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Note to Self: Check out "According to Leo Ruickbie, Augustine's arguments against magic, differentiating it from miracle, were crucial in the early Church's fight against paganism and became a central thesis in the later denunciation of witches and witchcraft. "

St.Augustine of Hippo by YoungWilliamYoungWilliam, 21 May 2014 08:22
HyperionWCHyperionWC 19 Oct 2010 06:00
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Two reasons: Firstly, Occult is already something of an over-strength skill, between Summoners and Faithful, and it doesn't need a third group of people for whom it's all-important. Secondly, the classical image of the sorceror in robes with diagrams, skulls and dribbly candles doesn't necessarily hold true for all sorcerors. In fact it should entirely possible to be a powerful sorceror without any occult knowledge at all - you'd just need a lot of knowledge in your own specialist field. Doctor X has found a cure for cancer, but creating one dose takes ages, rare ingredients from all around the world, a substantial chunk of funding, and an all-night vigil in the lab.

by HyperionWCHyperionWC, 19 Oct 2010 06:00
BruceWCBruceWC 18 Oct 2010 00:10
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Generally I like it.

I think that some of my own personal skill selections might have been different in light of this system, but it can be lived with. I do have a question, why not have Occult apply generally? Especially in the case of rituals?

by BruceWCBruceWC, 18 Oct 2010 00:10
HyperionWCHyperionWC 17 Oct 2010 09:51
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Thoughts, comments, criticism welcome.

by HyperionWCHyperionWC, 17 Oct 2010 09:51
YoungWilliamYoungWilliam 19 Sep 2010 11:13
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What were to become the demi-fae were the 'Firbolg', who took over around 2300 BC. The First Weirding was when the Sidhe took over from them (and cursed them to smallness). The Fomorians (beastly ogre-like fae) were around before the Firbolg, but didn't do much organization and were tromped down later on by the Sidhe-ruled "Tuatha de Danaan".

Nemedians were an early, fairly humanoid fae whose descendants were the Sidhe and the Demi-Fae. Before everyone were the Partholonians, who were elemental fae.

Pre-Sidhe by YoungWilliamYoungWilliam, 19 Sep 2010 11:13

[1] Lyle added on Fri Dec 15 05:39:05 2006: So Urania suggested giving Magic-Users a wider range of tricks. At the moment, all you really get with the 'magic' tag is access to Magical Ability (as well as Sensitive). Urania suggested having them use the Fae Magics, but I'm a bit iffy about that; I think I'd rather they had their own XXX Craft magics. With that in mind, I started to poke around a few other folks' magic systems:

WoD Sorcerer non-Revised has Alchemy. Conjuration (teleporting), Conveyance (flying, telekinesis). Cursing. Divination, Enchantment (making magic objects). Ephemera (spirit-work). Fascination (charms and mind-control). Healing. Hellfire. Herbalism (making potions). Shadows (It's Control Shadows). Shapeshifting. Summoning/Binding/Warding. Weathercraft.

In talking with someone and trying to whittle that down, it leads to… Alchemy (making magical objects, potions, etc.. Object Craft? Talisman Craft?), Conjuration (teleporting things. Not sure about the -craft name), Conveyance (flying. Also not sure about the -craft name), Cursing/Divination (Fortune Craft), Fascination, (Mind Craft), Shapeshifting (Form Craft). Weather Craft.

..keeping in mind that Healing already exists so that's all set and that Hellfire and Ephemera and a few other bits are covered in Faithful Effects, does anything seem blatantly missing?

[2] Lyle added on Fri Dec 15 05:52:36 2006: WoD Sorcerer Revised? Changed Cursing to Fortune, added Mana Manipulation and Oneiromancy, got rid of Ephemera.

[3] Lyle added on Fri Dec 15 07:42:26 2006: The Unisystem 'Witchcraft' RPG has, on the other hand..

Psyche (control emotion), Blessing, Cleansing (anti-magic), Consecration (like WoD Mana Manip), Communion (like Focus, but draws off of the surroundings), Elemental Air, Elemental Earth, Elemental Fire, Elemental Water, Farsight, Gateway (teleporting), Insight (like Empathy/Mind Reading), Lesser Curse, Lesser Healing, Lesser Illusions, Shielding, Soul Projection (OBE), Soulfire (zapping folks), Spirit Mastery (Faithful tricks), Symbols of Protection, Warding.

[4] Thesus added on Sat Dec 16 13:03:41 2006: Ok, let me get my notes

[5] Thesus added on Sat Dec 16 22:15:52 2006: Magic as I see it is made up of really two types. We have faith based magic where we have other worldly beings. I could use the word 'gods' but I think avatars, angels, demons, devils, Cthulhu and then we have man based magic. Faith based is something that is given to you by that creature that you worship. The second is man based magic: Man based is following a proscribed formula of doing a + b = c. This is where you would get spell books, rituals, formulas and the like.

[6] Thesus added on Sat Dec 16 22:17:40 2006: Stealing directly from all sorts of mage like creations we would have and I think of them as schools of thought, more then anything else: Abjuration, protective spells. (Gene wanting to do protective amulets as an example) Alteration: Change something into something else Summoning: Call something from somewhere else to the caster. (Again, Gene's desire to do weather) Charms: Either make someone or something like you more or the ability to bestow magical essence onto a mundane item. (Gene's wanting the ability to do love philters and the like.) The latter would also be the more expensive the mundane the better a enchantment. IE, a diamond would make a better focus then say quartz. Divinations: determine the future. Illusions: exactly what it sounds like. Evocation: Channel magical energy. I also see this being the most powerful of the lot and you can combine some like either Charm and Evocation to make say Harry Dresden's Thumper like Staff

[7] Thesus added on Sat Dec 16 22:18:18 2006: Evocation is also the one that would not always need a formula: Now I know I said that man magic is a formula or what have you but there are also magical places, like gates between fae and the real world, Stonehenge might be another example. You could also direct magical energy back, say someone had the ability to throw fireballs, the mage could channel that energy away from himself and turn it into pretty, pretty butterflies. Necromancy: dealing with the dead. I'm thinking Voodoo like here. I also think there would be a group of people like Shaman's that deal with deal making with say the dead/ghosts that are different then the Anita Blake sort. They see dead people, can talk to them mainly ghosts and can make deals. "If you stop that burglar from killing that nice young lady? I'll find out where your earrings went." As an example.

[8] Thesus added on Sat Dec 16 22:18:56 2006: Fae btw do man magic but they have the ability inherently. They don't have to learn spells, but have the ability to shape the 'magic' around them, they are much more in touch with nature then man will ever be. This is my rough idea, thoughts?

[9] Lyle added on Sun Dec 17 07:14:58 2006: D&D Schools of Magic:

Abjuration (protection and/or magic-negating)
Conjuration/Summoning (calling things or 'something from nothing')
Invocation/Evocation (like Conjuration, but forces)

[10] Lyle added on Sun Dec 17 07:27:53 2006: To see how much I can translate Thesus' notions to what I'd first suggested..

Abjuration — That's my Alchemy

Alteration - Also Alchemy

Summoning - Conjuration

Charms - Part Fascination, part Alchemy

Divination - That's my Divination/Cursing

Illusion - That's my Fascination

Evocation - Didn't include that, myself.

..although I adore the idea of spell points and magical oomph one can store up (SEE: Mana points, WoD Quintessence, etc..), I'm not sure how well things like WoD's Mana Manip or Unisystem's Consecration would work when someone who doesn't come from a stat-based RPG background had to use and possibly depend on it.

[11] Thesus added on Sun Dec 17 10:59:59 2006: Right now we don't have spell points, or really anything that tells someone how to cast a spell what they can or can't do so I'm thinking we are creating this from scratch. Somehow a magic using critters ability is going to be need to tied to things like Power, Magical Ability and some stats, assuredly will power but since that really does seem to be an over used stat maybe something else, creativity? Then we have either learning, man mage based in my thought, or god given, I'm assuming what Orson is looking to do, assuming Orson does something, some day.

[12] Urania added on Mon Dec 18 12:06:52 2006: I despise "spell points", myself. I like the WoD Sorcerer stuff (how can I not?). I suggested using the Elemental Magics we've put in place for the Fae because we have them, we have them at least vaguely defined, they're a valid magical system, and it requires a minimum of additional coding and writing on our part. If folk want things to be that different I can understand that, in which case I'm strongly in favor of adapting the WoD material.

[13] Lyle added on Wed Dec 20 06:37:30 2006: Note though that as per the 'additional coding and writing'? Not so much, really. It's pretty easy to add a skill or ability to the system, and I just adore working up 'shortcut code' for funky abilities (like the +clair code, like the +raise math-code, etc..).

So it's as clear as the other lists, my 'parsed down and lumped together from WoD Sorcerer' list is..

Alchemy (Enchanting things, making charms, binding-circles, etc..)
Conjuration (rabbits out of hats, summon rabbits, etc..)
Conveyance (pretty much vampire Flight)
Facination (magic hypnosis stuff)
Shapeshifting (Look! I'm a rabbit!)
Weather Craft

They'd also have access to Healing, and the Ephemera is covered by our Faithful effects.

[17] Urania added on Wed Dec 20 08:34:52 2006: Ahh, Conveyance. Which can cover anything from vampire-like flight, to an enchanted broomstick, to teleportation, to having the Mysterious Ability To Always Find A Taxi Instantly.

[18] Lyle added on Wed Dec 20 17:01:23 2006: With the notion I'm dabbling with, flight and broomsticks would fall under whatever we want to re-name Conveyance (the broomstick's either just a prop, or one is making it fly instead of you fly, so you can carry passengers), teleportation would fall under Conjuration (you're pretty much just conjuring yourself somewhere else instead of pulling a quarter out of someone's ear or a rabbit from a hat), and the funky taxi thing would be Cursing/Divination (pretty much hitting yourself with a rather specific and automotive-centric blessing)

[19] Lyle added on Mon Dec 25 20:43:18 2006: So if we go with Thesus' ideas..

Abjuration - Bans and Wards, magics that don't actually do anything other than repulse types of magics or types of critters/folks.

Alteration - Shapechanging of yourself or other things.

Summoning - Like WoD Conjuration, rabbits out of hats. Should attracting a <something> to you be in this, or in Abjuration (since it's pretty much anti-Abjuration)? Probably change the name to 'Conjuration' to stick with a -tion theme.

Enchantment..ation? - Making charms and magical objects. To keep the theme, it'd be nice to work up a -tion name for it.

Divination - Both standard divination as well as cursing/blessing in a luck way.

Fascination - Illusion and magical-hypnosis.

Evocation - Meta-magic. It'd pretty much be anti-magic as well as Focus.

..additionally, they'd get our old fashioned Healing, as well as the general Magical Ability for things not covered by the above stuff. Things involving demons, angels, tribal spirits, elemental spirits, ancestral spirits, ghosts, etc.. are out of their department though, instead going to Faithful and/or Necromancers.

by YoungWilliamYoungWilliam, 10 Apr 2010 09:31

Div 7 7.14 11
Meta 6 4.83 10
Morf 5 6.8 10
Elem 5 11.2 21
Life 7 10 20
Mind 5 6.8 15

by YoungWilliamYoungWilliam, 01 Apr 2010 09:46
YoungWilliamYoungWilliam 01 Apr 2010 09:34
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Before Lukas was Raymond Dire (Morte), MotC from 1871 (following the Chicago Fire) to 1958.

by YoungWilliamYoungWilliam, 01 Apr 2010 09:34
YoungWilliamYoungWilliam 05 Mar 2010 21:42
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » WCMuX Magic 2.0

SpellMagic Effects: Based on Tier System. Same as wiki.

Could this part be filled out? I'm not entirely sure where on the wiki is being referred to.

by YoungWilliamYoungWilliam, 05 Mar 2010 21:42

I would just liked to state this is my first discuss, so forgive me if I am a bit everywhere with it.

Just wanted to comment about how I freakin love how you comment your character wikis. I only wish I was so creative, I might need some lessons on how you come up with all these things! … Just thought you should know.


Quite the other way actually, power does count for the oomph. You and I discussed this, and did the math that even a human becominging a shifter/vampire would at most recieve a 5% to 10% increase in their magical ability. It's "extending" magic that allows success but keeps a celing of power.

Re: Power by RaineydayRaineyday, 06 Feb 2010 22:10

And if I understand it correctly (as per my initial discussion post here), Power isn't adding to the oomph but is adding to the odds of success.

I seem to recall that Electra liked the way silver works with fae-magic and wanted to replicate something akin to that. So if you've Power:20 and Whoosit:10, you've a 30% chance of success with Whoosit Magic, but your success has a ceiling of 10. (or something like that. I don't know if it's Power directly or Power/5)

This way, magic folks who get chomped or mauled (and end up as magical vampires or magical shifters) don't end up more powerful at magic, but just tend to be more successful at magic.

Re: Power by YoungWilliamYoungWilliam, 06 Feb 2010 21:09

Well, the power was placed for a reason. If you do the math, the strongest mage in Windy at 30 power and 30 Skill in magic, leaving the "power bonus" out of it, would only ever hit 60% base chance. So, to me having thee most powerfull mage in the City ALLWAYS have a 40% fail chance at everything he does……wrong.

Re: Power by RaineydayRaineyday, 05 Feb 2010 20:55
Rae_r2aRae_r2a 05 Feb 2010 16:42
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » WCMuX Magic 2.0

I'm admittedly not keen on the adding Power to the roll, as none of the other groups get to do so, unless they're Alpha or Master level.

Power by Rae_r2aRae_r2a, 05 Feb 2010 16:42

Is the Power Stat Bonus mentioned under the numbered list the Power-factor cited in the No.1 part of the list?

Power by YoungWilliamYoungWilliam, 05 Feb 2010 09:56
(account deleted) 01 Jan 2010 00:00
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Made some changes at Jake (ulfric)'s request.

Editting by (account deleted), 01 Jan 2010 00:00

If those titles aren't used (Ulfrica and Lupo) and others are not male/female then the werewolves faction page and the tab on the shifters page both need to be edited, as that's where the info came from. Clan is canon in the book and the two actual named Ulfrics are from packs using the Clan denomination. I don't think anyone is going to confuse it that's read the books.

Re: by Eleanor_WickhamEleanor_Wickham, 11 Jul 2009 22:54
0uroboros0uroboros 11 Jul 2009 21:52
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Werewolves Handbook

Page edited with Lyle's permission. Ulfrica and Lupo are not titles used— a female leader of the Lukoi is still Ulfric, and has been established as such both in the books and ICly. Hati and Skoll are not alternate titles, but two different positions. In the books, the Skoll and Hati are both male characters, Jamil and Shang-Da. Also clarified conditions of becoming Fenrir and added Vargamor. I suggest removing 'Clan', as well, since it is a title used for the Hyenas and may cause confusion.

by 0uroboros0uroboros, 11 Jul 2009 21:52

Here are a few points of interest that some people have misconceptions about regarding werewolves, many of which stem from the vast differences between the Anitaverse, WoD, and other legend, lore, and fiction about lycanthropes. So to clarify things on this game:

1. Beta does not mean weak. Being a beta werewolf does NOT mean your character is weak, submissive, or malleable. It does not mean you are easily manipulated, fearful, or cowardly. The designation of Beta is not a personality dictate. It is more a simple societal pecking order (which is buckable, to be honest). Think of the lukoi as a large corporation. The Alphas are upper management who started at the top when they came into the company. Betas are not just the grunt workers and middle management, they may also be in upper management via HARD WORK. Through the wonders of XP, you are likely to run into Beta wolves who are physically stronger and more powerful than Alphas, and ones who hold rank and titles in a pack. If you are considering a wolf and Alpha apps are closed, don’t let that dissuade you from apping one.

2. Werewolves are not real wolves. They do not mate for life. The Ulfric and Lupa are not the only mates. The other wolves are not forbidden to romance each other and will not be killed for dating, marrying, attempting to make puppies (and failing), or just playing bedroom games. They most certainly are not forbidden to fall in love, settle down, and enjoy life with a non-wolf. The Dominate power is NOT about sex. It's about a metaphysical energy presence and power creating a /pecking order/, not a BDSM consortium. The pack does not stand for trying to force someone to be a mate. These are people, not animals. And no one should feel pressure to be mated. Yes, the books had an example of a Nimir Ra and Nimir Raj being metaphysically forced to be together whether they wanted to or not. Turned out later that had nothing to do with anything but Anita's own whacked out powers forcing something she needed on her. That isn't how it works with the rest of the universe. The only time you will run into dating trouble is when you do something that even a human will punch you in the face for, like trying to get into the pants of someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend.

3. Being in the pack doesn't mean you can only interact with the pack. That would be stupid and boring. Yes, there are things you shouldn't be telling non-wolves about, and as always IC actions have IC consequences if you betray your pack, but you can interact, date, marry, schtup, and dance the fandango with whomever else you want. It'd be nice to have good lines of communication between the wolves and other factions regardless. Isolation does no one favors.

4. There are a lot of opportunities for people to come in and rise quickly in the pack if they choose to play a good political game. Having a large group means that there is more likelihood of having a good number of people on at any given time to do "pack things" if they wish.

5. None of this means massive stupidity and doing things that are likely to get your tail chewed off will be overlooked by the pack. IC actions have IC consequences. The wolves do take care of their own and they mete out punishments and justice when necessary. There /is/ a pecking order. It /will/ apply IC. If you tell your boss to piss off at work, there would be consequences, and the same goes here, only these consequences may come with teeth and claws attached!

Eleanor_WickhamEleanor_Wickham 28 Jun 2009 19:46
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Eleanor

I don't play the shitstirring game. If I get dragged into OOC drama and 'he said'/'she said' crap by people, you will find yourself in the midst of a multipage to all of you relating the whole situation from what I've heard and asking you all to clarify and get the garbage out in the open. If you think you can say things behind people's backs with no chance of those things, and the fact you were the source of them, getting back to the subject, you are sadly mistaken. Be an adult and learn to work your differences out face to face, or involve staff as mediators.

Drama by Eleanor_WickhamEleanor_Wickham, 28 Jun 2009 19:46
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