Gabe's Vitals
Name: Gabrielle "Gabe" Watson DeCarmillo
Race: Werewolf; African American
Shortdesc: Petite black woman with attitude.
Position: Semi-Rogue; Owner of 'Blues Bayou' and 'Lucky Star' Casino-boat.
Fame: Wife of a rumored Mob Boss.
Temperament: Bitch.
Themesong: Lose Yourself - Eminem
Cassie as Gabrielle "Gabe" Watson DeCarmillo


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General: Gabrielle Watson is a native of Chicago, some gangster chick, or something. She seems a bit shady.

Werewolf: Originally Gabe never had much interest in the Pack, and then she returned to the fold, Challenged for Ulfric and won. Though she didn't kill the old one. She cast him out of the pack. And then not even a few months afterward she was leaving the city for Italy. Then she came back, declared herself as Freki, and then she was Lupa, and then she was nothing, and now she is Bolverk.

Police: Criminal, likely. Probably runs weapons. Married to a mob boss, and is a werewolf. Yeah. We don't have any proof of her illegal activities though.

Criminal: Gabe Watson? Yeah. Bitch runs part of the BGDs down in southside. I think she runs some weapons too. She's also the wife of Niccolo DeCarmillo, who used to run the mob of the city. Word is she's stepping into his role.

Shapeshifter: Alpha werewolf, was the Ulfric before she left town to deal with something.

Vampire: Used to be the Pomme de Sang of the Master vampire Niccolo DeCarmillo, though she's made it known she doesn't particularly care for vampires. Word is she's threatened to cut out one of the Kiss' tongue and send it to the MotC if they got "uppity" with her again.


Vicious. Angry. Bitchy. Gabrielle "Gabe" Watson is aware of her lot in life, and she will follow it until the day she dies. The stars are not within her reach, they never have been and never will be. Deep inside of her there is a pit of rage, it pushes her every breath. It pushes her through every fight, every match of dominance. She hates, she rages, she hunts, she kills. She is base and wolf. There are few people who have seen a gentle side to her. She tries to be caring but she isn't particularly nurturing. So she has resigned herself to being the punisher and the protector.

You mess up and you're a wolf? She'll be who you meet, it'll be her claws in your back.. her teeth in your stomach. You fuck with the wolves? And chances are she'll be after you.

Gabe is not nice. She is not good and she does not pretend to be. But if you leave her and hers alone, she'll leave you and yours alone.


Birth + childhood:
Gabrielle "Gabe" Watson was born to Latisha; Sep 26 1978. If her mother had cared a little more, or maybe just done a few less drugs. Gabrielle's life might have been different. Gabe's caretaker growing up was her older brother Devon. Devon was a member, and then a leader, of the Black Gangster Disciples. From the time she was five years old she was living with and around gangsters, and with drugs and guns. Before she had the ability to make the choice, her choice was made for her. Gangs versus a real life, a better life. Her teachers thought she was smart, she was always a quick witted girl. But there were so many other children to take care of. So many to make sure they didn't fall into the traps. Gabe wasn't a child prodigy. She couldn't dance like poetry emotion, she wouldn't win any chess competitions. And she wouldn't be winning any basket ball games. She was just quick. Quick enough for the gangs, not quick enough to get out. Or maybe she was just afraid to try, to reach for the sky only to find out her wings were made of wax. Gabe couldn't take that chance, she couldn't reach for the stars only to fall short and back into the gutter. Early on in life she made good with the fact that she would remain in the gutter. It was up to her how she chose to furnish that gutter. She could have food, or she could struggle. Drugs, guns, money making.

RP Hooks

  • The gangs.
  • Her older brother, Devon Watson.



  • Niccolo DeCarmillo - Estranged husband, she loved him.. But it's best that he's away.
  • Erin Atlice - Close friend, Erin's always there to make her feel better.
  • Mackenzie Taylor, Employee, one part employee one part ward, Gabrielle feels responsible for Mackenzie for some reason.
  • Lilly O'niel, Erin's Love, Gabe is fond of Lilly for how happy she makes Erin.


Recent Unfoldings

"I don't care about your father. I don't care about your dead partner. Don't ever use our words."
Gabe to Aaron, The Folks Aren't Fine

"You, leech. You will not return. I will have silver with me next time if you do. I will not forgive trespasses into our land."
Gabe to Louis, Calling All Leopards


"Find a new Lupa, I won't be second to a human."
Gabe to Mason, Pretty When You Cry

"Stella, Stella, Stella. Stop. Drop. And roll."
Gabe to Riley, Zombie Blues down on the Bayou




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