Forest Blows His Top


Survivalist Compound - Ivy Cottage: Front Room - Wauconda, Illinois

The little cottage faces to the north, letting in the best light through the diamond-paned picture window in the northern wall. Centered beneath that window is a claw-footed, camel-backed sofa upholstered with emerald green velvet. Tapestry pillows rest at either end of it for comfort. A colourful rug extends from the front edge of the sofa to end where the kitchen begins. A pair of leather armchairs bookend a pedestal table across from the sofa. Holding down the middle of the carpet is a massive coffee table that displays a collection of candlesticks. Books are stacked up beneath it. Near the northwest corner of the room is the sturdy wooden door that leads out to the garden and the road.
The small fireplace in the west wall has a blackened interior and a smoke-stained mantel. Nothing clutters the mantel's surface between a matched pair of silvery candelabra. Just beyond the fireplace, the south side of the room holds the kitchen. Dark cupboards line the southern end of the western wall. They extend along the southern wall as well, but are broken by a double window above the deep sink with its old-fashioned hand pump. A black, cast iron cookstove sits against the southern end of the eastern wall. The door to the bedroom is nestled between it and the armchairs. A small, round table with four chairs sits mostly in the kitchen atop the polished, wooden floor. Cheerful, golden curtains hang on the kitchen and living room windows and stained glass suncatchers add a splash of colour to the floor in the daytime.




(Scene started already in progress)

Zack watches Johnothan have to run. He looks over at Cale, "So, you're good on getting the security thing going, then? That's great. Is there anything that I can do to help out? I mean, I can't really help out financially, and I don't have any technical background, but other than that…" He grins half-heartedly, as he sits on the arm of the couch.

Cale shakes his head, glancing after Johnothan briefly before he replies to Zack. He's still settled on the couch. "No, that's going to cost a lot of money.. Robert gave me ten thousand so I can get some classes, then buy some servers, software and a strong internet connection. That should cover the lot of it decently, with a bit left over, I think. That's for the information storehouse. If that works out, I'll see if he wants to help with the big plan. But for now, I'm keeping it modest. Once I'm more certain, the big work can start. It'll be a few months at least."

Forest comes out from the backroom, freshly showered and dressed. He pauses just inside the room to look over those within, giving a nod to all before heading into the kitchen to see if there's any wings left.

Her presence arrives before she does, the unfamiliar…yet familiar beast that belongs to Grace. She passes Jeremy who seems to be asleep on the porch and moves into the compound. There is no angst about her today, but it is as fickle as the calm before an awaited storm. The door is opened and she passes through the threshold proper, nose turning up to sniff at the air and takes note of who smells of what. She herself smells of dust, cleaning product and a male. The door is shut neatly behind her, "Evening," is all that rumbles out of her throat.

Zack nods to Cale, "Well, like I said, if I can help, I'll be more than happy to." He grins, "I'm sure that when everything gets going you'll need a janitor." A smile eases across his lips as Forest steps out of the back. He slides off the arm of the couch and moves to follow him in the kitchen, "Hey.. Want me to cook something? I'd be happy to." He looks up as the door opens. His nose twitches slightly at the woman's scent. He calls out from the edge of the kitchen area, "Good evening, Grace."

Cale turns his head towards Grace as she comes in, giving her a nod in reply before looking towards FOrest. His brow furrows slightly as he notes to Zack, "I don't know about that. But once I get to setting up the servers, I'll need a secure place for them. Here would be best, since this place should be safe in general. But if I go ahead with the long range plan, more secure facilities will have to be set up there." He then settles back on the couch with a sigh, head allowed to lay back, eyes closed. "Things are going to be tense, I think. But it feels good."

Crystal murrs, nuzzling into her mate sleepily as her hand feels around for the warm body she'd snuggled them against, the biggest one in the kitty pile actually. Blinking she woke and looked around, giving Grace an inquiring glance. Then her eyes slide to Cale "Sorry about what I said before Cale…I should've held my tongue until I knew more of what was going on."

Forest smiles to Zack when he comes in, "Hrm.. how many need to eat? I'm good with just the wings, but…" then he notices Grace's presence even if he doesn't see her, his beast moving out to rub gently against each in the pard. "Yeah, maybe we should make some food. What do we have in the fridge?"

The long lost leopard didn't know why exactly she was here, but as the conversation continue on around her Grace just listens. Noting Crystal's interest, Cale's nod and Zack's greeting. Grace's own beast pushes back against Forest, but not in a snuggle sense, she's keeping her emotions in check and that is obvious by the hold that she has on her untamed cat. "I can always eat," Her growly, only cause her beast was close, voice rumbled.

Zack smiles as he brushes up and past Forest as he looks in the fridge, "I'm sure that I can find something to cook." An impish grin eases across his lips as he looks in Grace's direction. His tone is obviously teasing and not serious, "I mean, if nothing else, I'm sure I can do up a vegetarian soup or something… maybe stir-fried tofu." He starts rumaging around, "Hmm… I could manage a big thing of spagetti… " He stresses "with meatballs and a meat sauce…" then with a playful melodramatic sigh, "I suppose…"

Cale lifts his head and looks towards Crystal, a faint frown coming to him. He nods after a moment and says in a neutral tone, "Accepted." And leaves it at that for now. "I ate before I came, but thank you," he adds, voice lifted a bit towards the kitchen. His eyes flick towards Grace, considering her quietly with softly furrowed brow. But he doesn't linger as he pulls the padded case off his shoulder to settle on his lap. Looks like a laptop case. He rests his hands on it, his thoughts rolling quietly for a few moments.

Crystal nods to Cale and snuggles against Ahikam "Food would be much appreciated" then looks over at Grace as her energy slips out to rub against Grace, pushing and leaning in its welcome as it investigated the other.

Forest reaches a hand out to rest on Zack's shoulder as he looks in the fridge with the blonde, reaching in to grab a beer, "I don't know Zack… meatballs might just be a bit too much for us to handle…" his tone jesting as well, "Tofu sounds so much better." Grinning he moves to lean against the kitchen counter, popping open his beer for a drink. "So anyone have plans for the night?"

A growl emitted from the red head's throat when Zack started talking about vegetarian, "You sure you're a freakin' were-animal?" She comments towards the kitchen, the pale yellow-green eyes of her cat locking on to Cale's and she raises an eyebrow as if asking 'what? speak up.' The woman snapped her eyes at Crystal and what she saw as an invasion, the woman hissed, obviously keeping close to her animal, and pushed the energy away while at the same time hoping to cause enough of a reaction to make the snow leopard leave her alone. "If you're making Tofu I'm leaving." Though it wasn't much of a threat, towards Zack.

Crystal blinked at Grace but then looked puzzled her own beast more curious and determined then before "What? Never felt a hello before?" her energy approaching again to rub against Grace as it nosed and leaned.

Zack grins at Grace, "Don't worry… I know I'm probably the only one who would even touch it." He looks at Forest, "But don't tease me, cause one of these days I'm gonna fix it and not tell you." He does look to the rest of them, "Though seriously, anyone have problems with spagetti… either that, or I'm gonna have to run into town to pick up a few things." He watches the interaction between Crystal and Grace with a slight frown.

"Relax," Cale says to Grace. "You're too high strung. Better to run it off if you can't." Not said firmly, but a definite suggestion. It might be obvious he keeps his own beast on a short leash. Rarely pushing out. He then glances towards the kitchen and says, "I was just considering what I'd do today. But first I wanted to come deliver the news. Now that that's done, I'm not too sure." He slips out a modestly priced laptop from the case, settling it on top before opening it up and getting it started.

Forest nods to Zack, "Spaghetti sounds good." Then he moves back to the living room area, leaning back against the wall, eyes moving from Grace to Crystal but he doesn't say anything, just drinks his beer as he watches over the two women.

Grace ignored Cale, "Spaghetti is fine," that was all she said. Establishing the pecking order was sometimes a constant battle. Grace didn't have her beast on a long leash…no, she was using her beast, holding it around her like a fur coat. It was comfortable and familiar. Once again Grace pushed Crystal's energy away from her with a flare of her own, "I think that's enough of a hello," the girl rumbled.

Crystal shrugged and curled her beast around herself cuddling into it before looking up at Forest "Spaghetti sounds great, haven't had it in ages. Tonight? Hopefully get the Pappa Cat and the Ra into a game of Uno followed by another kittypile?"

Zack puts his hand on Forest's arm as he passes him by. He realizes that Grace has to figure out where she fits in within the Pard, even if he is worried about Crystal's more fragile state. "Okay, spagetti it is…. " He heads back into the kitchen and starts cooking.

Forest nods as he watches the interaction between the two women seemingly come to an end, a grin crossing his face and he gestures to the plastic covering the window, "I'll be busy repairing that for awhile if Dylan makes it out here. Gotta get it fixed up soon though." He moves over to sit on the couch, eyes moving to watch Cale with his laptop, but doesn't bother him with questions.

Cale shakes his head, glancing at Grace. He then dips his eyes to the laptop, quietly starting to work at it once it gets through its start up cycle. Though it's a slow exploration, roaming about unfamiliar territory. "I'll probably just have some coffee. Doesn't effect me so much anymore, but I'm too used to the taste to go without it."

Grace went back to being quiet, she had nothing to say. (brb)

Crystal unwraps her legs from John's and looks to the window curious "Would you like some help with the window?"

Zack is in the kitchen cooking. The smell of ground beef browning fills the room a long with the sweet tang of tomato sauce cooking down with seasoning and herbs. From the kitchen, a soft tenor voice can be heard singing a slightly peppy Russian folk song.

Forest nurses his beer slowly, turning the bottle over and over in his hands. At Crystals question he gives a shake of his head, "Nope, I think Dylan will be sufficient help when he arrives. Going to teach him how to put that energy to good use." He grins a bit, eyes turning to the kitchen where he hears the familiar voice.

Johnothan does several long blinks, and looks around kinda dazedly, shaking his head as sound snaps back into place. "Wha-Huh? What happened? the last thing I recall was talking about the shifter operated security firm. Next thing I know, Zack is in the kitchen making spagetti sauce…" he says, scratching his head and looking around, taking notice of the new arrivals, frowning.

Cale glances towards Forest. "Just how did that happen, anyway? I was wondering, but didn't seem anyone was too bothered by it." His eyes flick towards Johnothan and his lips purse faintly before he resumes toying with the laptop. Set up, organization. He handles it with a casual familiarity.

Crystal just points at Grace "She tried claiming the house as hers, startled me, John grabbed his gun, Dylan jumped thru the window shifting, Forest half shifted"

Grace snorts, "It is my house," There was no 'claiming' to it, it is the way it was in her mind. "And at that moment," snapping her words, "I believe I was just looking in the window." That was the truth. She looks between all of the in the room, sniffing at the meat sauce. Clearly she was more of an animalistic mind in total.

Zack continues singing softly from the kitchen. After it gets to the point that it can be left to cook without constant tending, he walks out to the living room area. He has a glob of spagetti sauce in his big finger, which he offers up to Forest, "Tell me if it needs anything else… Not everyone likes as much garlic as I do, so I was trying to be more careful with it."

Forest looks to Crystal and Grace, his beast flowing to the surface, his gaze level and weighty. "If you two keep it up, I'm going to send you outside to figure out your pecking order. You understand me?" Once his point is made he turns to Zack, grinning as he takes the offered finger into his mouth to taste the sauce. Licking his lips, "That's good Zack, I like the garlic."

Johnothan chuckles at crystals description of events recites, his attention moving to grace and lifting an eyebrow "Actually, you were pushing your energy out into the house in a small stormcloud of roiling grumbling, if not snarling irritation..Which is why you got a gun pointed at you…at least, before the quick-jump boy got in my way." he says, smirking faintly.

Cale looks up from his laptop to consider Grace as the others speak. Obviously he doesn't seem amused with the picture painted. "And just who are you and what claim do you make? Seems you're more a disruptive influence than anything else," he opines, a frown lingering with him. "That's about the last thing this Pard needs right now, there are enough troubles out there, that we don't need one inside, I would think."

Crystal sunk down by Ahi and nuzzled him affectionately before looking around and picking up the uno cards to keep her mouth shut so she wouldn't get herself in trouble with the nimir more.

Grace blows out a huff of air, tightening her energy around her, regarding Forest, "You say that like its a threat. I am Grace Hawkins. And this was my house before any of you got here. I'm not starting this argument again, especially with someone who's not the current Raj. And what I see when I look this 'pard' is a bunch of theatrics that do not know about the culture, about the animals they possess. Hell they don't even know that they HAVE to eat or even why," that one was just for Zack. Her arguement is sound, from her point of view, and the fact that her mind thinks more like the animal she possesses than a human. "And since we're going this far. I see a Raj, who is a marshmellow, who doesn't care enough about his pard to have them stand up for themselves, but lets them curl around the thought that peace will just happen. And a pard that just assumes that respect is automatically given and not earned." She knows this will cause Forest to react, but that is her want. She cares, but she is not a the soft hearted baby talking thing and this is her way of helping.

Forest strides across the room to Grace with a quick grace that sets him as the cat he is. Eyes glowing golden, his hand reaching out to grab her by the throat and slams her as hard as he can against the nearest wall. A snarl leaving him as he leans forward, his beast pressing out upon her in a clearly dominating manner. Lips pull back to bare his teeth at her, "You have been gone a damned long time as far as I can tell Grace, this may have been your home once, but is now ours. I -am- the Raj, and I -know- the pard is injured and weak, it's something that I came into and more and more weak ones keep joining us. What would you have me do? Put them out to the wolves?" His hand squeezes ever tighter around her throat as he speaks, looming over her both physically and metaphysically. "Instead of joining in the constant bickering and drama fest, why don't you do something to try to help it out?"

Zack's eyes narrow slightly at Grace. His normal laxed posture becomes more tense, as his beast rises to just below the surface. He looks at everyone else as if to say not to get involved. His fist clench into fist, as he growls slightly. He is ready to pounce, but holds back, watching Forest and Grace.

Johnothan just blinks, feeling Forest move in a half-blur of flesh and energy, his own being called closer at the irritation of the Raj, causing him to tense and tighten his hand into a fist, resisting the urge to follow and simply watch and listen as Grace is taken to task. His head shaking as he releases a breath and settles some to watch the display.

Cale considers Grace's words to him, but the latter part of her response prompts a tension, the sudden response from Forest expected. Though once the moment passes, his expression relaxes only slightly in the tense atmosphere, a neutral air to his expression. His brow furrowed with thought. He too watches. Closely so.

Crystal looks up at Grace in surprise at the speech before her eyes narrow on the newcomer and a low growl begins in her chest, her beast rising to just under the surface its fur bristling, her energy roiling within her in irritation as her red-pink eyes glowed with her beast's and she silently snarled showing her fangs.

Grace expected Forest's reaction, wanted it, she LET herself be taken. Forest would know that, others might too if they were perpective. She felt her body slam up against the wall, putting a large dent in sheetrock. She feels his hand around her throat and the girl instincutally moans. She is a masochist, though that is not why she proded the Raj. His power is felt but her anger is high and his Dominance only works so much. "I am helping," she barely breathes under her breath. For Forest's ears only, hopefully no one else could ear as its more just a sound in her throat than anything. She's like Batman in the last movie, offering herself up so that the Raj can look stronger. THAT is what she does for the Pard. Out loud, "I want you to stop being a fucking pansy ass and help these cats figure out what the fuck they are and how to work with it in this society where silver bullets are carried by even gas station attendants." Grace snapped in Forest's face however she can't reach him.

Zack's attention is still focused on Grace. The young man's beast is flaring up still. He growls softly. As he speaks, his inner cat's voice is echoed in his own, "You can shut up now, Grace. When Forest took over, the Pard was far worse than it is now. It was left that way by those who you seem to think did a better job. If all you're going to do is bitch, you can get out." The power in his voice carries a surprising amount of authority in it.

Forest snarls as he looms over, "You -will- start to show the rest of us respect Grace, this is -our- home, and right now, you're a guest tottering on the edge of the precipice." His anger rises, beast pushing out against all in the room, each and every one getting a feel of his dominance and anger. Turning, his hand still squeezed around her throat, nearly cutting off her access to air, he then throws Grace across the room, not caring where she lands or how. Then he turns to Crystal. Striding just as fast across the room to grab her around the throat in just the same way he did Grace. Slamming the albino up against the wall, plaster cracking behind her. The same snarl is given, threatening and obviously tired of this one's shit. "If you don't start showing some respect to those around you, stronger than you, you may just loose your position in this Pard. You have done nothing but bring drama and drivel to this Pard since the moment you first walked in the door. I've had all of it that I'm going to take from you, or anyone." His hand stays there, his squeeze tight and forceful, beast bearing down on her. Zack's words are the next to draw his attention, "Keep your words to yourself Zack, unless you wish to challenge me as well. I'll handle this because I've let it go on much too long." Eyes glowing golden, his beast very near the surface, roiling.

Johnothan watches as things slowly blow up, shivering and shrinking back from the release of the Raj's anger, staying quite still, other than to lick his lips and not draw that attention towards him as he slowly scents the air in the direction of the more intensified Forest, but keeping his mouth shut.

Crystal pulls her beast and energy in as she feels forest's energy and anger. Yowling as she's grabbed and a whimper coming from her as she's thrown against a wall as well staring at her raj fearfully, the look in her eyes one of hurt and apology as she bites her lip with a fang cowering there before the raj.

Cale continues to watch quietly, still as Forest goes about making some things known. He's rapt and his head cants, brow smoothing, though his tension doesn't leave him. Breathing low and quiet, he remains focused upon what plays out before him.

Grace is thrown, the Raj's strength tossing her clear to the other wall. The woman hits it, causes a dint and shakes her head to clear off the fog. She's been thrown before. This is what she expected, this is what she wanted, this is what the Pard needed. Grace silently licked her lips, getting up to one knee. Her yellow green gaze slide glances at Crystal, and Grace actually sighs a little having some inward thought. "My Raj," Grace's tone changing, down on one knee. She will show the pard how they show feldilty, offer apology. Even if she doesn't get Forest's attention the red headed woman begins to crawl, with all the feline grace that she holds, across the floor. When she gets to Forest she begins to rub her cheek against what ever part of him she can. A hand, a foot, a leg, calf…She rubs, like the animal inside her beacons her to. Her touch though is almost timid, a drastic difference from the argumentative woman. There are no words spoken.

Zack's eyes turn to Forest. There is challenge in his eyes as he looks at the Nimir-Raj, just as there is conflict in the young man's heart. He snorts softly, as he lowers his gaze just slightly. He shows a touch of submission by lowering his gaze, then turns to go back into the kitchen to finish cooking up, as the scents show that the sauce is on the edge of starting to overcook.

Forest snarls a little more at Crystal before he just lets her drop to the floor. Turning, he moves his eyes over each and every one in the room, making sure they all understand. Finally he turns his eyes down to Grace where she's showing her submission to him, a hand reaching out to rest on the top of her head briefly, a nod of his head given. Beast starts to rein in, eyes moving to watch where Zack disappeared into the kitchen but he steels himself against it, needing to do what's best for the Pard.

Johnothan watches Grace sail into the other wall, cracking it. He watches Zack's reaction to forests words, eyes following the young man as he disappears into the kitchen, only to turn to Forest, speaking calmly as he grows use to the level of energy filling the room, his skin prickling and warming with it, eyes sliding towards the Chartruse of his cat, meeting Forest's look for a moment before dipping his head and lowering his eyes in acknowledgement of his position and station..Even as a low rumble of a purr echos in his chest. "The short time I have been here, Raj, the only one I have seen crystal show no respect to is one who shows up out of nowhere claiming home and stirring a pot that was cooling and recovering." he says, his tone holding no real accusation, but more a questioning.

Cale arches a brow slightly at Grace's show of submission. Obviously not his way. Though he only meets Forest's sweep over him for a heartbeat before his head dips, eyes half closing. A posture held for several moments after before his head lifts, his eyes rolling towards the laptop. HIs brow creases again, quiet thought flowing back to the fore after the period of denial. He closes the machine lightly and slips it into its case, the movements slow, careful and quiet.

Crystal drops to the floor quickly huddling in a ball as the tears welled up "She wasn't pard until now…didn't accept you as nimir until now…I wasn't interfering…wasn't direspecting anyone…more powerful then me…she feels same power as me…but verbally attacked family…" shaking her head slowly as she looked at the floor before her let her beast take over, bones cracking as sinew snaps and muscle reforms, fur pushing out thru melting skin. Cowering there a moment as she looked at Ahi sleeping with sorrow and tried to bolt for the door. Her ears splayed and tail tucked between her legs.

The red head's neck is exposed as Forest touches her head and with that touch she stands again, her power pulsing about her. She is silent and leans up against the wall with her arms over her chest. Crystal's words ring in her head and Grace's face tilts low for a moment, hiding some expression and when her face lifts again her normal expression is there.

Zack tries to be as quiet as he can in the kitchen as he finishes up the last of dinner. If anyone's nose is not somehow distracted by the tension in the other room, the scent of skin being scalded mixes into the scent of the spagetti that the small blond is preparing. He walks a huge bowl of spagetti noodles, covered with butter and garlic, in one hand and in the other an equally large bowl of a meat rich spagetti sauce. He sets it down on the table, without really looking or acknowledging anyone. He returns back into the kitchen to get a bowl piled high with baked meatballs and a loaf of garlic bread. He likewise deposits it on the table without looking at anyone. He walks into the bathroom, closing the door forcefully behind him.

Forest snarls in distaste at Crystal when she allows the stress of the situation to cause her to shift. Hiding in her beastly form. Turning his back on her, his eyes scan those within the room once again, Johnothan's words noted, but nothing is given in response. Eyes move to the kitchen, watching as Zack walks in and out, the smell of burning skin hot on his nose. He closes his eyes briefly before saying, "I'm doing my best for this Pard, either help me, or stand aside, but show respect for each other and the love I know you all have inside of you." Then he turns to follow to the bathroom if Zack hasn't locked him out. Finding the door open he steps inside, closing the door behind him.

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