Faiella's Vitals
Name: Faiella Clarise
Race: French; Werefox
Shortdesc: .
Position: Co-Owner and Manager of 1001 Nights
Fame: A Dancer-cum-Headliner from Las Vegas
Temperament: Enigma
Themesong: "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" by Marilyn Monroe
Jennifer Korbin as Faiella Clarise


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

A new arrival in Chicago as of early January of 2004, she has purchased a downtown building (IE: 3733 Clarke Street: South) and arranged for it to be converted into a new cabaret-style nightclub with an Arabian style (IE: 1001 Nights). Some may recognize her from Reves De Nuit, the show at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas where she headlined, or for the first show Cirque De Soleil performed in the desert city, in which she also performed. Her parents' names are recognizable as the choreographers of Reves De Nuit, and headliners at the Moulin Rouge in Paris before that. Faiella was born in Paris and speaks both French and English fluently, as well as a limited understanding of Italian. Although she qualifies, she has not tested for her US citizenship.

"Don't dream. Don't start. Dreaming only wounds the heart. I wasn't born for the rose and the pearl. There's a girl I know, but I'm not that girl."


When blondes and brunettes are considered high couture, and long body lines are all the rage, one might be surprised to find this petite redhead a headliner. She can be no more than an inch or two above five feet, and her body's lines are curved gently to emphasize her femininity. Her skin is a moon-kissed alabaster of a shade that suggests rare exposure to the sun's harmful rays. The careful sculpting of her features draws the eye to a lovely face as easily expressive as enigmatic. Her pale skin is complimented neatly by the vivid aqua of her nearly-clear eyes, their shape slanted very slightly and tapering to dramatic points on the outside. Dark lashes surround them thickly, making an even more dramatic impression. Her cheekbones are high and sculpted, delicate hollows leaving light shadows beneath that are accented by a touch of rouge. Her lips are generous and wide, tinted by nature to a dark coral.

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