Gun Control


In the Greater Chicago Metro Area, there are no permits issued to allow folks to carry concealed and loaded firearms, except for individuals who are part of the police force or FBI or are officially assisting the federal/state authorities. Out of state permits to carry a concealed firearm are not recognized.

Security guards, Private Investigators, bodyguards, et cetera can not legally carry them concealed in a ready-to-fire state, although they can carry them unconcealed in a ready-to-fire state while actively on duty, or protecting against a forewarned 'active fatal threat', or on their way between work or home (as long as the commute is less than an hour) as per the Private Detective, Private Alarm, Private Security, and Locksmith Act of 2004 -- 225 ILCS 447/35‑35(c).

One can carry a firearm with just a FOID card (IE: standard gun permit), as long as the firearm is "in a case" (IE: Concealed and hard to access. A little zip-up bag counts as "a case") and is either unloaded or partially disassembled. Illegal gun carrying/demonstrating/concealment by the public can bring a $200+ fine &/or 6+ months in jail (along with confiscation of the concealed firearm), more if there is threatening involved.

Much like the sale of teflon-coated, hollow-point, or exploding rounds, the sale of silver or silvered rounds is restricted within Chicago, due to silver and silvered rounds being purely for use against potential citizens (IE: If you're buying them, you obviously intend to shoot someone and not go hunting or shoot skeet with them). The customer must provide a police-issued voucher for the purchase of silver/silvered rounds or register the purchase, and the dealer must provide the local police force with records of the sale of any silver/silvered rounds upon request.

Unlike in RL Chicago, the 1983 law preventing the purchase and/or registration of new handguns was never passed.

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