Granbury House

Woodlawn Avenue


The Granbury House is a two-story Victorian that has been lovingly preserved by those who own it. Beige paint protects the wooden siding, but the trim is all cranberry red with touches of white, making the house into a true Painted Lady. Along the front section of the house is a porch whose gingerbread and woodwork has been painted that delightful shade of red. The windows of the house are edged in cranberry with an inner frame of white. Three black mailboxes hug the wall to the left of the double front doors with their oval windows. The windows are frosted and etched with a calligraphic 'G' for Granbury. The walk to the porch steps is always swept clean and, depending upon the season, is lined with wildflowers.

Front porch

This long porch runs along the front of the well-kept house, the floorboards enameled a rich shade of cranberry red to match the porch posts. The double doors that serve as the entrance to the house are crafted of dark walnut and they hold oval windows of glass that are decorated with frosted leaves and the initial 'G' in elegant cursive. Bookending the doors are bay windows that are even set into the wall of the house. The window trim is both white and cranberry red. A trio of black mailboxes are evenly spaced to the left of the doors. Box 'A' bears the name 'Portia Danette Knight'. Box 'B' bears the name 'Samuel Kwon'. The third box, Box C, bears the name 'Leda A Meier'. A mail-slot is provided for everything else.


This long hallway travels from the double front doors to the lone door at the back. Wooden floors are polished to a high sheen beneath the sun-faded runner of red cabbage roses that lines the floor along the foyer's length. Wallpaper rises above burnished wooden paneling that stretches from the baseboard to a height of four feet up the wall. The wallpaper is palely striped from top to bottom with alternating hues of taupe and red-pink separated by tiny lines of gold. The wallpaper looks almost as old as the house, aged like fine wine rather than decaying. Facing from front to back down the hallway, the solid wooden door to the left bears a brass letter B. The door to the right bears a C. The gingerbread stairs climb toward the second floor against the wall of Apartment B. Their runner is a rich cranberry color that perfectly blends with the faded floor runner and the wallpaper. A thermostat juts out from the wallpapered side of the stairs. Not quite facing each other in back of the stairs are two more solid wooden doors, but these bear no markings. The door beneath the stairs ostensibly leads to the basement. Another door sits to the right at the back of the hallway. Its surface is smooth except for the brass plate that reads Bath.

The three apartments span multiple rooms and are decorated in much the same decor as the rest of the home.

Basement (Door Under Stairs)

The basement is rather spooky and dark, shadows easily cast by the stark light of the hanging bulb. Pipes are visible here, running across the ceiling and down into the floor. A pair of washers and dryers are directly across from the foot of the stairs. A storage cabinet hangs above them and there is a little table to the right of the dryers where clothes can be folded. A rack for hanging clothes on hangers is provided to the left. There are boxes piled up in the corners of this room, covered in dust. The back half of the basement is walled off by old bricks and there is a dark door with an old-fashioned keyhole lock there.

Back Porch

This porch extends from the wall of the bathroom to wrap around the other side of the house and meet up with the bedroom wall of Apartment B. The floorboards, railings and porch posts are all painted a bright, cranberry red. A bench sits beneath a window that's centered in the wall down from the back door. A trio of painted steps leads down into the back garden.

Private Garden

An eight foot tall privacy hedge keeps away the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby, protecting this small garden. A stone path forms a rectangle within the boundary of the hedge and the vegetation that has been planted within it. The onset of winter has left the garden looking withered rather than abundant. An Italianate fountain is the garden's centerpiece, but it has been drained for the winter months. A few leaves have gathered in the basin of the fountain. Cobblestones form a small space just off the porch for patio furniture, but everything has been moved into storage until warmer seasons.

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