Grace's Vitals
Name: Grace Hawkins
Race: Were-Leopard
Shortdesc: 5'5" Athletic. Short red hair. Soft green eyes.
Position: Nobody
Fame: None yet.
Temperament: Depends on when you catch her.
Themesong: The Metal by Tenacious D
Tiffany "Kuzetsu" Turner as Grace Hawkins


Grace has been away for a year and a half, having left the Pard when it was weak and she was weak to try and get strong. Well now she is back, attitude as 'charming' as ever and finding out that her efforts were pointless and fruitless.

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Grace was born here in Chicago, grew up here and everything. She loved Chicago, it's weather, it's charm. Her childhood was not bad. Her Parents were a middle class family. Her father was a writer, no one special. He wrote for text books and had a degree in science. Her mother was a nanny. She would keep little kids over at the house all the time. She was good at her job, but all those kids, it got to her sometimes. Her parents moved down to Georgia about 2 years ago, they retired there, she is 22 now. They loved their daughter, but really did not like her lifestyle. She was reckless and did not always hang out with the best of crowds; drinking and she did not go in to college like they wanted.

This happened as a result of her dismissal from Julliard, she was crushed about it. Since she was 5 the only thing that she wanted to do was to be a dancer. Her parents put her into every dance class that they could afford; ballet and tap dancing mostly. Every year they'd spend a good bit of money just for her classes, not counting all the gas to get there or all the time they spent going to watch her as she was growing up. They wanted her to be something good, something great and she was for a while. She was a ballerina for a long time, until she actually tried out for Julliard and got accepted at the age of 17. That is when everything turned bad for her. She was never skinny enough for the people at Julliard. Oh, she's plenty small enough, but she could never get those last 10 lbs off that would make her look anorexic. She just couldn't do it, She had too much respect for herself. She couldn't understand that, how she could want SO much, yet just because you could not see her ribs she wasn't allowed it.

So, she gets through by dancing at the clubs. Clubbing is how she ran into a lot of the 'bad' people that she started hanging around with. She did not think they were bad though, just different. They liked her for who she was, and that was that. Also, during her time alone, since she pretty much stayed to herself besides the going out, she learned karate. She started taking classes shortly after her 18th birthday, thinking that she could use her body in a different way. Grace learned something of protecting herself and some aggressive attacks, sure, but what she liked most about it was the calming effect it had on her to be able to hit something and the fact that she could DO something again.

She ended up taking 4 years, from 18 and still going. She's not even close to being THAT good yet, but she likes it. One particular guy caused a lot of fights between her and her parents. Nicky, he was a punky guy with a mowhawk. She hung out with him a lot, Grace might have gone so far to calling him her best friend. He took her to a lot of parties and introduced to the drug scene as well as the D/s scene. Though the drugs came later, much later, after meeting him for the first time.

She'd only been using acid for about 3 months and it was the only drug she's touched so far; besides pot, which she didn't think was a drug. And that's what brought her to the Wyld Hunt that night. They were out getting a meal there, just a face in the crowd. When everything got bad. She was just coming off of a trip on acid. She was a little moody and just wanting to eat. During the fire she wasn't able to get out as quickly as the rest and she watched a man go down under the falling debris. She wasn't that scared; just coming off a trip the fire didn't look as scary. She decided to help the man, she starts pulling debris off of him and she feels a sharp pain. The first one is in her shin, there's a large gash there. Figuring that she slashed herself on the debris she keeps going. She gets to him, bending down so that she can try to help him get up and she feels more pains along her arms and torso. Just then another piece falls, hitting her on the shoulder, the rest covers the man back up. She can't do anymore and she makes for the door. Once out side Paramedics see how much she is really hurt. Cuts mark her stomach and arms. Her right leg is pretty torn up too. They quickly sedate her.

What she knows now about this is that the man that died in the Wyld Hunt was named Chance and he was a were leopard. It was not debris that were cutting her up, but claws.


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