Very much like zombies or vampires, ghouls are the risen dead. Very much unlike zombies, they are less prone to rot and have a will of their own, and very much unlike vampires, they have only vague shreds of their previous personality and intelligence. They behave much like scavenger pack-animals. As with zombies, consumption of meat will afford a ghoul longer staying power. Ghouls often appear much as they did in life.

Ghouls prefer to avoid the sunlight and tend to reside in self-dug tunnels in or near the cemetery in which they rose. If an Animator attempts to raise another dead Animator, the result is most often a ghoul-like creature that retains their control over zombies, to a degree. Legend has it that in east India, one can occasionally find a fairly sentient and reasonable ghoul (known as 'pisachas') able to carry a conversation, but this has yet to be proved. In the United Kingdom, some preternaturalists and RPIT-type officials occasionally refer to ghouls as 'weevils'.

Much like the comparative theories between vampires and revenants, some preternaturalists believe that ghouls are not "aberrant zombies", but instead that zombies are the domestic aberrations and ghouls are the "natural form".

Due to the fact that playing a ghoul PC would be akin to playing a rather bright jackal gone rabid, ghouls are not a valid character concept.

Hunkered down in a loping gait, heading towards the shadows, the undead humanoid figure might first pass for a half-dressed bum. But as it moves, the limbs work in a disjointed broken-bone slope like a poorly performed marionette. Sometimes walking half-erect, sometimes trotting on the balls of its feet, and sometimes scuttling on all fours, the toes and fingers seem to be a little too short and stubby, terminating in long off-white claws. In fact, they are normal human feet and hands, with the tips of the finger and toe bones jutting out from the ragged flesh. The parts of the skin visible through the tattered clothing and clumps of dirt and grime have a pearl-like quality to them, an oily sheen in the highlight and looking almost silver in the lowlight. The eyes match the skin, dead-fish white and seemingly blind as the ghoul scampers and scuttles about in out-of-the-way shadows, bright teeth and black gums visible through torn cheeks and slung jaw.
Ghouls are not like zombies in one important area. They raise on their own, they tend to travel in small packs. But they are cowards and usually will not attack unless they think the person is already injured or if they are cornered. Very often they will flee from fights. But they are dangerous if pushed or if they think they can get a snack out of you.
Physical:13 Mental:4 Perception:8
Muscle:14 Logic:4 Senses:10
Fitness:12 Creativity:4 Observation:10
Reflexes:15 Willpower:4 Memory:6
Intimidation:10 Stealth:10 Unarmed Combat:15
No preternatural abilities, although the coded ghouls heal 1d(X/2) damage per successful attack of theirs (X = damage done) to account for healing through flesh consumption.
Ghoul's Health
01-05 Passing
06-11 Minor (-05% Drain)
12-17 Major (-15% Drain)
18-23 Critical (-40% Drain)
24-30 Deadly (-80% Drain)

Image from The Ghoulish Gallery

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