Humans Against Vampires (HAV)

Even though the Supreme Court ruled that vampires could count as citizens of the United States in 1993, many individuals still did not exactly care for the idea. One group of such individuals are Humans Against Vampires (AKA: HAV), who feel that although vampires may have once been alive and afforded citizenship, their state of undeath has removed that right. With their feeding habits, they obviously constitute something of a menace to "John Q. Public" either directly or indirectly, much like if a particular social type were allowed to rely purely on charity and theft for their survival with no attempts to lift them above this hand-to-mouth (or neck-to-mouth) state.

HAV does not subscribe to the fairly mob-like actions of Humans First (AKA: HF) but instead is largely a political stance. For a rough "real world" translation, imagine the Moral Majority, the Christian Coalition, the Moral Majority Coalition, and similar groups who take a firm stance to attempt to "save America". If HAV had their way, vampires would have about as many rights as the average housepet, kept on reservations (preferably in another country), and be registered and trackable as the standard convicted sex offender is. The League of Human Voters is very much like HAV, save that they don't openly say they've anything against vampires or other preters.

If one ICly joins up with HAV, please let Staff know so we can try to help your character out in their cause against the forces of darkness.

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