Gema's Vitals
Name: Gema Anne Morgan
Race: Fae
Shortdesc: Midnight blue hair, 5'7" lean tricolored eyes
Position: Part owner of L.I.A and part-time agent for BHFR
Fame: Who ME?
Temperament: Easy going most the time
Themesong: Sisters of Mercy L. Cohen
Summer Glau as Gema Anne Morgan

INFORMATION As always this is ooc information.

General: A reclusive woman who lives alone

Fae: Those who have been at the unseelie sithern within the last 300 years, could possibly known this daughter of a Unseelie Sidhe Anann and a human lover. Staying in the shadows when she could Gema remained close to her mother, who was one of the guardians of the crown. She has the sapphire blue hair of the unseelie-sidhe and the tri colored eyes of the sidhe. She also has a hand of power…though its actual effects are not widely known. Under the last Head of the BHFR, Brigid, she was recruited to serve the crown as an agent.

Police: A citizen of the Unseelie Sidhe Sithern registered with BHFR. She had a student visa for 6 years and currently has a work visa for the US, She is a licensed P.I. and most recently a part time agent with the BHFR with diplomatic immunity while in the performance of her duties for the Bureau.


On February 13, 1692, Anann one of the famed Morrigan's of the Unseelie court, watched as a young soldier broke his sword rather than dishonor his name in the Massacre of Glencoe. The Unseelie warrior also saw in that moment the young man's subsequent death at the hands of commanding officer the next day. As he waited in the makeshift jail for his commander officer to come and talk to him, a young Scottish lass brought him food, and seduced him into pleasure. That night Anann gifted him with his last night of life spent in the arms of a Sidhe. The brilliant blue amber and white light shown down upon them as they loved and feasted on apples, honey and scotch and a dying man made one last heartfelt wish. On Samhain of that year, Gema was born, a half-fae/half-human child with blue hair and skin that glowed with the colors of a cold winters night. Indeed the wish and dreams of that dying man left an imprint upon the child of his dying heartwish.

The clans and the final hope of a free Scotland was crushed of the clans at the Battle of Culloden in 1746 by the Butcher Cumberland. The Morrigan sisters ranted at the taint metal that prevented them from stopping the pillaging. The failure of their magics to secure victory against the cold iron and steel of these new modern armies marking the end of their old world. As the 936 survivors were transported to the new world, the Morrigan sisters along with the 50 year old Gema went along with them. From the railing of that ship, Gema saw her first view of the world that would become her home for the next three centuries. The Sisters lived in the mounds near what would become the Illinois/Indiana border.. When they arrived they were among the first of the fae there and as such were those who battled the existing spirits of the mound. Not a Leader of troops like the rest of her family, Gema none the less fought beside them as a Sidhe warrior using all her powers.

During the American Civil War, the sisters began to dream of the old country. Gema went to investigate, discovering the dying cries of the "Sons of Ulster" in the carnage. Feeling the anguish of these men, whose ancestors had worshipped her mother, she cried. Realizing she could no longer remain in the relative peace of the mound during the great strife she joined the battlefield. After the war the sisters and Gema retreated again to the Sithin but the human world's time passing quickly, as Gema visited her mother. When she again ventured out it was only to be amazed at a world that had drastically changed over the years she was away. Steel cars that ran without tracks, and the buildings that soared into the sky peppered the landscape. Gema became so intrigued by the mortals' quickly changing society that she decided to came to visit them. To fit in she adopted the middle name Anne in honor of her mother and the last name Morgan for her mothers position in the court.

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