Reverend Franklin Durrand's Vitals
Name: Franklin Aaron Durrand
Race: Human, White
Shortdesc: An older man with a lean and predatorial look
Position: Head of the Light of God Ministries
Fame: Nationally known televangelist, humanitarian, Spokesman against Preter Rights
Temperament: Fire and Brimstone
Themesong: The Man's Too Strong - Dire Straits
Lance Henriksen as Franklin Aaron Durrand


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Born in the winter of 1957, to an impoverished rural community in southern Mississippi. His father was an old fashioned Baptist minister and had no tolerance for any of the changes that was going on culturally in America. He felt that the new music that the young people were listening to was the devil's music - in truth, anything that was not meant to celebrate the glory of God was the devil's toys. Under the tyrranical rule of his father, Frank was easily pushed into rebellion, which caused a great deal of contention with him and his father, who believed in the concept of spare the rod and spoil the child. When he eighteen years old, he and his father got into a fight. Frank took the keys to his father's car and took off. When the sherrif pulled him over, he was arrested for grand theft auto, driving while under the influence, and possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. The judge, which was a fourth cousin of his, offered to dismiss charges and release Frank into the custody of his father. John Durrand told the judge to send the boy to prison, where he might learn some discipline, since he couldn't learn it on his own. He spent two years on the Parchman Farm, otherwise known as Mississippi State Penitentiary. After he got out of prison, he worked several odd jobs, until he enlisted in the army. Vietnam had ended four years earlier, and enlistment was at an all time low.

The Army sent Frank to Panama, where he spent a good bit of his four years serving as a guard for the US Embassy. It was down in Panama, that Frank met several local members of the drug cartels. On more than one occassion he took bribes to turn a blind eye for less than legal activities to go unreported. There was even a rumor about a local prostitute that was very friendly to Frank being found dead in an alley, a day after Frank was treated for fight related injuries, including scratches. When questions started to be raised about a few questionable things about Frank's interactions with some of the locals, his term of service was up, and he was sent back to the States. He ended up in Florida, where he tried to find work. The military did teach him some discipline, but it also taught him how to fight. About a year after he was released from the Army, Frank got in a bar fight. By the time that the police arrived, Frank was fighting three hispanic men, with a four on the floor, bleeding from a gash on his neck from a broken beer bottle. Frank was sentenced to 10 years for the accidental death of Jose Mendez, at Raiford State Penitentiary.

While he was serving his time in Raiford, Frank's cellmate and friend was Miguel Escobar, nephew to Pablo Escobar, who was in 1989 the seventh richest man in the world - a fortune that he made as a Columbian drug lord. Frank protected Miguel, when the Columbian first arrived at Raiford and that protection continued for years. At some point, the two of them started talking, and Frank began to form an idea that he knew would take years to bring to completion. To the perception of the guards, the staff, the warden, and the rest of the prisoners. Franklin Aaron Durrand found God one night while in solitary confinement. For the next several years, he began preaching to his fellow inmates. He became the model prisoner, offering no problems for the guards. He even began holding Sunday services in the yard every week. When he came up for parole, he was released early, since he had proven to the board that he had turned over a new leaf and had been rehabilitated.

After his release from Raiford, Frank looked into falling his Calling. He took a position ministering to a small community outside of Miami and got involved with as many charity organizations as he could. He used his own life experiences to touch the people that he offered services to. He also struck a cord with a lot of common people, as he was a strong opponent to Vampire rights and allow those infected with the so-called lycan virus to be allowed to work with normal people. He arranged for air time on an AM radio station. As he gained more attention, his following grew, until that radio show became a local network television show. He began an outreach program sending missionaries to Central and South American, which he had spent so many years in. More and more funding came pouring into Frank's hand. What the rest of the world did not know is that a good amount of this funding was actually coming from Columbian drug money. Frank's missionary trips are in actuallity a cover for moving drugs and drug-money in and out of the country. In the last twenty years, The Light of God Ministry has expanded into several major cities, with satellite churches. Frank has had three books and an autobiography published. He has become a known spokesman for human rights and an outspoken opponent of Preter Rights. The truth of the matter is, Frank has not and probably will never be touched by the divine; he could careless if there is a vampire living on one side of him and a werewolf on the other; but as long as it keeps the devoted zealots sending in their hard earned paychecks every month, then he has no problem waving the Bible around and inciting intolerance. Recently, construction of his largest church yet has just been completed in the city of Chicago. It is to be the new headquarters of the Light of God Ministries and with the completion of the new foundation house, the Reverend Franklin A. Durrand will be arriving in the Windy City.

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