Harusprix's Vitals
Name: Emilia Ancillo
Race: Human, witch.
Shortdesc: A thin young woman with frazzled, raven-black hair
Position: Vagrant
Fame: None
Temperament: Playful
Themesong: None
Camilla Belle as Emilia Ancillo


A traveller about whom little is known, but one who makes no great effort to ensure she is neither seen nor heard. Harusprix is generally nosy and opinionated, fond of turning up in places she should not be.

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Harusprix was born Emilia Ancillo, though where exactly the event took place is a matter of debate. Her mother, Antonia Ancillo, was a woman of a nomadic nature - she had emigrated to the Americas with her parents while young, then proceeded to spend most of her life travelling. At best Harusprix's birthplace can be vaguely gestured at having been someplace in Southern America, Chile perhaps.

The young Emilia inherited her mother's wanderlust - but also something else. Perhaps through pure luck, or maybe by means of arcane rituals and invocations that Antonia Ancillo learnt from the tribes of Mapuche indians in the mountains of Chile, her child came into the world with an extraordinary attunement to the magical forces from birth.

The young Emilia proved to be a troubled and unruly child, however. Whatever Antonia's intentions for her might have initially been, Emilia showed only disdain toward the woman. Whether by nature or warped by the arcane magics imbued upon her, the girl's temperament grew ever more rebellious and anti-social. At the age of twelve she separated from Antonia and went her own way.

During the next twelve years, it is hard to pin-point where and when she might have visited over the course of her travels until much later, when she turns up in Chicago as a young woman, now going by the name of 'Harusprix'.


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