Gaun Ki Kwoon Dojo
Gaun-Ki Kwoon Dojo's Information
Type: Martial Arts Studio
Rating: 4 Stars
Location: 891 Halsted Street
Fame: Sharpest Katana in the City
Atmosphere: Disciplined and demanding
Owner(s): Lexine Zanthe
Manager(s): Si-Fu Master Fau-Zhu, Gina, and Senior Students
Employee(s): Senior Students

General Information

The Guan-Ki Kwoon Dojo is an exquisite establishment, boasting many Japanese arts; namely kenjutsu, jujutsu, laijutsu and laido. The current owner is Lexine Zanthe while Si-Fu Master Fau-Zhu and several of his more senior students manage the Dojo periodically during the day and night.

Hours: 24/7
Closed for major Far East religious holidays


As with most Dojos, this place is impeccably clean. The soft dark mahogany of highly polished hardwood floors is the first thing to meet your eye, moments before the weapon racks that line the wall catch a glance or two. They are situated in such away that the more dangerous bladed weapons are farthest from the door and hang in a rack in the corner, as though awaiting the hand of a trained professional to use. Wing-Chung dummies sit in each corner, and a few heavy 400 - 500 lb punching bags hang from vaulted wrought iron rafters high in the roof. Off to the side is another door, this one also carrying paintings on its windowed front, a few more Chinese characters and the English word 'Office' set for all to see.

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