Madame Bella 1


MacKeough's Bistro and Bar: The Underground - Alleyway: Southwest Downtown(#5623RM)

Darkness pervades, despite the moody little light show and vague undertones of lighting enhancements, lending to a true 'underground' feel. Slick slate stone sluices without interruption throughout, eases to meet onyx and vermillion, both of which pattern the floor. Rounded, archaic archways mark a vague separation between the bar area and the dance floor, both of which are sparsely populated with fringe seating arrangements.

The bar itself stretches through the entirety of the back wall, ceiling reaching valiantly upwards and unto the second floor. A sleek scarlet glow filters from behind, infiltrating each of the several different bottles lining silver and glass shelves, lending an eerie, sensual, and minutely mysterious quality to each of the bartenders present. The bar itself is a monstrosity of a mahogany construct, all seemingly of a single piece and nearly mounted for the entire length of the wall beyond - just enough room allowed for entrance and exit by wait staff.

Throughout, iron reigns - from the railings that twist upwards with each of the two staircases to the second floor, to the several faux candelabras which offer another heady, bloody glow. At midnight, a miniscule amount of black lights flicker on with the slow thrum of near-sexual music to reveal Gothic paintings throughout the entire establishment.

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* Leanna
* Wes
* Skye


«OOC» Melpomene rubs her hands together. "Alright. As it just so happens. There is an AMAZING magic show going on tonight. Right here in MacKeough's underground. It's something low-key so there won't be a bunch of people coming, but there will be a decent enough crowd."
«OOC» Leanna point to oz :P
«OOC» Melpomene says, "When you enter the magician is not here yet. Though she is rumored to be Madame Bella, a Haitian woman from well.. Haiti probably. She's «OOC» Melpomene says, "Please feel free to start up. The first round will determine pose order."
«OOC» Leanna says, "quick question, How would her show be heard of?"
«OOC» Melpomene says, "Fliers, rumors."

Leanna walks into the lower section of the bistro, exactly where the flyer that she holds told her it would be. A hmm as she looks around not seeing this rumored Madame Bella yet so she finds a place to stand with her back to a wall if possible, observing the crowd as any nervous person would.

Being the sort to look into things like amazing magic shows, and possibly 'borrow' a few ideas, Wes has come to the Underground. He walks in from the staircase leading down from the bistro, and towards the bar, first, before looking for where the show would eventually be held, likely going to try to get a good angle on the show after getting a good drink.

Skye heard the rumors, and saw the fliers. At first she had no intention of going, but finally curiosity took over and she finds herself stepping into the place. Pulling off her half helmet and letting it hang from her fingers she surveys the small crowd. Starting to have second thought, she turns as if to keave when she catches sight of someone familiar. Okay, so she's not alone. She offers Wes a small wave, before deciding to sit down.

Down the stairs come a woman, black with almost inhuman golden eyes. They glint in the candelabra lighting, almost metallic. She's dressed in black and feathers. Her hair down up in an feathery headdress, the shiny material of her black dress clinging to her as she moves. She's scrawny. Skin and bones.

She gives a flick of her wrist, flicking ashes off of the clove cigeratte she carries with her. Shadows seem to dance at her feet, or perhaps that is just the feathers sewn into the bottom of her dress.

The woman stalks toward the bar, trailing clove smoke behind her. And surely the lighting must be playing tricks on the eyes, because the smoke seems to follow her.. almost like a tail.. The end of it twisting up like a barb, and then almost into an.. eye..

GAME> Wes rolls 33 against 50% <+22% +20% -35% -25%> : 1% failure
GAME> Skye rolls 59 against 50% <+10% +5% -25% -35%> : 54% failure

Leanna watches this woman, not very impressed but the strange happenings with the smoke. Being around what she has for long enough don't get impressed easily. But the 'eye' of smoke is still watched with a bit of interest. The young woman still keeping her back to the nearest wall as she still carries her nervousness.
Wes returns Skye's wave with a tip of his hat. He looks over as the woman walks towards the bar, and there's the sense that he's observing every detail of the woman, keeping track of every preternatural fluctuation that he might feel. He stays where he is, at the bar, and, possibly surprisingly for the man, says nothing. It's likely that he, at least, is impressed by the effect.

Skye settles at a table, tossing her helmet on it. The strange entrance of the woman grabs her attention and she watches every move. She's facinated by what she sees, and even a bit curious. She turns a bit in her chair to follow the progress of the woman, her eyes drawn to the tail of smoke.

GAME> Melpomene rolls 65 against 50% <+25% +35%> : 45% success

"Ashes!" Calls the dark woman, licking at her chapped and dry lips and dips a hand into her purse. She pulls it out and calls, "Dust of bones, and dead flesh."

She uncurls her hand from a fist and blows some dark glittering powder from her hands. As she does it transfers in mid air, turning from dust to smoke and curling up into the ceiling. "I am Madame Bella. And tonight we shall draw down the veil between this world and the next."
Leanna just looked at you.

GAME> Skye rolls 29 against 100% <+10% +5% -25% -35%> : 26% success
GAME> Wes rolls 22 against 100% <+34% +20% -35% -25%> : 72% success

Leanna smiles, Not very good at keeping track of some things but she does seem to been surprised with the dust to smoke affect, first time for everything. Still nervous though, but she catches sight of Wes and relaxes a bit; someone she at least knew by face. The red head combs the crowd again with her green eyes before looking back to the 'magician'.

Eschewing actually getting a drink from the bar, and obviously interested, Wes watches from where he is. His gaze is only broken when Leanna looks over, and he winks at her, before resuming watching Madame Bella. He tracks the movement of the eyelike portion of the smoke, and compares it to the metallic look of the apparent Haitian's eyes.

A laugh is given from the woman, she tosses her fist forward. Dust trails around her, forming into a physical barrier of shadow. It lingers in a circle around her, thin sort of like a hoola-hoop made from shadows… Before it drops to the ground, sinking and glowing with a dark blue light.

The others among the crowd shiver, and shudder a moment. A low clammer of comments on how she is managing to do this.

Leanna frowns a bit, grabbing at something under her shirt but nothing more. A shiver runs through her body as she watches this. Freaky stuff, yep; Leanna continues to watch though, wondering exactly what was going to happen. The green eyes going around the room then back to the woman proforming all these magic tricks.

Wes watches, with his arms folded across his chest. His attention wavers from the woman, momentarily, in an attempt to sense if there were any other presense in the room besides the woman's. He moves slightly closer to the woman to facilitate this, although under the guise of politely looking for an actual seat, rather than standing by the bar.

Skye gives a low whistle at the newest trick, shaking her head a bit, looking rather impressed. She watches the ring of shadow reach the floor with an expression of awe. She closes her eyes for a moment, tilting her head slightly as if she's listening to some music or something. When her eyes open she frowns a bit, thoughful.
You paged Wes with 'There is a hint of something to the woman, not quite /in the room/.. but like it's attaching itself to her aura.. slipping through the cracks through her.'

GAME> Melpomene rolls 79 against 50% <+20% +25% +35%> : 51% success

GAME> Wes rolls 50 against 77% : 27% success
GAME> Leanna rolls 8 against 25% : 17% success
GAME> Skye rolls 48 against 19% : 29% failure
GAME> Melpomene rolls 46 against 10% : 36% failure
GAME> Melpomene rolls 69 against 10% : 59% failure
GAME> Melpomene rolls 81 against 10% : 71% failure
GAME> Melpomene rolls 9 against 10% : 1% success
GAME> Melpomene rolls 48 against 10% : 38% failure

"Ashes, dust, ghost tears, skeleton blood..! I call down the dead. I call it down. I call it in. Come to me." Says the Haitian woman, tossing her head backward. A crackle of sound fills the air, a tearing sound. As if something were being ripped apart. And.. in fact something is.. The front of the woman's dress tears apart a little. A black essence bleeds out of the tear, a shadow inside of her dress where her body should be.

It pulses out through the crowd. Rolling over them. It seems to almost bounce off of Wes, dispersing around him, and somewhat shielding the person he just walked past.

When it moves to pass over Leanna something beneath her shirt starts to glow slightly, a dim green glow visible.

Leanna frowns even deeper as she gets very uncomfortable, but she bears what ever her discomfort is for the time being. Leanna observes the reaction in the room, looking to Bella and frowning, muttering something to herself as she stands fully and continues to mutter something to herself.

GAME> Leanna rolls 85 against 85% : 0% success
GAME> Leanna rolls 68 against 50% <+10%> : 8% failure

Wes never ends up sitting down, at the weird feeling, he rubs his suit sleeves, and looks around at the people he knows, Skye and then Leanna, and then at the rest of the audience at large, to see what the effect it had on the rest of them. He catches the dim green glow under Leanna's shirt, and backs up to the bar again.

GAME> Skye rolls 89 against 19% <+12%> : 58% failure

Unlike the others, Skye isn't so lucky. An odd expression passes over her face as the magic settles over her. Her eyes widen a bit and gives a bit of a cough, and then another as if she's fighting it, but then she bends over and starts to cough, the sound almost strangled as if there is something caught in her throat. But then with one more hard cough, something nasty and black hits the table in a rather gross blob of a puddle. Skye looks horrified as she lifts her hand to whipe at her mouth in confusing, before glancing at the black blob. But then she goes very still and stares at the goop. Glasses left on her table seem to rattles slightly just before she stands quickly from her chair, just about knocking it back. She puts it between her and the thing as it seels to form a face. "Oh god.. I think I'm.. going to be sick." The glasses continue to rattle softly as if the table is shaking.

Leanna blinks as she notices the black 'blob' she moves around the crowd, looking to the woman on the stage, still mutters into herself and then looks to the pair at the bar the pain starting to actually burn her skin, noting major yet. "Are you Ok?" she asks moving close enough to Skye but out of puke range.

GAME> Leanna rolls 54 against 50% <+15%> : 11% success

Figuring that people would be too distracted to really notice what he was doing, Wes nicks the nearest, and most oblivious, person's drink, and likewise heads over to Skye and Leanna. He tries to be subtle about it, as if he were relocating, again. He tries to do another observatory scan of the area, attempting to get more details about what he had felt earlier. As a result, his expression goes blank as he focuses.

GAME> Wes rolls 100 against 40% <+34% +0% +20%> : 6% failure
GAME> Wes rolls 61 against 67% : 6% success
GAME> Wes sustains 5 points of damage <passing injuries>

Skye has a hand press back against her mouth and she gives a full body shudder, looking away from the blob, the glasses seeming to still. She decides to focus on Leanna who asks the obvious question, letting the woman see just how it's affecting here. She's pale and a bit freaked out. Skye motions at the table, and the blob that holds a mans face in it, but doesn't look at it. "Does it look like I'm fine?" She manages to finally say.
Wes pages: How big is the blob?

The blob wasn't really that big.. When it was first coughed out.. No bigger than a quarter, really. But now it's expanding. Growing. Becoming the size of a large man's head. Sitting on the table, turning to look toward Skye with gelatinous eyes. An angry expression forming on it's inky-blob face.

Madame Bella falls to her knees, head tossed backward. Almost as if she didn't have control over her body. "The dead.. speak.. tonight.."

GAME> Leanna rolls 41 against 40% <+15% +20%> : 34% success

Leanna gasps and reaches into her shirt, "Shit this think hurts, there is something evil in here." she mutters aloud as she looks to the woman, her Druidic holy symbol now bared to the room. Leanna doesn't have the power to really fight back against anything, more just protect herself. "What.. the..?" the red head notices the woman's eyes.

Wes looks like he was just about to upturn the drink he had stolen and upturn it over the blob when he suddenly shudders, and grasps at his chest. His senses close up instantly, for now, at least, mental barriers re-erected. He looks over at the woman, but the glowing eyes has much less of an effect than the woman's other abilities.

Skye's head snaps around to look at Madame Bella, noticing the glowing eyes, the bikers face goes white. "Ooooh shit." She says her voices with a touch of panic as she looks back at the forming head on the table. She looks around for something anything as a look of determination comes over her, that or an overwhelming need to flee.

"Blfff…" The head.. speaks. If you count blubbery noises, complete with black spittle escaping the mouth of the thing. As the head fills out more. Still made of some black gelatinous goo, but solidifying slightly. Mouth once full of goo, turns to an actual cavity.. Excess goo spat out- in Skye's direction of course.

"Biiieeeeecchaaaa." Escapes the wet word, mangled from whatever it was supposed to be.

Leanna looked at the blob and then grabs the empty mug and drops it on the blob, Leanna then looks woman on stage, then to the crowd. Leanna backs away for the woman and then starts looking very closely at the woman on stage, channeling the dead, being possessed by them; and then the blob talking after something happens. Then moving, very slowly towards the stage, holy symbol facing Bella.

GAME> Leanna rolls 21 against 50% <+19% -30%> : 18% success

When Leanna drops the cup onto the head, it bounces off. As if he were made of rubber. The can flies toward her, but she manages to avoid it.

"Did that just…gooey gentleman call you a biker, or a bitch?" Wes asks, with a sort of reflexive inappropriateness he had when facing the undead, the weird, or the weird channelling the undead. There seemed to be a lack of actual action taken on his part, as if Wes was waiting out to see whether the blob and the woman were really evil, or just undead. Whatever the difference was.

Skye scoots back further to avoid the flying black spittle. "That is so gross on so many levels." She glances at the woman woman causing all this with a look of disgust before turning back to see the mug drop and… bounce?! She glances at Wes like he's a bit odd as she says. "Jury is still out on that one." She edges around the table to make a grab for her helmet, seems she's thinking fleeing would be best now. "Not sure I want to stick around to find out."

"Biiieeecha… Biiieeecha..!" The goo-head accuses Skye, as it hobbles and then starts to bounce itself. Hoping across the table toward her. Rocking precariously on the edge of it. "Kieeeeeeee kieeeeee… biiieeccha!" It babbles at her accusingly, angrily.

Madame Bella continues to kneel, her head back. She's breathing, but just barely.

GAME> Leanna rolls 60 against 10% <+15% -30%> : 65% failure

GAME> Leanna sustains 10 points of damage <minor injuries -05%>

Leanna winces and holds herself, shivering. "What, the fuck is around her." the red head looks alittle blue as if she is in some cold place. "No human being should have that much power, She isn't human." the woman guesses. Leanna looks worse for wear while looking at the other two, now on the same wave length as Skye. "I'm not feeling this anymore."

Wes tries to open his senses again, and he has that same sort of focus that he had earlier. He has a glass in hand again, which he holds against a nearby table that isn't Skye's. The goo head is, for now. ignored.

GAME> Skye rolls 61 against 50% <+15% +12% -30%> : 14% failure

Skye snags the helmet, but also gets touched by the thing on the table. Instinct makes her swing the helmet at the head, smacking it solidly knocking it over in an attempt to get it away from her. She then focus' on the woman on stage and her eyes narrow with sudden anger. She brings back her arm and then chucks the helmet at the barrier, and it flies a bit too sure and a bit too straight. However, just short of it's target, the helmet bounces off something that isn't there. "Son of a…" Skye cusses loudly. "What the hell is with this?"
«OOC» Melpomene says, "Pass."

"BIIEECCCHAAA KIEEEEEEDDAAA MUUUH." Bellows the goo-head as it gets to rocking a bit more, only to be smacked and knocked off of the table. It wobbles and wibbles, rolling over and over toward Madame Bella. All the way bellowing, "Biieeechhaa! Biieechha kiiieeedddaaa."

Whatever those what words were meant to be is anyone's guess.

Leanna looks at the blob and then to the wes. "What do you feel here?" she asks softly, becomeing rather scared at this point. She isn't human, and if she is, she is merely a shell for the dead." Leanna takes in the room, takes in everything, every corner, ever person that is suffering the same affects she is, Leanna shivers and closes her eyes and grips her holy symbol and starts muttering to herself again.

GAME> Wes rolls 94 against 50% <+34% +20%> : 10% success
GAME> Wes rolls 54 against 50% <+10%> : 6% success

"Can you draw a circle of protection or…sommat?" Wes asks Leanna, "Think I saw it in a book at the polyChrome - " he had no idea how it worked, or how to create one, or if it were even druids that could do it, or just animators or the innately magical. As Skye's attempt to get a helmet through the barrier didn't work, he keeps the glass at his side. He seems calm, though, now, in spite of the weird, trying to remain objective and observational about it. After all, the woman couldn't be that famous as a magician if at every show someone was seriously injured. He says to Leanna, "Not to be particularly alarming, here, but it does feel somewhat demonic. Have no idea if that necessitates /evil/ per se, but who knows, innit."

Syke stares after the head as it rolls back to it's master. "Shut up. Shut up. Shut up." She mutters under her breath, finally she shakes herself and turns looking at the other two. "I'm had enough mumbo jumbo." She practically growls. "I'm out of here. I suggest the same to you both." That said she looks back at the stage for only a moment before heading for the door."

The head rolls, and rocks. And then dissolves into nothingness as Skye leaves. Bellowing out one last, "Biiieecchhaaa." In it's wet melting lilt, before it is gone.

There is a shiver of cold through the room before Madame Bella herself dissolves to ash and dust, and a wind blows it… away?

Leanna frowns deeply, looking around the room. "Demonic you say? I knew it. Damn beasts." Leanna is more pissed that anything, she is hurting on the inside, "I'll research this barrier, but for now, I'm not letting this happen again." Leanna moves towards the stairs, "Wes, What happen here tonight was evil. It wouldn't have hurt us if it wasn't anything else."

The crowd are looking amongst themselves. A dim chatter and clamor starting now. They seem to have enjoyed the show now that it has passed. Humans, thinking it was just a part of the show. Obviously.

"A lot of very good things hurt others, but I'm not entirely sure what has happened here," Wes says, shaking his head. He goes to investigate the spot that Madame Bella had been, and sniffs, before rubbing his nose. "Has to be a reason for it - perhaps she has a grduge against bikers, innit." He says, thinking about what the head had said. About the dead speaking. He looks contemplative. "Still, I'd talk to her if I ever ran into her again."
He adds, "I have to admit, I was expecting her to be better looking, what with the name, innit."

Leanna looks at Wes, "If she didn't pull this jumbo again, I might, but right now. I'm not feeling so good." Leanna holds her side as she stands beside Wes. "That hurt." the woman frowns a bit though as she studies where the woman once was. Inspecting the surface of the stage for any magic circles.

Wes takes a tissue from inside his pocket, and carefully collects some black dust, for further analysis. He seals it in a plastic bag that he kept for that particular purpose, and tucks that into his coat pocket.


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