Fates Caught


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Off in the boonies in Wauconda - Illinois.

IC Date/Time

Saturday, Feb 12 00:49:15 2011 - Winter After Midnight < Sleet >



«OOC» Aakav says, "would Stormy let Aakav out during the day?"
«OOC» Stormy laughs, "Oh yeah, we're here. Hmm.. yes. Though she would have warned him to be careful, of course. But she suspects he has a better idea of what the witches would be up too, or capable of."
«OOC» Aakav says, "k then I can use my 'gifts' to get us some info…"
«OOC» Aakav says, "one sec while I roll to see how much dirt i dig up."
«OOC» Aakav says, "1-10 negligable. 11-20 something useful 21-30 useful 31-40 very useful 41-50 All dirty secrets."
GAME> Aakav rolls one 50-sided die : « 40 »

Keme has loaded his jeep with various things they might need. His throwing knives are on him, and there's rope and those ziptie things in the back. Trusting Stormy for directions, he's off towards whereever this with hunt is leading. "So Justin got sucked by them for pelts, and… then the pard killed Justin, and so now we're off to get the witches who started this? What else do we know?" Yep. He's asking as he's humming the Ride of the Valkyries while driving down the road. The wemmin folks can figure out who is sitting shotgun.

Seated in the back - she is smaller, after all - Stormy is offering comment to Keme, filling him in on things. Ibn is there in the back as well. "The Master intends to give the witches to the Pard as a gift, and an apology for Justin's actions. We know the trio of witches believe themselves to be the Fates - the maid, mother and crone - and have been buying pelts to do a ritual with, likely to help them transform into the animals. They may well be powerful, and guarded. My little bird didn't say much on that respect. "

Nuri's form is covered by a black trenchcoat, her hair pulled away from her face, making her expression that much more severe. She is certainly not unarmed beneath her coat, and a shortbow sits in her lap, discreetly covered by the placing of her arms. She's also silent, more than happy to let Stormy do the talking as she watches scenery pass, through the window.

Keme is dressed in black jeans and a black turtleneck. It's simple and the boots upon his feet shouldn't hinder his ability to fight. "So… it we're making apology to the Pard, why does one of them think that the vampires will start war with the over Justin's death?"

For his part, Ibn is calmly focusing himsellf, he's still abit drained from healing the woman the previous night.. He's mostly silent as he lets the others speak, waiting for a break in the conversation as he says, "Edjo said there are at least thirty humans in this compound, all gifted in some form or way.." He turns to look towards Stormy for a moment, "The trio are here tonight though, she could taste their magic.." Turning back to the window he looks about, pondering how they are going to fit three more people in the back, then he remembers that they only need to be alive.. not nescessarily unharmed and he goes back to weaving his wards about himself and his Mistress.. He wasn't asked to protect the others…

«OOC» Aakav says, "I am gonna do 8 rolls real quick at higher percent than normal since I got a 40 minute drive to prep the spells. Anyone against this? 5 minutes a spell?"
GAME> Aakav rolls 76 against 80% : 4% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 3 against 80% : 77% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 23 against 80% : 57% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 80 against 80% : 0% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 61 against 80% : 19% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 53 against 80% : 27% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 36 against 80% : 44% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 14 against 80% : 66% success
«OOC» Aakav says, "okay duration of scene/till dawn Nuri has 6+ to Reflexes. Stormy has a 81 immunity to magic. Keme you get 5+ to reflexes. Stormy gets +5 to reflexes. I get 60 armor bonus vs knife/bullets"
«OOC» Aakav says, "and the wind is going to be felt pushing you guys faster."
«OOC» Aakav says, "fair warning. Magic is suscestible to being nuked by meta magic rolls by NPCs"

Hearing the news that Ibn offers, Stormy considers things for a moment, "30? This won't be easy. I'd rather keep the fighting to a min, though I don't think they're going to let us in to talk to their leaders. Or take them out.." She ponders, looking to the two others for ideas, "I have nothing against magics. I'm not sure how we could sneak in without them knowing it.."

Keme glances back to the others and tilts his head a moment while thinking. "Um.. I am not the most subtle of warriors. I tend to go knock on the door and ask to see who I want to see. But even if we get to the leaders, that's 27 people we have to get through to get back out again. Anyone know what this place looks like?"

Nuri's head shakes in a slight negative to Keme's question. She's just here to play muscle, after all. Her fingers stroke over the curve of her bow like one would pet a beloved animal.

Reaching up to tap Keme on the shoulder, Ibn points to a large old manner house on the hillside in the distance. It's precolonial and looks like its bustling with activity. Speaking in a casual tone, "They were having a ball this evening. The entire coven is present as they were expecting to ascend before the full moon.."

Keme glances at the house and then nods quietly as he slows down. He shuts the lights off on the jeep and presses his lips together a moment longer. "We could create a diversion. Something to draw many of them out, but there's no guarantee that one of the three won't come with them. I could play a few voice triks and make them think they are surrounded…. other than that, ring the door bell and hope for the best?"

Slipping his hand into his shirt, Aakav draws out four scrolls which are sealed twice. Once by the symbol of the Moirai, a circle enclosing infinity, and once by the house of life, a serpent dipping through an ankh, "I also have that covered.. If Nuri wishes it.. As she's the only one here aside from mself that can pass for a member of the house of life.."

Looking up at the house as Keme turns off the lights of the jeep, Stormy murmurs, "I could help with the voice tricks and shadows.. " She's considering all right now before finally looking to Ibn, "What sort of a ball? I kow we can't just sneak in. They'd likely be able to tell what we are." Can't hide one's vampire status from a room of sensitives. With Ibn's words, she does look back, then nods, "Of course. If the pair of you can get in.. "

Nuri turns in her seat, so that she can look to Aakav. There is a moment of consideration, and then a nod. "I believe that I can pass," she says, a bit of a wicked edge coming into her eyes, the tone of her voice. "You be the guide, and I will mimic your ways."

Nearing the compound, Keme positions the jeep in such a way for a quick get away. The keys left in the ignition. "Alright… if this fails or the jeep is spotted, we may have a long ngight ahead on foot."

Nodding towards Nuri he passes to her one of the sealed scrolls, "These are your paper work.. You are a Blade of the House of Life, you serve as an Aakav.. A silohette is the highest rank amongst the Blade.. You're my body guard for the evening, they will not search you out of respect." Then he hands her the second, "This is your actual invitation, it's magically sealed and merely lists a Blade is attached to me." Then putting his own away once more he looks towards Stormy, "It's an old slave home, there's a servant's entrance in the back if you two believe you can enter unnoticed if not I recommend the distraction he mentioned.."

Nuri nods to Aakav, taking the scroll and the invitation. Her eyes narrow slightly as she looks upon the seal, deeply considering it. "I can play bodyguard," she says, with something close to amusement in her features.

Aakav adds as a reminder, "And please refer to me as my full name, they'll be suspicious if you slip and call me Ibn or Aakav, since its improper at such an event. Ibn al-Aakav." That said he sits back, Edjo slipping from the hood of his tunic, to curl about his neck and reveal herself. Yes, this entire time they have been riding along with a full grown Egyptian Cobra in the car..(Its cnoted and approved if anyone wishes to see it)

Stormy nods quietly, "Then sounds like a plan." She answers, looking to Keme, "What sort of distraction you think will work? Otherwise, we could sneak in the back and wait for word from the other two.." She offers, still pondering this. Thirty people, a lot to deal with.

Keme thinks a moment and just stares up at the house. His brow furrows before looking to the woman again. "Loud noises… fires… perhaps best to wait and see what the other two come up with." He's just not sure. His mind hasn't thought that far.

Nuri, now knowing that she'll be going inside, makes a few changes with her coat, withdraws a pair of leather gloves to put upon her hands. The trenchcoat is unbuttoned enough to show the jackal charm on her necklace, along with the lovely line of her neck. Another nod is given to Aakav, before she asks, "Will you require a full name for me, as well?"

Shaking his head from side to side Ibn looks to Nuri, "I apologize and I mean no disrespect but I will not be acknowledging your prescence beyond referring to you as my shadow for the evening.. As per the roles we play you are an extension of myself and your every action will reflect upon me and vice versa. Most will also ignore your presence.. We can pass your appearance off as simply Americanization."

"Then we wait outside, see what's gathered inside.." Stormy offers to Keme before glancing to the other two, listening to what's said before asking, "Once you look around, can one of you come out and let us know something? We'll try and keep hidden for a while."

Keme listens to that decision before glancing to the others and nodding his head. He hops out of the jeep and then leans against it in such a place where he can hide in the shadows.

Nuri nods, and does not look insulted in the least. She does, however, look deeply amused at the thought of having to play 'Americanized'. "I am ready whenever you are, Ibn al-Aakav." She, at least, has the benefit of many centuries of practice when it comes to hiding her fangs when she speaks.

Scratching the back of his head, Ibn gestures for Keme to pull over, and when he does he slips out.. Looking around at the Vampires present he says, "Can someone find me an animal that is kin to the Gods.. since Anubis's children aren't about.. I can send them back with a message for you two.. anything will do..rat.. rabbit, hawk.. something akin? Otherwise I don't know how I'd let you guys know.." Gesturing towards his sarong/lungi and tunic, "I don't exactly have pockets.."

Keme tilts his head a moment and looks to Stormy a moment. His lips press tightly together before shaking his head to clear it. After that, he straightens up and starts looking about for an animal. "Dead, or alive?"

"Preferably alive, Keme." Stormy offers, then laughs quietly before looking aound, "I don't have an animal to call myself.. I.." Well, she isn't good at hunting either, not animals. There are times, she's wondering why Amun gave this task to her!

"It's been a long time since I've trapped an animal, and mine to call…" Well, Keme trails off there. He looks through the nearby bush. "You might be better at this task, Ibn al-Aakav." There's a pause and he glances around as if trying to listen and hear what animals might be about.

Aakav shakes his head abit and says, "Calling random animals isn't my gift.. I can call to the children of Edjo though…" He closes his eyes.. breathing in and out to center himself..

It takes a moment but about a half dozen snakes start to crawl out of their homes, none of them pleased by the cold, moving amongst them Aakav finds the most dangerous one.. A rattler and picks it up with ease… His eyes staring into the serpents he nods his head as the beast is enthralled.. Putting the animal into the Car, Ibn turns to Keme, "Please turn on your heater. His mind is linked to my own now.. If he becomes feral, I've been knocked unconscious. Otherwise he will kill.." He bends over and picks up another smaller snake and puts it in the car aswell, "This one when its time for you to attack. They need warmth though if they're going to be of assistance."

When the snakes arrive, Stormy turns towards them, moving closer to Ibn for a moment as he converses silently with the rattler. "Amazing." She's smiling as he puts the two snakes in the jeep, nodding quietly, "Alright. We will wait here, and when signal is given, make our way to the house. We may have to take out any guards, but hopefully we can get by them to the house."

Keme leans over and starts the jeep. He turns the heater on to let the snakes warm up. A look back to Ibn once more. "So you're telling me that I'm going to have poisonous snakes going feral in my jeep? Lovely. Now why don't you and the lady head on up there and get moving."

"It could be worse," Nuri says to Keme. "There aren't any crocodiles around here, at least." She straightens her jacket, making sure the lines of her weapons are hidden well, and looks to Ibn. She is, after all, meant to play his shadow.

The called serpents are otherwise pushed towards the house, Aakav and Nuri departing in a formal fashion while the serpents themselves move through the underbrush.. Ibn breathes in and out steadily, keeping his wards in place as he departs. Gesturing for Nuri to walk two paces behind him at all times.. It takes them a moment to finish the walk up the trailto the guard house.. And it is there that Ibn withdraws his scrolls and offers them to the guard.. only one is returned and the same will happen with Nuri who likely performs the deed in unison to the very human reflexes of Ibn.. That done they are politely welcomed inside and led up to the main house… The guard house has three armed guards within, dressed in suit and ties.. They are armed with rapiers.

Nuri is well-accustomed to playing someone's guard, to not drawing attention to herself as she watches, as she protects. The scrolls given, entrance gained, she keeps her hands clasped infront of her and watches the armed guards. Alert, attentive, and following Ibn's lead for now.

Stepping into the main Foyer, of the grand old home, Ibn and Nuri are instantly led towards the main gatherng area where no less than two dozen individuals dressed in fine dresses and tuxedos are gathered.. They are all fairly weak on the scale of power, its barely even noticable. While there are eight women in crimson robes who are about Ibn's level of power if abit higher.. There's some idle small talk and hand shaking on the part of Ibn who inquires after the Elders to be told, "They will arrive shortly, the witching hour is nearly upon us.." And sure enough the old clock in the room begins to chime midnight… Elsewhere far away in the underbrush the serpents begin to fight. The Rattlesnake killing the smaller.

When the snakes begin to fight, and the larger kills the smaller, Stormy turns to Keem, "Show time. We find the guards and slip by, if possible, though I am thinking it might be best to clean up our path back to the jeep.. what do you think?" The slim vampire pushes away from the jeep and begins to head towards the woods.

Keme moves to follow behind Stormy. "Whatever you think is best. I am willing to clean up a path going in, so it makes coming out easier. What will we do with the body count, though?"

As they start through the woods, they find seperents large and small answering the call still, making their way towards the guard house…
"Leave the snakes along.. do not harm them." Stormy does offer to Keem as she begins to move through the woods, "As for the bodies, we can deal with them afterwards." She's more than prepared tonight to fight, knife in hand as she slips through the trees silently.

Keme slides a knife into his hand as he makes his way along. There's a nod of his head to her words. "Lead the way. I'm ready when you are. I was born to fight." With that, he falls silent and keeps an eye open for their first target.

GAME> Keme rolls 59 against 80% <+41% +0% +10% -15%> : 57% success
GAME> Stormy rolls 75 against 80% <+34%> : 39% success
«OOC» Aakav says, "okay you're both stealthed vs the two on patrol. Killing or moving past?"
GAME> Keme rolls 23 against 80% <+41% +0% +16% +0% +5%> : 119% success
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _15_ damage.
GAME> Success: 119, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 48
GAME> Keme rolls 23 against 80% <+41% +0% +16% +0% +5% -10%> : 109% success
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _15_ damage.
GAME> Success: 109, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 45
GAME> Keme rolls 7 against 80% <+41% +0% +16% +0% +5% -20%> : 115% success
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _3_ damage.
GAME> Success: 115, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 45
GAME> Keme rolls 25 against 80% <+41% +0% +16% +0% +5% -30%> : 87% success
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _18_ damage.
GAME> Success: 87, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 39
GAME> Keme rolls 6 against 80% <+41% +0% +16% +0% +5% -40%> : 96% success
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _36_ damage.
GAME> Success: 96, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 42
GAME> Keme rolls 88 against 80% <+41% +0% +16% +0% +5% -50%> : 4% success
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _6_ damage.
GAME> Success: 4, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 12
«OOC» Aakav says, "okay you kill 3 seriously injure 4th"
GAME> Stormy rolls 2 against 80% <+34% +5% +5% +40%> : 162% success
«OOC» Aakav says, "thats death without a damage roll even needed…"
GAME> Stormy rolls 15 against 80% <+34% +5% +5% -10%> : 99% success
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _9_ damage.
GAME> Success: 99, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 13
«OOC» Stormy nope, but she's got a knife? I'm using melee weapon.
«OOC» Aakav says, "you killed em then"
«OOC» Aakav says, "9x3"
«OOC» Aakav says, "thatd have been your damage"

Moving towards the guard station, Keme glances around a moment. He sends Stormy to dispatch the sentinels before moving in swiftly for the kills. The first he slices the throat, the second one stabs in the heart, and the third one he cuts a main artery. Then heading for the lone wanderer on patrol, he grabs him by the hair to scalp him. This of course causes death to be slower.

Following after Keme, Stormy is surprised when he goes after the guardhouse first, but seems to shrug to herself. Leaving him to deal with the close quarters, she but smiles as she continues to follow, feeding upon the fear that spikes in the guard's. She prefers to not leave someone behind that could be questioned if eh doesn't die quick enough, Stormy makes sure to stab the scalped one in the heart before slipping through the shadows to come upon the two on patrol. Following them each briefly, she waits to step up behind him, cloaked in shadow, to cut their throat. Quickly, cleanly.

When all is said and done, Keme glances back to Stormy and then motions to the house to continue on. He's got blood on him, so this won't be so… well, it'll be obvious they are there to kill.

As the murder begins, the speed and execution with which they are performed leaves none of the guest anyt the wiser as the chimes of the midnight hour cease, within the main room the guests gather… With a puff swirling smoke and the air crackling with energy three women in white robes suddenly seem to manifest and speak out to the crowd.. It is during this time Ibn shoots Nuri a look to signal her that the attack has begun and nods towards the trio while his hands begin to subtly move . Begining to channel his magic…

Arriving to the house, Stormy motions to Keme to head for the back entrance that Ibn spoke to them of earlier. Testing the door, she' opens it should it be unlocked, and if not, may have to do some careful forcing to allow the pair of them inside. At least with black clothing, the blood doesn't show up /that/ easily!

Keme nods and follows along to that back entrance. He's waiting to see if it's unlocked or if he needs to bust the door down with his foot.

The signal from Ibn is noticed, and Nuri's head inclines slightly. Subtly, her hands slip into her pockets, and she moves slightly towards the intended Trio. Her tongue runs over her lips, brief and flashing.

The door is unlocked and the kitchen area within is devoid of any persons even at this time… The gathering in the other room can easily be heard…

For his part Ibn takes this moment to step towards the back, Edjo slipping from his form and moving to the ground towards the eit.. Taking up residence in silence nearby the med guarding the entrance from the front lawns.. THere is one man standing guard near the door that leads to the kitchen.. the only other way to go would be up the stairs and through the house where the witches make their decree.

Slipping through the quiet kitchen, Stormy glances about, then heads towards the only door. She does pause there, trying to get a sense on who or what's on the other side of it, frowning a touch when she realizes someone's at the door. To Keme, she tilts her head, whispering /very/ low to him, "Did you notice another way out the kitchen, perhaps upstairs, or…" A large house like this, sometimes have back stairs, right?

Keme looks to Stormy and then motions towards stairs a moment. He then looks to the door again as he presses his lips together a moment. Then quietly he points to the pots and pans, motions clapping to her. Then he points to the room, and makes a 'come here' sign. "Bring them in one by one?"

Nuri, within the secrecy of her pockets, begins to change the tips of her fingers. Nails darken, grow longer, more curved. It is not a very fast process, but it is only a partial shift. She continues to wait, for another sign.

Continuing to work his hands, Ibn never pauses in his channeling of his magicks, walking slowly along towards the back of the room…. Edjo quietly strikes at the two men in the back of the room taking them out without any problem as the scent of their blood can no doubt be picked up by the Vampiric companions… Speaking in Coptic in a whisper, "Gypsy.. if you can hear me, take them, take them now because this home is going to burn.. Stormy and the other should be in the Kitchen.. I am going to release my fire once you have the hags.. Break their hands and gouge their eyes if you can.. There can be no survivors this night.."

Looking to Keme, Stormy shakes her head for a moment, "Give them a little more time. When things begin to happen up front, we'll take the man out in front of the door." Slamming it open quick and hard, should either throw the man, or knock him out, right?

Keme looks to Stormy and then nods her head. He's waiting for the signal to rush in or do something.

Minutely, Nuri's head nods. There are words mouthed, her language the same as Ibn's. "The three must be alive." That said, she stalks forward again, slowly at first. Discreet. But then…she uses her ability, her vampiric speed, to rush towards the witchly trio.

GAME> Nuri rolls 89 against 50% <+60% +6%> : 27% success
GAME> Nuri rolls 100 against 80% <+60% +6% -10%> : 36% success

Nuri's quick, and her leap is both strong and graceful. Predatory. The vampiress brings two of the witches to the ground, grabbing them, and then rolling out of the way of any other attacks.

GAME> Keme rolls 95 against 50% <+41% +0% +18% +0% +5%> : 19% success
GAME> Keme rolls 9 against 50% <+41% +0% +18% +0% +5% -10%> : 95% success
GAME> Keme rolls 14 against 50% <+41% +0% +18% +0% +5% -20%> : 80% success
«OOC» Aakav says, "k. she's out."
«OOC» Aakav says, "no need to roll damage"
GAME> Keme rolls 72 against 50% <+41% +0% +18% +0% +5% -30%> : 12% success
GAME> Keme rolls 28 against 50% <+41% +0% +18% +0% +5% -40%> : 46% success
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _1_ damage.
GAME> Success: 12, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 5
GAME> Keme's melee attack does _8_ damage.
GAME> Success: 46, Muscle: 39, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 8

Once things are set in motion, Keme is moving forward to grab one of the Fates to knock her out. Then he's lifting her over a shoudler to carry her back towards the kitchen. His boot finding the temple of one of the robed ones to send them falling backwards on their butt. This might have been a bad idea… certainly the fight is not over…

GAME> Stormy rolls 79 against 50% <+34% +5% +5%> : 15% success
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _9_ damage.
GAME> Success: 15, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 15
GAME> Stormy rolls 17 against 50% <+34% +5% +5% -10%> : 67% success
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _3_ damage.
GAME> Success: 67, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 30
GAME> Stormy rolls 64 against 50% <+34% +5% +5% -20%> : 10% success
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _12_ damage.
GAME> Success: 10, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 12
GAME> Stormy rolls 67 against 50% <+34% +5% +5% -30%> : 3% failure
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _9_ damage.
GAME> Success: 3, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 12
GAME> Stormy rolls 70 against 50% <+34% +5% +5% -40%> : 16% failure
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _3_ damage.
GAME> Success: 16, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 15

Following Keme out the kitchen, Stormy heads slightly off to the side. She manages to catch the robed man that Keme had punched, finishing the man off. Another person gets a hard punch with the knife that sends them off to fall to the ground, bleeding from the cut. Not quite disemboweled. A third comes racing forwards, and he gets the knife through his throat, falling over to gurgle to his death. Reaching Ibn, the vampire stands at his back, prepared to protect him.

GAME> Aakav rolls 94 against 50% <+25%> : 19% failure
GAME> Aakav rolls 91 against 50% <+25%> : 16% failure
GAME> Aakav rolls 30 against 50% <+25% -30%> : 15% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 68 against 80% <+35%> : 47% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 74 against 80% <+28%> : 34% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 94 against 14% : 80% failure
GAME> Aakav rolls 47 against 36% : 11% failure
GAME> Aakav rolls 19 against 80% <+20% +5% -10%> : 76% success
GAME> Aakav's melee attack does _9_ damage.
GAME> Success: 76, Muscle: 10, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 27

Fire and brimstone? Fire and brimstone.. Such is what transpires within the main foyer as the leaders are removed, casting his hands out towards the drapes, Ibn ignites them with two large baseball sized fireballs before then firing a third from his palm towards assortment of alcohol behind the bar. Instantly the room erupts into a blaze of hellfire as serpents make their way through windows and under doors.. Striking and lashing out at the occupants, Ibn speaks, "The House of Life does not support those who blaspheme and believe themselves Gods? Upon the scales your hearts are cast, pray that your sins are found to weigh less than the feather.." At the same several others attempt to react their magic failing them by and large though a trio of the nine turn towards Ibn and Storm, weapons drawing from their robes? Each baring a wicked looking Kris while the other four and several of the patrons rush the kitchen after Keme and Nuri?

There's the slightest of flinches that comes from STormy when Ibn throws the fire at the drapes and bar, catching the room on fire. And yet she /trusts/ him, though her instincts are telling her to get the hell out of the house. When the robed people pull out weapons, she's not going to run towards them, but away, breaking a window to leave, if need be while bringing Ibn with her. Nuri and Keme will make it out of the kitchen, she to join up with them to help with the third witch as needed.

Keme is still carrying that Fate sister over his shoulder as he's running towards the kitchen. The fire only makes him run faster. He's not slowing down until he gets to the lawn outside. It's them that he'll draw his knife and prepare to fight whatever robed assailant comes after him and Nuri.

GAME> Nuri rolls 94 against 90% <+60% +6%> : 62% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 21 against 80% <+27%> : 86% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 28 against 80% <+27% -10%> : 69% success

Nuri has her two of the the three Fates, and while she is occupied with them, she can't help but notice the newly added pressence of fire. With some force behind it, but only enough to render them unconscious, she makes the two witches' heads collide, then gathers them up into her arms. It leaves her without free hands to fight, but then again, she's also not loitering. She goes for the door at full speed, joining Keme on the lawn, dropping her cargo with a less than gentle thud.

As Stormy grabs him by the shirt and leaps through the window into the night, Ibn hurls two more arrows of fire from his hand to catch the sistersand their clothing aflame as smoke billows upwards and the flames reach excessive heights from the plethora of combustiable materials, those within can only be heard screaming in agony as they are burned alive and attacked by the serpents called form by the Pomme… The four of them disappearing into the night..

The scene fades as the group carries off the three unconscious witches to be locked up in the dungeon where Stormy was keeping the other witch captured earlier, leaving the house to burn the bodies of those killed.

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