Fairy Types

As has been mentioned before, there is virtually no limit to what sorts of fae are out there. Nevertheless, it could be handy to have a few signposts pointing towards the more common sorts of fairies that could/should/would be in downtown Chicago in this day and age (given that your average fairy wants to live in a bustling human city about as much as your average human city-dweller wants to be abandoned in the jungle).

Household Fairies

Brownies, Kobolds, Kitchen Hobs, and Domovoi are all (but not the only) fae that are generally known to spend a fair amount of time among humans. Generally, their paradigm is a motivation to get some sort of "employment" in a human household or business, with "employment" qualified by the fact that they usually resent any sort of mundane payment, instead preferring to arrange a rather strange contract with the human-side of the transaction clearly stated.

Elemental Fairies

Dryads, Naiads, Oreads, fae of the field and stream. It might seem contradictory for such nature-based fae to visit a human metropolis, but such fae tend to have poor concepts of boundaries and often take road-trips to where-ever whim and fortune might take them.

Nightmare Fairies

For each type of fairy that might attempt to bring structure to their world (like the Household Fairies), there is a type that attempts to bring disorder to the world in general. Standard legend has it that a spurned Household Fairy will turn malicious at a broken contract (EG: An irate Brownie becoming a Boggart), but other fairies were basically born nasty (VIS: Kelpies). Since your standard Fairy has a pretty good idea of what their malicious cousins are willing and able to do, many Nightmare Fairies will turn towards humans as gullible victims for their pranks, sour deals, or downright fatal whims.

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