Feature characters for Windy City are chosen or selected based on a number of criteria. They are a driving force of role play on the grid, responsible for recruitment and group activity. The criteria are as follows:

  1. Exceptional RP ability
  2. Proven understanding of the theme (and the custom Windy City MUX setting)
  3. Desire to push RP and create plots, as well as carry them out, for more than just that character's "group"
  4. Ability to work with staff and other features to work out plots

IC Leaders are features on the game (SEE: +leaders in-game). The vampire Master of the City, the werewolf Ulfric, the wereleopard Nimir, the Mayor of Chicago, et cetera… Just as in the books, being a leader is a tremendous responsibility and it will be doubly so here. You will be responsible for not only your people but in dealing with staff, other features, and other non-features as well. Because of this, a certain amount of online time is expected. There are no hard numbers for this, as staff realizes that real life has a tendency to sink its teeth into a person and not let go for a while, but a minimum of eight hours a week is a good target to shoot for. If a feature becomes a victim of real life problems, a note to staff and a post on the OOC board is needed.

Other types of folks can be deemed "features" who aren't group leaders, though; just about anyone who really would have no reason to be slumming it in Chicago due to just how rare, exotic, and powerful they are pretty much can fall under the same heading. For instance, some Bruce Wayne-like multi-millionaire who happens to be a technical genius and highlights his evenings by fighting injustice and crime in the streets? An albino who was able to work magic, was brought over by a vampire, has spent the last few centuries working with werewolves, and has found God and picked up Faithful tricks? They'd probably both fall under the heading of "features" in the sense of staff suggesting one only has one character like that at a time (and shouldn't expect to just have such a character casually approved).

Alternate Characters

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