Flora And Fauna
Flora and Fauna's Information
Type: Florist & Tea Shop
Rating: 2 Stars
Location: 817 Michigan Street
Fame: Rumored Opium Den
Atmosphere: Friendly
Owner(s): Briony
Manager(s): Briony
Employee(s): Numerous

General Information

This local florist is a family run business, offering a wide arrange of local and exotic flora, hand-crafted glass/wood gifts, greeting cards, and fruit baskets. Flora and Fauna is owned and operated by Briony Whitten, a British Import.

Aside from the main Florist Room there is a simple but elegant Tea Room setup that sells all organic Teas with a smattering of organic and rare coffees. It is serves blooming teas, green teas, roibos, and many other teas. The place also sells tea pots, infusers, and various other tea-related products. Samples are given out daily, set up at the main bar with little paper cups to try out the three-different tea flavors available that day.

Rumors abound that the place is a secret opium den and that there is a private "members only" area where one can chase the dragon. No proof has ever been found of this, however. And the own, Briony, denies all allegations of any illicit activities going on at her shop.

8am-9pm Monday-Friday
8am-12am Saturday
1pm-11pm Sunday
Closed for some Major Holidays

Decription - Floral Shop

The smell of flowers may seem overwhelming upon entry into this shop, for all around are hundreds of fresh flowers and plants. A large walk-in refrigerator with glass doors displaying many of the flowers dominates one wall. All around the shop are flowering plants, such as orchids and violets. Interspersed between the floral arrangements are fresh baskets of different fruit, apples and pears, strawberries and apricots, berries and grapes, all arranged in baskets. Along with these here and there are sets of menageries, ranging from stuffed animals to ones made of glass and carved from wood or shaped from jade - the more expensive types locked in glass cages. Soft music plays at a barely audible level to assert a subliminal aura of calm about the locale. In the middle of the store is an old fashioned register, oft attended by an assistant or the owner during business hours. Behind the counter are collections of vases, ribbons, balloons, and the like, as well as a few neatly laid out books for those that wish to browse for larger arrangements. In the back of the store is a small office tucked under the staircase leading up to a private second floor apartment.

Description - Tea Room

Organic and Expensive. This tea-room is done up in pseudo-Japanese style. There are large folding screens that make little rooms and alcoves in what would otherwise be a plain square room. The folding screens have been silk painted with beautiful poppies and other wild flowers. All of the tables are low to the ground with comfortable cushions for seats. There are two tables for each of the four sectioned off areas, each with a brass or clay tea set.

Visible through the hallway created by the folding screens there is a multi-level counter along the back wall, with a lower level in the front for customers to sit, with comfortable high backed stools placed along it. Behind the counter are tea makers and coffee makers. And a large black board with the specials of the day, above a built in shelf full of metal canisters of tea and coffee.

On the walls to either side of the back bar there are displays full of beautiful and expensive tea sets and tea accessories.

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