Good News Pharmacy
Good News Pharmacy's Information
Type: Retail/Foodservice
Rating: 2 Stars
Location: 3358 Lake Shore Drive
Fame: Floats & Aspirin
Atmosphere: Cool & Medical
Owner(s): n/a
Manager(s): n/a
Employee(s): n/a


Bright and cheery fluorescent lights hum overhead, and the glass door is capped by a happy, old-fashioned string of bells tied to the door's handle, welcoming you into the Good News Pharmacy, open late every night, 365 days a year! The floor is a warm brown polished hardwood, and the walls are lined with old wood paneling reminiscent of a earlier time. Old style "snake oil" cures and advertisements line the walls as decoration, from Pinkham's Pink Pills, to horrific electrical devices designed to help 'the vapors'. Old wooden shelves are stocked with various and sundry personal needs, from ace bandages to cough drops and everything in between. There's even an antique enameled chest freezer full of ice cream treats and frozen candy bars.

Towards the back, a wide grey marble countertop if capped by a brass mesh screen, as per many modern laws. There sits the cash register, and usually its attendant. Behind the counter, rows of drugs are lined up all neat and tidy, ready to be dispensed in child-safe amber bottles, of course.

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