Gavin Howell's Vitals
Name: Gavin Alexander Howell
Race: Human
Shortdesc: An observant man, Gavin stands about mid fivefoot. He wears glasses and dresses stylishly.
Position: Full time Cook, Part time Private Eye
Fame: Captured the Southside Slasher
Temperament: Easy going
Themesong: TBA
John Stamos as Gavin Alexander Howell

General: A quiet man who often keeps to himself, Gavin is a local Chicagoan who's lived in the area a few years. He lives on Woodlawn Ave with Claudia and Gema.

Police: Lieutenant Gavin Alexander Howell moved to Chicago in 2002 and joined the police academy. Since then he's been an invaluable member of the CPD working hard with no blemishes on his service record. He left the force in 2007 and since has worked for L.I.A.

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