Grant Park
Grant Park's Information
Type: Public Park
Rating: 2 Stars
Location: 35 Michigan Street
Fame: One of the largest Parks in Chicago
Atmosphere: Tranquil
Owner(s): City of Chicago
Manager(s): Director of Parks & Recs
Employee(s): Park Rangers and Support Staff

General Information

Grant Park possesses 319 tranquil acres running along the lake and is known for it's world-renowned architecture, which isn't surprising since the Art Institute resides in the western edge of the park. The Buckingham Fountain, complete with light shows in the warm months, is another tourist attraction along with the nearby Amphitheater that hosts a wider range of musical talents. Scattered throughout the park are tennis courts, softball fields, and other sites to allow yoga and fitness classes.

For upcoming events check with the Park and Recreation Deparment.

Normal Operating Hours: Dawn-10pm
Hours subject to change due to special events


A sea of green amidst the urban sprawl of the Windy City, Grant Park offers the area a bit of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. A broad expanse of green lies on either side of a cobblestone walkway that leads to Buckingham Fountain. The fountain itself is a landmark in its own right, a colossal sculpture of steel and bronze that shoots water high into the air during the summer but lies dormant in winter.
The Art Institute of Chicago lies in one corner of the park while the amphitheatre is in the other. Picnic tables dot the length of the area for families to gather in order to enjoy the atmosphere and the view of the lake that the park offers.

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