Forghetti's Tavern
Forghetti's Tavern's Information
Type: A sports bar/grill tavern.
Rating: 1 Star
Location: 4925 Addison Street
Fame: N/A
Atmosphere: Casual
Owner(s): Gabriel Jackson
Manager(s): Moire Ferguson
Employee(s): N/A


One of the many sports-bars along Addison Street, Forghetti's hearkens back to the turn of the century tavern feel. Dark hardwood floors bear signs of frequent varnishing and scuffing over the years, lighter pine-wood chairs and tables with corners worn smooth over years of use standing in contrast. The bar stands off to the right when standing by the front door, working along the wall and taking a little J-turn when it reaches the far side of the room, the kitchen access by a wide-screen television. Glasses hang upside-down in racks over the scuffed and drink-circled wooden counter, brass detail-work holding the racks up and running along the front of the bar as a foot rest for those using stools. The opposite wall has a half-dozen booths in semi-private, coffee-brown leather padding covering the seats.


Moire Ferguson


Gabriel Jackson

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