Forest's Vitals
Name: Forest Matthew Greene
Race: Wereleopard
Shortdesc: A tall, darkly tanned man with long hair.
Position: IC: Massage Therapist at the Black Swan.
Fame: None Yet
Temperament: Fun loving and easy going.
Themesong: None Yet
Alex Meraz as Forest Matthew Greene


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The first thing noticed about this man is his height, he seems to almost tower over most people at 6'4”. His build is on the muscular side, thought not overly so, seems more of a natural build from years of hard work. His skin is a dark tan, much softer than one might expect from a man, as if he spends time caring for it. Dark brown hair falls to the middle of his back, thick and shiny, often worn in a tight braid. A pair of deep brown eyes, often filled with a glint of amusement, are surrounded by thick lashes and set in his oval face with high cheekbones and a strong jawline.

A pair of tight fitting, faded wash blue jeans hug his hips. Over his torso he wears an equally tight fitting black t-shirt. He wears a braided leather bracelet on his left wrist and a black leather cord tight around his neck, a small black onyx pendant dangling on the end. His left ear is pierced with a small platinum hoop.

History Overview

Forest was born and raised in a backwoods town in the middle of Utah. It was one of those places that you had to drive thirty minutes to get to school or the grocery store. Everyone knew everyone else and everything about them, sometimes even things the person themselves didn’t know. His parents were Clyde and Mary Greene, and has two older sisters, Rachel and Lisa, and one younger sister, April. Being the only boy in the family he was rather pampered by his sisters and parents. Never a shy kid, Forest made friends easily and was into sports from a young age. Football, basketball, track, you name it, he was into it. He was the typical popular teenager in a small town, drinking, partying with the best of them. His parents owned and ran a farm, Forest learned at a young age the importance of hard work, getting up at the crack of dawn to milk the cows and all the other chores that seemingly never end.

Forest went through a bit of a rebellious stage in his mid teens, growing his hair out, listening to hard rock as loud as possible, and learning to play the electric guitar. Luckily he never got into much trouble outside of the usual teenage stuff, but his father hated what his son was becoming, his mother tried to be mostly understanding but at times her boy could be a strain to her. Years after high school he now has a close relationship with his family, even if his dad does still give him hell about his hair.

He attended two years of college at the University of Utah, taking mostly general education classes, never really finding anything that seemed very interesting to him. It was during his second year that he was infected by a wereleopard. He had been dating this guy for a short while, things got hot and heavy rather quickly between the two, as they oft are between young lovers, only Forest didn’t know about the furry side of his boyfriend. David explained it to him later, when he was in the hospital with all sorts of tubes hooked up to him, that he hadn’t supposed to be intimate with anyone yet, he was close to being in control of his changing, but he lost control. It was only by the luck of an Alpha of the pard had shown up and managed to keep Forest from being killed, but not in time to stop injury and subsequent infection. Forest was taken into the pard as one of their own, and trained to control his change. It took many years of long struggles to develop that control, like all were’s, and he mostly kept to his new family. Forest was considered one of the lucky ones, he was an Alpha male, and he spent about four years learning the ways of the Pard, learning control and gaining a strong self confidence.

When he was deemed ready, he returned to school, this time going to massage school so he could work with his hands, something he has always enjoyed doing. In fact he enjoys working with wood and does a lot of carving and building in his free time, building custom cabinets and statues, whatever he can come up with. He’s moved to Chicago to work in an upscale spa, the pay great and the city near Lake Michigan where he can spend time out on the lake, fishing and camping.


"Afterall…. if that hadn't happened, I wouldn't be here with you…"
— On his past.

"You're happy yet you start to sob…what am I to do with you Tal?"
Forest to Talen.

"It is hard to decide, I've always enjoyed all of them, and Wesley is awful sexy in that black mask."
— On Wesley from Princess Bride.



Name Relationship Notes
April Sister Brought her to Chicago after a tragic accident back home.
Talen Deceased Forest will never be the same.
Zack Mate Forest still cares deeply for Zack but has left Chicago for a short time to think about things.

RP Hooks

  • Forest is a Massage Therapist at the Black Swan, stop by any time for some spa treatment!


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