Have You Seen Zack?

April 27, 2011


Small Victorian House: Living Room - 3958 Ashland Avenue(#4034RAM)
Through the front door is a small foyer. On the righthand side is an antique mirror. Its decorative metal border has an old fashioned, traditional feel and complements the wrought iron on the narrow wooden table . Flowers have been placed upon the table as well as a small dish for keys or a wallet, and coats may be hung on the hooks that line both sides of the mirror. A small rug has been laid across the floor, while a door leads to a small mud room and possibly a basement.
Beyond the foyer is the living room, which has an old fashioned style — an air of cozy luxury. The ceilings are high, and the walls have been painted in a neutral, but warm, ivory. Wooden trim runs through the house. It is dark, like the hardwood floors, and both are polished to a high shine. One wall is lined with dark wooden bookcases, while the other contains a 40" flat screen plasma t.v. that sits above the mantle of a fireplace.
An oversized brown leather sofa sits in the center of the room, set atop a thick, cream berber rug. It is separated from a few matching chairs and an ottoman by a heavy, square wooden coffee table. A few books are laid out upon the table, as well as a decorative dish or two. Further back is an antique dining room table and eight chairs, and a chandalier of the same wrought-iron antique style provides an intimacy of low lighting.
A small corridor leading to a kitchen and a stairwell to the second floor is off to the other.




This stormy morning, Cale is inside. He's sent word to Forest that he's got somethings to pass along and is generally waiting. And as is with any other time he's been waiting, he's tending to his laptop. A more casual posture today, a light tshirt and jeans the limit of his garb today. He's laying on the couch with the laptop on one cushion, him across the majority of the rest with his legs bent, calves lightly bumping against the arm of the couch as they kick faintly. His chin on his crossed arms, he stares at the screen quietly, mind working.

The sound of a familiar truck can be heard outside, and shortly after a knock comes to the door, Forest's energy clearly felt as he waits to be let in.

And somewhere near Cale's elbow, there's a cup of tea, and a few slices of cake thoughtfully on the table. While Cale's working, Frank's working out in the old outhouse. When the truck's sound becomes audible the sound of the punchbag stops, and Frank soon reappears with a towel draped over his shoulders, stepping into the kitchen.

Cale tilts his head slightly when the truck is heard. He looks to the side, notices the tea and cake. But he looks at them briefly as if that's the first he'd seen of them. Though that mystery has to wait as Cale rises smoothly. His eyes flick towards Frank and he smiles before turning to go to the door. It'll be open before Forest can get there, held open for the man to step in.

Forest looks a bit tired as he comes into the house, heading into the living room and sitting on the couch so recently vacated by Cale. He looks towards Cale expectantly, seeming to want to get right to business, letting the two men come to him to greet him.

Frank brings in another cup as Forest get himself settled, then bends to take the Nimir-Raj's hand and brush it with his cheek. "Nimir-Raj." With greetings done, assuming Forest doesn't object, Frank will look between the two. "Want me to stick around?"

Cale closes up the door and turns to approach the couch himself. He waits for Frank to finish before he takes a knee next to Forest, his head dipping low and slightly to the side. "You should stay," he replies to Frank afterward, looking up towards him but keeping the knee. "I got the note you left. Your opinion is something I think would be good." He looks up to Forest then and says, "The primary thing I wanted to give over is that I think the three want to speak to you personally. Auranna leads me to believe this. She's still in contact with them so I'd assume she has some knowledge of their general mood. And it only makes sense, you being the decision maker in this instance." He looks towards Frank. "And Frank happened across them at the Ploychrome."

Forest easily accepts the greeting from both of you, nodding in agreeance with Cale, "Stay Frank." Then he turns his attention to what Cale has to say, though his attention seems split somehow. "Any idea of what they wish to speak to me about? Lenore left me a message to say that they are with her, which I fully expected." His eyes move to Frank, "Anything interesting happen there?"

Frank takes a seat when he's asked to stay. "I gave 'em a good ignoring," he says. "Johnothan an' Crystal were there. Lenore came in, got a cuppa, sat with 'em all friendly-like. Auranna came in, said hello to me an' chatted a little with 'em from over the room. Auranna went to work, I left." A shrug.

"I've been making a point to speak to Auranna," Cale notes. "From what I've gathered, they seem to think they're under threat from the Pard. That they'll be attacked. I think this mostly stems from events before they were exiled. I don't think anyone has done anything presently to encourage this assumption. As to what they want to talk to you about.. that I can't be sure. Though I'd suggest if you do go, to not bring Grace or Dylan. They'd muddy up things because I think they're the ones most concerning to the three. If I were to suggest, perhaps Frank and Stephen. Anyone who'd be neutral to them and.. well, know when to keep their mouth shut." He grins just a little. "I think they want to meet you on the pier, in neutral territory in that area."

Forest doesn't seem really impressed or concerned about what either Frank or Cale has to say about the trio, instead he just nods a bit. "I'll consider it, thanks for letting me know Cale." There's something off in Forest's energy today, worry perhaps. "Have either of you seen or heard from Zack?"

Frank hmms? "Zack? No, I ain't, not since he came to visit the other day, but then I've been a bit busy. I'm goin' to guess you ain't seen him either, Nimir-Raj?"

Cale shakes his head slightly. "I haven't heard from him lately, no. Though I've been a bit all over the place myself. I do have a little info on the humans, though. Had a talk with Robert. Electra, the police officer, made a small scene at his home some time ago. During the trouble with the rogue wolf. She was badgering him for information about finding Crystal, getting real emotional. He gave me a disc with the video and a copy of his complaint if you want to see either one." Said to Forest, of course. "So obviously the two are close on some level."

Forest shakes his head to Frank's words, "No, and he's not answering his phone, just keeping getting his voice mail and he's not returned my calls." Worry seems to grow around the man yet he's keeping his cool so far. "It's not like Zack to do this." He stands up and stretches his form out, hands reaching up to the ceiling, "If either of you hear from him, let me know."

Frank blinks at Forest's news. "Shit," he says, and then again, "Shit. When was he last in touch an' who with? An' did he say where he was goin'?" Frank looks ready to leap into action right now, towel around his neck and all.

Cale frowns faintly and nods his head, rising himself and taking a step back. "Of course I will." His eyes flick towards Frank and he nods. "Hopefully nothing has happened, but I can ask Auranna if she's heard anything from the three. I highly doubt they'd do anything.. as far as I know, they regarded Zack highly. But paths of investigation remain. Maybe one of them has heard something."

Forest rubs a hand over his face, it's been since early yesterday that I saw him, he was heading out for a few hours. I thought maybe he'd just got caught up in whatever he was doing, but he has always called me if something was going on." He frowns and shakes his head, "The only one of the three I worry about being capable of doing anything is Johnothan, Crystal and Ahikam are just too big of…. pussies… to do anything, and I don't believe those two have it in them to hurt anyone intentionally, especially not Zack."

Frank nods. "Might not be them, an' if they like him, probably isn't," he points out, "Given what else's been goin' on recently. I'll check the compound again, just in case."

"I'm not just thinking towards culpability, but knowledge," Cale notes. "Though anything I tell Aura will likely end up known by them at this point." He considers Forest, then wonders, "Do you want me to ask her? Or them if I happen across them? I probably won't ignore them if I happen to see them, but I'll take care to not make things too much worse. And if you want, I can get back with Aura about setting up a meeting, if you're inclined."

"Right now my main concern is finding Zack." To Frank he nods, "Yeah, check the compound but be careful. I'm going to start checking with those that have employed him in the past. I don't know of any jobs he had lined up, but I'll see what I can find out." A frown is given, a shake of his head, "This just isn't like Zack." He looks to Cale, "Talk to Auranna, see if she knows what those three want."

Frank nods, getting to his feet. "'Scuse me, then - I'll go get a shirt on an' find my jacket. Cale, can yer sort a note for Dom an' Ruby, let 'em know where I'm headed an' why? Fridge magnets arrived this mornin'."

Cale nods his head to Frank. "Sure thing," he replies. He dips his head once to Forest then and says, "I'll get back to you once I've gotten in touch with Aura." He then goes to do just that, his brow furrowed with thought.

Forest nods at the two of you and turns to head out the door to do his own searching.

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