to Zack and metaphysically wraps his tail between his legs. He doesn't jerk from Alex but he does shrink down a little. "I'm sorry. My Pomme time was more spent in training." He frowns. "I'm sorry…"

Alexavier isn't about to let it drop, and he doesn't hit Poe. He grabs onto his arm and he lets the wolf have it. Sometimes you don't need to be big and scary to stick it to someone. Even the as Poe called him before, pretty boy can be dangerous. Alex closes his eyes and his power flares up. He holds onto Poe for a few moments, even after Zack has scolded him. He hasn't attacked Poe, even metaphysically. When he finally lets go of the wolf, he is actually gasping out for air. It's not easy stirring up those images. He looks a lot more somber then he did before the contact with the shapeshifter. "And there is a point when you are a vampire and your name could be princess sparklie pants and it doesn't matter. Because you can fuck up anyone who even tries to scoff at you." He calm and cool-ly moves over to where his beer is left forgotten and he takes a long swig of it.

Coming into the Basement, Forest heads to the back where he and his friends usually sit, an easy swagger to his hips as he moves. Upon seeing the two men in confrontation, he raises his eyebrows as he looks over the two, then moves around them to Zack and Jeremy. Leaning over, he rubs his cheek in greeting to Zack, "This tonight's entertainment?" is said in a teasing tone before he looks to Jeremy, smiling broadly to the other as he moves over to wrap his arms around Jeremy's waist and picks him up, grinning. "Hey there."

Jeremy frowns at Poe and just shakes his head before looking at Alex. "I miss being a pomme. My Master was sent overseas by the council and a new master of the city appointed. I was his to call. Its a hard bond to just drop." Speaking of bonds…as Forest picks him up, he smiles brightly and hugs Forest back. "Sorry I left home but I got bored waitin fer ya to get off work…"

Zack smiles as Forest arrives as well. Considering Jeremy was here, he isn't that surprised. "Forest, Jeremy, this is Poe. He's new in town and hasn't had the chance to meet with Logan yet." He looks at his leopards, "So, how you guys doin'?" He keeps an eye on the two, making sure that it's not going to become a problem.

Poe jerks and freezes, just starting at Alexavier. He wolf frowns as the visions pass his eyes. A sob breaks his lips as he finally pulls his arm from Alex's grasp. Tears fall and he turns to Zack. "I'm sorry… I can't stay here. I have to go." He moves for the door quickly, leaving all his stuff behind.

Alexavier doesn't seem very remorseful, someone needed to pop Poe's cherry and smack him with a reality check. And Alexavier did not seem to mind being the one to do it. He does take down more of his beer so that the bottle is nearly empty. He looks at Poe and he says, "You'll learn dude, we all had to. But you don't get a learning curve, no one gave us slack." His voice is rather flat. He may not have remorse but he clearly didn't enjoy what just happened.

Forest squeezes Jeremy and kisses him before putting his mate back down on the floor, "That's alright, got held up a bit." Moving to sit at the booth across from Zack, "We're doing pretty good I'd say, keeping ourselves fairly entertained…." he grins at Jeremy, "Cept when I'm at work apparantly." Looking over to Poe, he smiles and nods in greeting, though he seems a bit troubled at whatever is going on between the two. Standing up he moves to catch up to Poe, putting a hand on the boys shoulder to pause him, "Hey… you're safe here."

Jeremy leans against Forest for a moment and actually sighs, letting all the nice content and happy feelings out. For at least a moment, one can feel his contentment. He mrrrs softly before looking back at Alexavier. "Not sure what ya did…I could feel it though. ANd yer not kiddin about that learnin curve. Some of my abilities came ta me while at a concert. It was NOT fun. Let along when I got nibbled on by the lunar challenged.

Zack grabs Poe by the arm. "You stay." He looks at Alexavier, "You can leave. He apologized. Just because you're life was crap doesn't mean everyone elses has to be just as horrible as yours." Zack has always been protective of the underdog, and Alexavier just proved that he no longer fit in that spot, but pushed Poe into it. "Maybe you should look in the mirror and ask yourself if you still like who see.. because right now, I don't particularly like what you have become, Alexavier."

Poe turns around quickly and pulls away from Forest. "Go away." He sobs as he pushes back against the door. "I'm going to go. I don't want to be here anymore." He shakes his head. He pulls away from Zack. "He's your friend. You don't reject friends for people you don't know." He says to Zack. He looks at Alex. "You proved your point. I'm going. I'll go to my Ulfric and be done with you people." He opens the door and moves quickly away from them.

Alexavier looks at Jeremy. "Showed him some of the images of my past. Some of the things that my eyes have witnessed." And the emotions tied to those images. But he doesn't need to express all of the tricks up his sleeve. When Zack starts in on him he stares at him. "You know what Zack, don't try and lecture me. I am quite fine with who I am. He's a shapeshifter. He needs to learn that the world is not all puppies and rainbows. It's a cruel world. There is scary shit out there and he is part of that world. The sooner he learns the better off he will be. It's better he see's the truth then he goes and mouths off to the wrong person and has his arms torn off and is beaten with them." Is that something that Alex has seen? One would have to ask Poe about that one. "It's better to pull the bandaid off fast before someone pulls off a limb." He pulls money out of his pocket and tosses it on the counter. "And no Poe, I have to leave. The Nimir-Raj doesn't want me here. I am the Pomme of the Master of the City. I have to comply or it will cause problems." He grabs his jacket and his pack. "Good luck. If you make it to your next moon, It would be worth getting kicked out for." And Alexavier heads out as requested of him. Not exactly the same Alex of old, that's for sure.

Forest lets Poe pull away, he could have very easily have kept him in his grasp. "Be careful Poe, and if you need anything before you find the Ulfric, we will help you." Then he turns his gaze to Alex, definitely not familiar with this version of the man. "He's a kid, yeah it's good to know this stuff, but to have it thrown at him like that was just cruel." As Alex leaves, Forest moves back to Jeremy and Zack, wrapping his arm around his mate to nuzzle up against him.

Jeremy lets himself be snuggled. He does frown and look at Forest. "I've done similar things ta people Forest…The way Poe was acting, he could have gotten himself and others killed. Even if he didn't mean to, dead is dead."

Zack looks at Poe, "Wait one minute, Poe." He tosses the young wolf a key. "This is my spare key. Let yourself in. I'll be home a little later. I told you that you could stay there until you meet with Logan." He turns and looks at Alexavier, "If you're fine with who you are, then congratulations, you have turned into a breathng Mortimer."

Poe lets the key drop to the ground and refuses the invitation. He leaves finally having grabbed his large backpack. He runs right to the Ulfric.
Poe leaves the bar room, heading up two steps to the foyer.
Poe has left.

The artist was about to leave, he may have been harsh in slapping Poe with the reality that he is going to have to deal with. He was not going to cause an interspecies incident. But Zack went for the low blow. He hit him where it hurts. Alexavier can't even use that name without freaking out. And clearly, Zack remembers. He remembered and smacked him back in the face with some of the images that he just gave Poe a glimpse of. Well if anyone has seen Carrie, they know what happens to freaked out telekinetics. It's not one bottle popping at once. It's a wave of power that physically rushes from the artist and shatters all of the bottles of alcohol behind the bar at once. And any other glass in the area around him, beer mugs, wine glasses, shot glasses, the mirror behind the bar. None of it is spared by the wave of telekinetic power that explodes from Alexavier.

As shards of glass start to fly around the room, Forest is on his feet in a heartbeat, his beast rising in a protective manner as he moves to stand between Alexavier and the other two leopards. He obviously has a protective side for the two men with him, and his stance is one of being ready to pounce if needed. "Control yourself Alex!"

Jeremy 's eyes widen and he seems almost to react a moment before stuff begins to break. Hands go to his head and he gives a cry of pain before dropping like a sack. Which is probably a good thing since he won't be worrying about all the glass.

Screams and chaos ensues, as there are more than just the four in the bar. Normal people who can't take the damage, heal the damage, or even have a clue as what is going on. Zack has never been the type to just sit by and let someone else do something that he could do himself. He moves with all the speed and precision of a leopard. He moves to grab Alexavier to put the psychic's back to the wall, and his feet about a foot off the floor. His eyes are not completely human. "Enough."

Alexavier didn't take too kindly to being slammed against the wall by the leopard with his supernatural speed and power. He lets out a cry of pain. His pulse pounding, his heart threatening to leap out of his chest. The fury making his body completely red and he starts to yell at Zack, "Fuck you Zack! Fuck you! How dare you." He struggles to get away from Zack. Anger radiating from the psychic. Anger and emotional pain and the entire bar knows he is experiencing it. "I was trying to leave. And you had to go there. You had to go to him."

Seeing that Zack is taking care of Alex, Forest moves to crouch down over Jeremy, checking to see how hurt he is. His energy pulses outward in angry waves, all directed toward Alex. Pulling Jeremy up into his arms, the only thing keeping Forest from taking out his anger on Alex is the fact that he's worried about his mate.

Jeremy is limp but still breathing. He's going to have one hell of a headache later.

Oh yeah, pushing anger at a shifter is ALWAYS a good idea. Zack growls at Alexavier, slamming him with his energy. Granted, him not being a shifter, it doesn't have the same nuance. "Yeah, I went there. You have no fucking problem inflicting emotion pain on someone just because you can. He at least had the excuse that he was a vampire. They aren't human. What is yours?" He drops Alexavier to the ground. "I suggest you fine somewhere else to be. The authorities don't take kindly to people destroying a place with magic or other abilities. Most places it can be a death sentence. I can't keep the owner from calling the police."

"He needed to see. He's not a puppy, he's not a child. He is a predator. A predator who had no idea what the hell goes on in the world that he is living in. I was helping to save his life. You used /HIM/ against me. To cut me open and pour salt in the wound." He stumbles away from Zack. "I did it to help Poe, you did it to be a dick. Fuck off Zack." He turns away, the tears being held back as he makes his way out of the door.

Once Forest has made sure that Jeremy is alright, he snarls as he moves towards Alexavier, the predator in him coming forward, his power pushing against Alex as he starts to stalk him. Eyes glowing the amber of his beast, he doesn't even pause at Zack's side, his mind on its own wavelength and that's to hurt the man that hurt his mate.

Zack looks at Alexavier, "One, it isn't your place to teach a shifter about his world, and if you're not turning into a predator, then how would you even know what a predator should be. You think you're the only one who is trying to help. I wasn't just saying, I meant it. You're on a quick path to being just like him, and you don't even see it. " He sees Forest, and he moves to intercept. "Forest, don't. Let him go. Be belongs to the Master of the City… you hurt him, it hurts all of us. "

"Fuck you Zack, I was trying to leave. You told me to leave and I was. I didn't touch you after you touched me. It's why I won't touch him. But if he takes another step closer to attack me, then I will defend myself. I will pay for the damages I have made financialy and with my Master. But you will also have to pay for it. And as for Poe, he is not a leopard nor is he under the protection of the Pard or did he want it. So you have no control over him either. In fact he shrugged you off. You wanted to bring politics into this. Well you'll have to deal with the reprecutions of that. Thanks for being an asshole Zack. You really know how to kick someone in the nuts." He heads for the door.

Zack's words are the only thing that keeps Forest from attacking Alex, straightening up, but his beast is still pacing inside. Once Alex is heading to the door again, Forest moves to easily scoop Jeremy up into his arms, eyes watching Alex as he moves.

[Weather] The clouds darken further, rain drenching the landscape as evening approaches.

Zack growls softly as he watches Alexavier leave. He looks at Forest, "Is he okay? He's not hurt, physically I mean, is he?" He sighs as he watches the screaming and hysteria that such and event would spawn. "You might want to get him out of here before the police arrive. I'm sure they'll want to send him to the hospital, and I'm not sure how he'd take waking up there." He looks around before walking over to one of the booths. He dusts off the broken glass, "Meanwhile I'll wait for the police."

"Physically he's fine, but I don't know how his mind is going to do…" worry tinges his voice, but Forest nods and heads out the door to take Jeremy home.
Forest goes home.
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