Gino's Vitals
Name: Gino Calavicci Contaré
Race: Italian, Human
Shortdesc: Italian 6'2", 165 lbs, Dark brown hair & eyes
Position: Hired Hand at The Third Circle (Horn Dog)
Fame: Only in his own mind
Temperament: Johnny Bravo + Zapp Brannigan + Fonzie + Lost's Sawyer
Themesong: It's Fun to Steal! - Monopuff
Eamonn as Gino Calavicci Contaré


WARNING: The following information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless you have the IC means to access it.

General: Arrived in Chicago early April of 2004, often seen around the Daly Convention center, the Holiday Inn on Jackson Street, and various bars and clubs about town. As of late 2004, had been courting various positions in the Private Investigation or Security fields or with Somnium Improbus. Early 2005 found him as a bouncer/security at the Third Circle bar on south Michigan Street (although that hasn't stopped his regular patronage of Finocchario Bowl 'n' Sip)

Background: For those who are very much in the know (or are from Denver and only sort've in the know) about such things, Mr.Contare had some reputation among the ilk in Denver as a small-time Preter Bounty Hunter with a big-time mouth. No confirmed captures of rogue preters, but a number of unsubstantiated claims and instances of him driving the car (or some such minor and almost unrelated task) in various tasks, both assisting the Denver PD and in general private cases. — Obviously, not everyone who can read this OOCly would know this ICly. Up to you, really. But since his arrival in spring 2004, there hasn't been any reported instances of tracking down preternatural criminals.

Athletics: As of the winter of 2006/2007, Gino has begun to take a passing interest in the Bikram-school "hot yoga" (involving temperatures of 100+ F/40+ C, and 50%+ humidity) at the Sears Tower's Spa.


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