Log:20100316 - First Court - March 2010


Underground: Main Room - Lake Shore Drive: North
A few old roulette tables, craps and billiard tables, and a scratched and worn bar are a proud reminder of a once well-built establishment; a few strange reddish-brown stains and chips in the wall telling a silent story of its closing. Once upon a time, this part of the pharmacy was used as the government wouldn't have attended it—to sell booze, to gamble, and to get a date for a cheap price. Sleek wood paneling covers the walls, polished and honed to a gleaming shine while thick red oriental rugs stretch to oblivion in the long room. The room seems hung in stasis, as if at some moment the jazz will spring to life, and the ghosts of flappers and mobsters will emerge to their silent reverie.

Various tables have been set up around the perimeter, holding towers of glasses, and beautifull arranged appetizers for the guests whom feel a bit peckish. A bartender waits in attendance, wearing a pinstriped vest and bowtie.



Transportation was arranged for each person arriving, and getting here involved a blindfold and driving around the city more than was necessary. Now, in an underground room, the assembled vampires can witness what has been done to this one-time speak-easy. A stage has been set up at the far end of the room, and on it rests something that's almost like a throne. It's there at Amun is sitting, watching, being incredibly still. Along one wall is catering from LPR for those who are on a solid diet.

At the back of the room stands Nuri, her body posed by the door. Also with her are two jackals, standing as still as statues, their gaze as intent as their mistress's. Her arms are crossed beneath her bust, almost casually.

Sebastian stands on the stage to Amun's left and slightly in front of him. His hands are in his pockets and his eyes roam lazily across the gathering crowd.

Stepping into the room for the first time, is a petite female dressed in white. Blue eyes take in those already here before she steps forwards, seeking her own place to stand or sit. Stormy's gaze goes to the throne upon the stage, and should Amun look her way, a respectful dip of her head is given to the MotC along with the slightest touch of a curtsey before she continues on to stand aside and await the beginning of Court tonight.

Mikoto has been through this rig-a-marole often times that the transportation doesn't phase her. Instead, she smiles and nods a greeting to Amun before heading to the buffet table. At the moment, she only takes up a glass of wine before moving closer to the stage. Grey-blue eyes are curious as she looks around to see who all is arriving, the jackals earning faintly lifted eyebrows.

Valentine appears, without Estabon for the moment. Shrugging off a light jacket, there is a pause before she makes her way to a seat. Making her way towards where Amun is seated, she offers him a small bow of her head if Amun catches her gaze, before moving away. One of the few who is not on a liquid diet, she is motivated towards one of the tables set with food.

Another arrival, and Gunthor steps into the room. Soft steps touch along the flooring as he glances about, his own time being active within Amun's court rather short. His only familiar faces are those he has seen in passing, none that he knows as of yet. With the solemnity that such a gathering respects he moves himself to a comfortable viewing spot, leaning against one of the walls.

Louis lingers at one of the chairs near the front, sitting in attention as others make their arrivals. An elbow planted on the wooden tabletop, the night finds Louis leaning against it as a few of his fingers tap a line about his jaw. His expressionless face proves a difficult read.

Sorina strolls into the room after having gone through all the secret moving around. She doesn't seem to bothered by it, though she isn't one who shows up at meetings all that often. She smiles as she looks around the room, casually looking over the others who are present.

Tobias stands slightly behind Amun, and off to his right. With him stands Skye. Tobias looks bored, for lack of a better term. His cane is standing immediately in front of him, and his hands are folded across it. In addition to his normal attire, a rapier in a very formal looking scabbard hangs off of his left hip. As others arrive, he briefly glances at each, eyes following them to wherever they decide to sit, or stand, and then go back to lazily watching the door.

On the stage dances an exotic looking woman dressed in a dark and skin-clinging belly dancing costume. Her skill is clear in the way she moves her hips and rolls her stomach, arms graceful as they accentuate and lengthen the line of her body while she moves. Yasmin's gaze doesn't wander and when she does look at anyone directly it's to the man sitting on the throne.

Those nods and waves which are sent his way are returned by Amun. He gives time for vampires and Servants alike to get settled before he stands from his large, ornate chair. "Thank you, Yasmin," is said to the dancer in quieter tones. Louder, addressing the room as a whole, Amun says in his deep and accentless voice, "Let us begin." There's a pause. "Some of you are new to us in Chicago, some of you remember the city from before I came, even the first time, to this City of Wind. Either way, tonight we make our first official start together, as a single, cohesive unit. As a Kiss." His lips quirk with a slight bit of distaste over the last word.

Skye looks rather uncomfortable standing up there with Tobias, tips of her fingers tucked in her pockets as she watches the various… vampires and other such folks around the room. She glances at Tobias now and then almost like she's saying something to him, but her lips don't move.

Nuri is as still and quiet as death in the back of the room. Once everyone is inside, she stands infront of the door, blocking it, leaning against it. Despite the look from Mikoto, the two jackals also remain still, only the flaring of their nostrils and the rise and fall of their chests with each breath give them away as living things.

Alexander walks into the room and gives Amun a low bow. Alex stays in the background for now and just observes.

Sebastian's eyes narrow and he leans almost imperceptibly in Amun's direction. He takes his hands out of his pockets and tracks Nuri's movements before turning his attention to the far wall.

"For those of you have not yet heard," Amun goes on, looking out over the crowd, "I have already named certain individuals to hold positions in my new Court. Tobias will continue on for me as he did for Lillith, as second in command." He gestures to Tobias, in case there was any confusion. "Nuri and Sebastian will act as primary enforcers." The muscle is now indicated. "And Louis has been given the honor of moulding our new members into something we need not fear will betray us on accident." Louis gets a nod.

Mikoto continues on in her movements towards the old bar, sliding onto one of the barstools that remain. Her wine is set on the bar behind her and she leans back against it, legs crossing beneath her long skirt. Grey-blue eyes are attentive, but lips curve at Amun's words. Arms spread to rest her elbows on the bar as her gaze flicks ot those named.

Stormy's gaze sweeps the place, pausing upon Mikoto. Brows furrow for a moment, but her attention is soon drawn towards Amun when the man speaks up, and calls attention to those inside the room. With hands clasped before her, the petite vampire stands quietly by, each one to be indicated, to gain the blue-eyed gaze before it moves away to return finally to Amun.

Valentine does take a moment to glance at this indicated, measuring their faces with her gold rimmed eyes. A gentle exhale, she reaches to nibble on some of the food set out on the table.

When Amun rises and addresses her and begins speaking to the rest, Yasmin's motions come to a graceful stop and she offers him a small nod before stepping back to kneel down beside the chair he'd been seated in, feet tucked beneath her. Her hands settle in her lap with her gaze on the floor while she quietly catches her breath.

Tobias looks towards Amun as his name is mentioned, and as his position is said, he nods his head towards the Master of the City, in a small bow. He then resumes his earlier position, quietly watching those assembled. The only Vampires that seem to escape notice are Nuri and Sebastian.

A faint nod when his name is called. Louis sits at one of the old card tables along with the front row with Cordelia sitting with him nearby. His attention remains fixed on the stage area— mostly toward Amun and those standing near him.

Amun waits a moment, then continues on. "Before we begin with the business, are there announcements or petitions to be brought before me?" His head turns, his eyes turn, nothing else moves.

Skye listens quietly, her eyes going to each vampire mentioned, giving them a one over as if trying to commit their faces and postions to memory. Louis' name gets a smirk out of her and if he looks her way she gives him a wink and a grin.

Dark eyes flecked with green move to each of those that Amun notes. Gunthor takes care to ensure he recognizes them for the future, and returns his eyes to stage.

Nuri's chin lifts as she's mentioned, as eyes find her. She remains silent at the question of announcements, and one hand drops down to pet the head of the jackal on her left.

Tobias takes a step forward, standing only slightly behind Amun as he does. "I would like to announce my Human Servant," he says, and then gestures with one hand towards Skye. "Many of you have already met her. She is called Skye." He waits to see Amun's response, and then he takes a step back, resuming his earlier position.

Amun lets Tobias speak, turning to look at Skye when she is introduced. He bows his head to the newly minted Servant. "Welcome," is said, rather than a pair of words which might lead to a 12 steps like chant of greeting.

Valentine's fingers weave together and she settles her chin there. A flick of tongue over her lips and her eyes settle on Skye briefly before returning to Amun and his shadow, Tobias.

Next, Louis stands and sweeps his hand slowly to the woman sitting at his table. "In a simliar light, this is my Animal Servant Cordelia," he says calmly, "Please extend to her the respects deserving." His gaze slowly shifts from her and then back toward Amun.

Mikoto's eyebrows lift, the rest of her expression hidden by her wineglass as she takes a sip. Lowering the glass, eeyes are curious as she looks over Skye.Lips curve in a warm smile and her glass is tilted in asilent salute to the woman. Eyes then slide to Cordelia and lips quirk. Wow, servants are popping up now.

Sebastian's gaze roams over Skye appraisingly then he looks to Cordelia. Finally he eyes Nuri as if transmitting some sort of message to her.

Stormy stands quietly by as announcements are made, gaze to find each one who stands and speaks, including the new servant. Curious is the young vampire, that much shows in her gaze.

Skye blinks as Tobias steps forward and 'announces' her. Hands come out of her pocket and she stands a bit straighter. "Thank you." she murmurs a touch nervous, she glances at him and nods her head and tilts her head to the side showing her neck in respect to the MotC, which shows off nicely some of her bite scars where she's been chewed at some point in her life.

Cordelia glances up at Louis sharply as she is introduced, a hint of annoyance in her gaze. But she does not let it linger. She returns to staring straight ahead in silence, giving the slightest nod of aknowledgement and feeling so very out of place in this gathering.

Chin still resting on her weaved together fingers, there is a little turn of her head towards the newly introduced Cordelia as well. For the moment, Valentine remains in her seat, perhaps hoping her other half will show to make introductions. Hands move at last to take up her own glass of wine, the meeting continuing.

When the time comes for Pomme de Sangs to be announced. Mourning steps forward and says, "Master, with your permission, I would like to take on a werelion known as Virginie Danvers as my pomme de sang. Her blood only for me, and those that I so choose to share her with." She will wait to see if permission is granted and then step back into her place.

Amun bows his head to Cordelia. "Welcome," he repeats. Mourning gets a little more attention as she makes a request for a Pomme. "Does anyone hold prior claim on Virginie Danvers? Or take exception to Alyssa's request?"

Nuri's gaze meets Sebastian's, once she's finished looking over those that have been introduced to the Kiss. Her lips purse, and her head shakes. And with that, she returns to playing statue.

Carmen is a bit late when she arrives but still manages to do so respectfully. Once escorted in by whoever drove her, she makes a quick bow toward the Master of the City before searching around for a seat. Her legs cross as she glances around at the table.

Sebastian's returning nod to Nuri is nearly imperceptible.

Once all the business of Servants and Pommes is cleared out of the way, Amun once again takes over. "Yasmin, come forward and introduce yourself. Tell the Kiss why you are here." The Master of the City steps back, standing just in front of his throne, so as to give Yasmin a place to stand and address the others.

Yasmin blinks and glances up at Amun with surprise. Despite her surprise, though, and an uncertainty that really doesn't look as though it belongs on her expression, she rises and steps forward. "My name is Yasmin," she says redundantly, but continues quickly, "I was sent here as a gift from my master in Cairo and Amun has taken me as his." She glances over her shoulder at him, not sure how much he wants her to say.

Nuri's brow arches. It's a quick movement, and with others facing the front of the room, one easily missed.

Among all the others in the room, Yasmin might be hard for Valentine to sniff out. Still, there is a faint twitch of her mouth that might be a frown as she leans back in her chair. A flick of tongue over her teeth and she looks away from the girl on stage and takes up her glass again.

Mikoto swirls the wine in her glass as she watches and listens, matching names with new faces. Yasmin gets an ecouraging smile, as she knows standing in front of all these people certainly isn't easy. "Welcome, Yasmin." Her eyes run over the woman before flicking to Amun.

Silently Gunthor remains, watching the proceedings carefully. Each that has been introduced or offered has been noted in the recesses of his mind, information to be filed safely away for later. Green flecked eyes are calm, emotionless during his casual studying of the gathering.

Stormy merely tilts her head as Amun calls for the dancer to step forwards and speak. So curious is the small vampire, gaze to linger on Yasmin as she speaks, though seems to follow the human's gaze back towards the MotC, soon to glance back at Mikoto when the woman speaks up again.

Carmen's wry smile doesn't change as the introduction is made. All that moves is her eyes as she gazes over Yasmin. After a few seconds, she nods her head in a quiet greeting. With that done, her attention returns to Amun.

Nothing seems to surprise Louis, who sits attentively and, like so many others, follows the direction of the conversation with the flitting of his gaze toward the new speaker. Still, it's the woman at his side that quickly earns a look from him. There is something serious and curt within it.

Amun waits for Yasmin to finish, then steps forward again. "Yasmin is here, belonging to the Kiss. She will suffer the rewards, and punishments, of such as befits her behavior. But a dark time is coming, and we need all the weapons in our arsenal we can get for it." He turns his head towards Tobias. "Tobias, inform them of what you informed me, of the scuffle the city's previous Master had with the children of the other city."

Cordelia meets Louis's gaze, unflinching at the reprimand she sees there. The silent argument between the two lasts a few more moments before she abruptly turns her attention back in Amun's direction, swayed by talk of "dark times".

Mikoto smiles softly at something, then blinks and straightens at the mention of the previous Master. She lets out a slow breath and sets her wine down, leaning forward slightly once her hands are free. Fingers link together as her eyes turn to Tobias, body a bit more tense than before.

Tobias looks towards Amun, and then nods his head. "Some of those present today were present for this meeting as well. However, a Master Vampire, whose name and line I do not know was detected in the Salons of La Pomme Rouge. He attacked myself, the former Master Lillith, and the others present by ways of physical Shadows, and through Wounding. Eventually, the creature was restrained, after causing some damage to the former Master of the City, and a sort of parlay was reached. The creature escaped, but not before informing us that there were others like him. He was sent as a representative from his city, and declared that his Master had the intention of invading, and taking control of Chicago."

Nuri grows more attentive at Amun's words, and her brow arches again. She looks to Tobias as he speaks, and her brow then furrows. A very, very slow nod indeed is given.

Heart still racing somewhat for being put on the spot unexpectedly, Yasmin steps back slightly when Amun steps forward to continue speaking but she doesn't kneel again just yet and her gaze seeks out Tobias while he speaks.

At this, Gunthor's eyes show some interest. His face remains untouched, his body unmoving from his spot where he leans against the wall. The thoughts of what Tobias was suggesting…

Stormy turns to Tobias, and listens to the report given to those gathered. Intrigued, she listens closelyto the words offered before seeming to nod faintly.

Carmen's eyes widen as talk turns to the subject of a creature and she sits up straighter in her seat. Her hands clasp in front of her on the table. Still, she listens intently without speaking.

There is a skittering sound from the wall closest to Sebastian. Soon a large, brown rat emerges from a hole and crawls across Sebastian's foot.

The news makes Valentine shift in her seat, hand resting over her heart which is also quickened. Manicured fingers adjust her blouse, a deep breath being drawn in as she tilts her head down briefly. The hand drops from her heart, smoothing her palm over her skirt. It's only the skittering movement that makes Valentine's eyes swing to the rat. A tension slides up her back, then seems just as quickly to dissipate.

"Thank you, Tobias," Amun says. Facing the rest of the vampires once more he says, "To that end, any vampire that you find in this city who is not a part of this kiss, by introduction and oath, should be avoided, and reported to myself or Tobias. Known members of the Church of Eternal Life are an exception, but even them I would have you keep an eye on."

Mikoto sits back as she listens to Tobias, one hand lifting and fingers press lightly to her lower lip. Eyes narrow as she thinks, nodding absently to Amun's words. Her handturns slightly, a very subtle kind of classroom hand-raising towards Amun. "Just Lillith or before her as well?"

Amun stares at Mikoto for a few heartbeats - hers, his doesn't. "I believe you are quite well aware of how little your Master chose to share the goings on of this city with me when I was here and he claimed rule, Mikoto. So let me ask: Just Lillith, or before her as well?"

Stormy listens, and as Mikoto speaks up again, she turns to look towards the human, then back to Amun when the MotC replies, echoing the words. Such undercurrents to be discovered here, that draw the thoughtful look back to this vampire's face.

Carmen listens quietly to the conversation, though her expression seems one of genuine interest.

Valentine's eyes turn to Mikoto now, a single brow raised, showing her interest. Shifting in her seat again, she turns so that she can observe the full conversation between her and Amun.

Mikoto spreads her hand slightly, lips curving in a faint agreeing smile as she inclines her head. "I'll look into it, then. Get you what I can." But as Amun mentioned, she's not sure how much Koray will share to Amun.

Nuri's gaze flicks between Mikoto and Amun, and her head tilts ever so slightly. She looks back to Sebastian, then, exchanging another look with him.

Ayden has arrived.
Ayden Oaths to Amun with some "Blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh" phrase.

Amun smiles to Mikoto, showing not hint of fangs as he does so. "Thank you, Mikoto." He looks to Tobias. "Anything else you would add before we let them all out of here?"

Sebastian's eyes narrow and a slow smile forms on his features, showing his fangs as he looks away from Nuri.

Tobias studies Mikoto as her exchange with Amun takes place, his face perfectly emotionless. When Amun addresses him, he turns his attention slowly to the Master, and is silent for a long moment. Finally, he says, "I believe any further business that I have is of a personal nature, Master. There is a new Necromancer in this city, however. If you wish, I can share information regarding that?" he offers.

Stormy gives a slight shake of her head, as if to indicate she herself, does not have anything that needs to be brought before the Court lets out.

Remaining quiet and relatively unknown, Ayden stays as he is, calmly looking at everyone as they speak. Occasionally he shifts in his seat.

Amun gives this some thought. "It can be discussed privately," he decides. He regards the assembled. "You are dismissed. When you are ready to leave, the drivers will reblindfold you and drop you off where you came from in the first place."

Carmen becomes still at the mention of a necromancer. After a few moments, she nods briskly - a gesture to indicate that she has nothing to bring to the table.

With his attention focused on his servant, Louis still gives attention toward the words spoken at the meeting but offers little input— these things were before his time, after all. "Come," he tells her at the meeting's conclusion. He takes her hand rather sternly.

Sebastian stoops down to let the rat crawl onto his hand.

scene breaks up

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