Frank's Vitals
Name: Frank Vaughan
Race: Wereleopard
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Unknown as Frank Vaughan

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General: Frank looks and sounds like someone out of one of those gangster films about London's East End.
Criminal:* There's no mistaking that accent or that attitude - or that outfit. Frank's behaving as though he was in one of the gangs in the East End of London, possibly even the Firm. He's far too young to have been part of it himself, though.
Pard: Definitely a leopard, travelling with two more. New to town, though.
**Police: **A list of arrests in the UK as long as your arm, but no convictions. Registered lycanthrope, leopard strain.


Six feet two tall and nearly that wide, Frank is a blue-eyed mountain of muscle with the scars and dents of a professional boxer. His ears have been cauliflowered, his nose has been broken several times and reset badly, one of his cheekbones doesn't quite match the other and his jaw isn't quite on straight. He appears to have been at the back of the queue when necks were handed out; his shoulders have extended upwards to meet his shaven head. His hands are huge, and his biceps are the size of most men's thighs.

Someone's managed to cram Frank into a suit. It looks rather silly on him; whatever he was built to wear, it certainly wasn't smart, and it definitely didn't have a neatly-folded blue handkerchief in its top pocket. The expensive shoes, the gold wristwatch and the gold chain about his neck are definitely gilding the gorilla, and the fedora only adds to the ill-suited impression.


Introduction to the Pard
The Firm and the Fox Queen

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