Christine Sophia 'Harley' Harlowe's Vitals
Name: Christine Sophia Harlowe
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Curvy, exotic looking woman, standing 5'7" with hazel eyes and black hair.
Position: Dancer/Bartender at Something Wicked
Fame: Accomplished dancer
Temperament: Highly opinionated and temperamental at times, Harley doesn't believe in sugar-coating the harsh realities for anyone.
Themesong: Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley
Priyanka Chopra as Christine Sophia Harlowe


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Definitely cast from some sort of Middle Eastern descent, Harlowe is one of the dancers at Something Wicked within the Crimson District. A bit more direct than some of the other girls, there appears to be a great deal of wit and wisdom behind her smile. Rumors suggest she actually possesses a few degrees, but doesn't appear to be too forthcoming with any sort of personal information.


  • Harlowe is strong willed and refuses to give up on her dreams. While she does take each day at a time, she looks at each challenge as a chance to make the right choice. She is super critical of her own failures and will not settle for anything less than her best.
  • She is aware that she has made some significantly bad choices in the past but considers them valuable learning experiences.
  • She does not trust easily, but once her trust is earned she will remain loyal regardless of the way the person treats her.
  • She cannot remember a time she has not had to struggle for what she has, as a result she cherishes the small things.
  • She can be highly opinionated and temperamental at times and does not believe in sugar coating the truth from anyone.
  • Harlowe is a straight shooter and not overly skilled in the art of deception. Though strong in will, she does tend to fall into temptation … mostly due to a desire to escape the harshness of her own reality for a short while. Many of her bad decisions stem from these moments of weakness.


  • Raised by her Aunt Gemma, she never knew her father. Her absentee mother commited suicide through an overdose on cocaine when she was 7.
  • Aunt was a choreographer and began training Christine how to dance when she was a child. Born and raised in New York, she attended a secondary school of the Arts for dance. During her stay there she hooked up with one of her professors in an elicit affair. Developed a passion for architecture from him. Though the affair ended, he impacted her greatly.
  • Gained early acceptance into NYU and began to work her way through college by waiting tables in addition to grants and loans.
  • Her Aunt died in a car crash during her Sophmore year and she was forced to take on an extra job to try and help pay off some of the woman's debt. Learned to manage what little finances she had and developed a distinct knack for business acumen.
  • Shocked everyone by selecting a major in Business Management with a minor in International studies… focusing on the Middle East.
  • Applied to Loyola University, School of Business and was accepted yet without any financial aid. The school agreed to allow her to defer enrollment for up to a year.
  • Packing up all her belongings, she left NY and moved to Chicago — staying in the local YWCA. Trying hard to make an honest living, she took a series of odd jobs, never really lasting all that long.
  • Desperate for cash, she sought out employment in the Crimson District at Something Wicked as a dancer and sometimes bartender. She's determined to finish her Masters in Business and finally have a life worthy of being proud of.



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