Finocchario Bowl 'n' Sip
Finocchario Bowl 'n' Sip's Information
Type: Foodservice
Rating: One Star
Location: 3330 Taylor Street
Fame: n/a
Atmosphere: Seedy
Owner(s): Selene thru Somnium Improbus
Manager(s): n/a
Employee(s): n/a


Many of the quaint cafes in Little Italy demonstrate the elegant cuisine and culture of southern Europe. They revel in the history of food and the experience, catering to ones every need and hopefully pleasing with surprising spices and combinations. Alas, this is not one of those places.

Ill-flickering fluorescent lighting runs from end to end of the room along a low roof over red and black checkered and scuffed tile. Dark wood wobbling tables and plastic upholstered booths bear numerous scratches and stains, the dark layer peeling off and exposing the plywood underneath. The waitstaff range from disinterested to surly as they eventually convey orders to the smoky kitchen, returning with plates of greasy-looking salads, thin-sauced spaghetti, and anemic looking slices of pizza. A jukebox with failing bulbs and also-ran hits of the 1970s and 1980s sits in one corner like an electric testament to pathos, most always used as an impromptu table for beer and cigarettes.


Low ceilings are banded by the bare support timbers of the floor above, fluorescent lights illuminating the half of the squat room away from the stairs. In that half, the black and red checkerboard tile cuts away to the scuffed and warped lacquered wood of bowling lanes that have seen better days. Most of the lanes end in the proper number of pins and can supply one with a ball return, but at least two of the six have hastily scrawled 'OUT OF ORDER' signs taped near the ends at any given time.

The end of the room closer to the stairs is only lit by the flickering and buzzing neon advertisements for liquors and beers behind a poorly stocked bar. Apparently disregarding at least three health standards, the bartender is generally at least part-way drunk, smoking a crooked rum-soaked cigar, and can provide one with mismatched bowling shoes upon request (although the standards seem fairly loose when it comes to enforcing proper footwear). A few high-backed stools stand in front of the bar while a half-dozen tall small circular rickety tables are scattered about in the rest of the 'bar area', equipped with the same precariously built stools.


Ten pins per frame, two bowls per frame, ten frames per game, one point per pin.

  • If all ten pins are knocked down in the first bowl of a frame, that is a "Strike"; the bowler gets their ten points, and twice whatever their next two bowls score.
  • If all ten pins are knocked down in the second bowl of a frame, that is a "Spare"; the bowler gets their points, and twice whatever their next bowl scores.
  • Strikes or Spares that takes place after the 10th frame don't gain bonus rolls.

+bowl <number>.....................Bowls with a <number> modifier (in case one is cheating with magic)
+bowl/score........................Checks your score.
+bowl/score <target(s)>............Shows your score to <target(s)>.
+bowl/clear........................Clears your score.

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