Grayson's Vitals
Name: TAFKA James Raymond Grayson
Race: Vampire
Shortdesc: 6'7", slender, white hair, blue eyes.
Position: Servant
Fame: None
Temperament: Mercurial
Themesong: Behind Blue Eyes, The Who
Rutger Hauer as TAFKA James Raymond Grayson


General: Just another Englishman.
Vampire: One of the newest members of the Kiss, Grayson is still getting used to life as one of the undead. Having been a long-term Pomme, he's adapting very swiftly in some ways, but he's still breaking things by accident and flashing fangs every time he smiles, grimaces or otherwise opens his mouth.

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

For thirty-seven years, James trained to be and then lived as a servant, butler, chef and bodyguard to one of the landed gentry of England - and as servant and Pomme du Sang for a vampire of the Mother's line. When Lord Dean and Walpurgis moved to Chicago, James came with them, smoothing their way and generally doing everything neither of the other two cared to.

With a little more freedom than he had in England, and a city on the doorstep rather than an hour away, James diversified. He bought a nightclub to run in his spare time; the club, the Ashland Anvil, catered specifically to his tastes and already had a pre-built clientele, and has been quite successful.

During some strife in the city James was attacked from behind by a half-shifted hyena. Hospitalised, he was left drifting in and out of consciousness with months of recuperation ahead of him at best. Rather than face the prospect of never being as capable as he had been, he asked the Master of the City of the time, Stasia, to have him made a vampire of the same bloodline as his beloved and despised Master, Walpurgis.

She agreed, and three days later he awoke and was renamed Grayson.

The reclusive Walpurgis has yet to reappear in vampire society.


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