Gage's Vitals
Name: Gage Nicholas Mallory
Race: Wereleopard
Shortdesc: Lean man with a marked animal magnetism.
Position: Bartender and Manager at 'The Basement'
Fame: Manager of the popular 'The Basement' bar and club.
Temperament: Calm and collected most times, sometimes not. Moody is a bit of an overstatement to describe him, but it's close.
Themesong: n/a
n/a as Gage Nicholas Mallory


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

GENERAL INFO: Though not exactly the 'new guy in town' any longer, circa January '08, he hasn't been about much of late. After a long absence he's only recently returned albeit a little darker than his usual cheery self: his girl, Mischa left in his absence and has not been heard from since. He has been noticed hanging about a lot with Grace of late, amongst others. On the bright side, it would seem that his job at The Basement is secure though, as he's been seen tending once again though now does it under the title of Manager.

PARD INFO: He was out of town for a good long time dealing with some pard issues, and has only recently returned. In his absence it would seem Mischa has up and left - for a family emergency, or so he's been told. For those who know the man, he's been taking it rather hard, for those who don't know him, he seems grumpy. Getting him to talk about it is near impossible. Made Second of the pard, he's also 'adopted' the recently infected Grace as his pet leopard to help train her. The two are close, though those that know Gage well enough would know he'll always hold a place for Mischa in his heart.

WHAT'S UP WITH KING? Some out there have noticed distinct differences in the way Gage acts from time to time while other's with more refined senses can see a far more discernible 'difference' at those times, his Power and his scent seem to shift subtly at those times. He has what most would label Multiple-Personality Disorder, which the key difference that his personalities are well aware of one-another and can in fact 'talk' to some extent. His more human half, indeed the man he 'truly' is, Gage, is the face mot people see. King is that within Gage that is Nimir-Raj, or at least, the Nimir-Raj he can see himself being. Powerful and bestial, King is often cruel, but not without reason, and thinks more like an animal than a man. Until recently Gage was almost always in control of his dual nature, but since Mischa's disappearance and Grace's 'adoption' King has come more and more into the forefront. What that means for the man has yet to be seen.

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