Gwendolyn's Vitals
Name: Gwendolyn Isolde Brannon
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Dark hair, pale, light blue-green eyes.
Position: Performance Artist aka Fire Dancer
Fame: For those who are into the Burning Man event in the Vegas desert, you might have caught her show. Gwen performs fire dancing for fetish and underground shows, raves and other private parties.
Temperament: Freespirited and passionate
Themesong: Fire Woman - The Cult
Amy Lee as Gwendolyn Isolde Brannon


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Gwen was one of three children born to a pair of circus performers. Traveling most of her life, from cradle to her teens, she was home schooled and spent most of her social life among the tight knit family that made up the circus performers. Being the youngest, by the time she was able to walk, the twins born before her were already performing with the animals. Her mother worked the high wire and her father worked with the big cats. She was never going to be normal, but little were her parents aware how 'abnormal' she might be. They never suspected the fussing child who hadn't gotten her way would be the one behind the fire that started in one of the tents. Gwen was only five at the time and nearly was burned alive in the fire.

By the time she was ten, her secret powers, were no longer a secret. Gwen became a part of the show, and by the time she was thirteen she was billed as the 'fire dancer'. People came from all around to see the young woman perform, especially the finally where she brought to life a special ring in the bigtop. The people who watched, whispered, contributed it to special effects. Some however, knew that the real cause of the fire was the young, dark haired girl in the middle ring. By this age, she was also able to control her abilities for the most part.

At the age of fifteen, Gwen took off on her own. She joined the Rainbow Tribe, traveling with this ragtag group of modern day hippies for quite a while. She hooked up with a few SCA encampments, living the life of a gypsy, moving from place to place and owning only what she could carry on her back. She was also, for the most part, content with this life. She performed on small venues, billed once again as the fire dancer for exotic and fetish shows. She also attended burning man. By the time she was eighteen, she had a small following among the underground for her powers.

Arriving in Chicago, just after burning man in Vegas, something inside her wanted to settle down. At least for a small time. She continued to work the clubs, making private appearances when she was offered them, and made enough money to settle herself in a small apartment. Currently she's happy developing her skills and although she does pretty much live from hand to mouth, her life with the circus was good training for a lifestyle that is both free and relatively non materialistic. Gwen also volunteers at the homeless shelters, the animal shelters and works for the rights of preternaturals when she isn't performing.

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