Ezekiah Crowe
Ezekiah Crowe's Vitals
Name: Ezekiah Crowe
Race: Vampire
Shortdesc: Gorgeous man with short blond hair.
Position: Rich Playboy
Fame: None currently, though in the 1840's Ezekiah Crowe was a very well-known outlaw in the West.
Temperament: Smooth, with a hint of violence behind his eyes
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Ryan Reynolds as Ezekiah Crowe

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+ Info

General: A wealthy, handsome man from New York. Not much else is known to him, but since he doesn't seem to work he must be old money.

Vampire: A Bella who apparently was a charming but nearly psychotic outlaw in the old west. He just moved here from New York, but seems to have cleaned up his act…on the outside, anyways.


Ezekiah Crowe was born in 1823, in lovely New York City. His father, Jonathon Crowe, was the owner of one of the largest banks in NYC, which had much smaller branches all throughout the western territories. Ezekiah grew up with a lot of money, and his good looks and charm just added to the ability his money gave him in getting what he wanted. However, he was bored stiff.

At a young age he started reading all of the dime novels he could find, absorbing the wild stories of the west. He loved the stories of the dastardly bandits, the heroic lawmen, and the 'savage' Indians. He drank it up, and dreamed of one day being one of those galliant deputies or sheriffs. He used some of his large amount of money to buy himself a pistol and a rifle, and he practiced with them often. He ended up being pretty decent, but he had no idea how good he really needed to be out west. He found out, though.

At the age of sixteen he used more of his money to run away from home. He got aboard a train heading west and didn't look back. He revelled in the savageness of the wild west, though he quickly discovered that it was very little like the stories he had absorbed. He finally arrived at Dander, a town in the Rockies, and offered his pistol as a deputy. The Marshal laughed him out of the office, and he was humiliated. None of the folk out west wanted some tinhorn working for them, and soon enough he was out of money and considering giving up his dreams and heading back to New York.

He found a job soon enough, though. He was near starving and he was desperate. A small band of troublemakers offered him a job in raiding a caravan, and he was so needy that he took it. They raided the caravan heading west, and he loved it. He felt at home in the violence, the exhiliration, and the lawlessness. He also found out that he was damned good at it. The years passed by, and he became damned good at his new job. Banks, trains, lonely widows…nobody was safe from Ezekiah or his band. By 19 he was the head of his group, and people began calling them the Crowe Gang.

By twenty four he had a $2,000 bounty on his head, and his father back east was so embarassed by him that he tacked on another 3K. He wanted his son dealt with, and vastly preferred dead to alive…and he made sure everyone knew it. It wasn't a bounty hunter or Pinkerton or Lawman that caught him, however. It was a Vampire.

One night the band assaulted the wrong carriage, and the stunning woman inside it tore each of his men asunder like they were made from tissue paper. She then beat him nearly to a pulp, and explained that she had actually been looking for him. She had heard about his courage and violence, as well as his charm and seductive ways. She wanted him to join her. So it was that Elzabeth Warner, a British Immigrant who was born in 1710, turned Ezekiah Crowe into a Vampire. Ezekiah had never been a very religious man, and he did not mourn his new state. His new skills impressed ad excited him, though he left his bandit ways behind him to tour the west and east with his lovely Sire.

As the years passed by Ezekiah perfected his skills as a beautiful member of the undead, while also keeping up his old skills, since he adored them. It was in 1900, however, in New Orleans, when his Sire was destroyed by a small group of fanatical Vampire Hunters. Ezekiah escaped with only minor abrasions, due to his fighting skills, and he fled North. He hid out back in New York City, dabbling back into the family business, which was now owned by one of his father's other descendants. He seduced the wife of the owner, making sure he had a say in the company. He siphoned large amounts of money into his own account, and continued this for decades, securing his future fortune.

He danced amongst the elite, using his rogueish charm to secure friends and lovers everywhere. He also began to dabble in the underworld again, using his knowledge of crime to control several gangs in town.

The decades passed and Ezekiah perfected his dastardly way of life. Eventually he began to indulge some of his friends by cooking for them. He could not eat the food, but he adored cooking it. It became one of his true methods of relaxation. Recently however, Ezekiah crossed a few of the wrong people, and he fled West once again, trying to find a new place to live. Once there, he would start it all over again. An endless cycle of crime, seduction and…well, cooking.

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