Hayden Lee O'Conner's Vitals
Name: Hayden Lee O'Conner
Race: Wereleopard
Shortdesc: Average height, pale skinned red head.
Position: Business type.
Fame: n/a
Temperament: The flame that starts the blaze
Themesong: n/a
Molly Ringwald as Hayden Lee O'Conner


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

  • A youthful business type who sticks to the better parts of town.
  • This woman had been in the media's eye since the tragedy of her prom night several years ago. The hospital she was brought to gave her a transfusion that infected her with a shifter virus. Furthermore, they weren't aware of what was causing her fever until a visitor pointed out what was occurring. She was barely shipped to a different hospital in time for her first shift. Her family sued and was awarded money.

O'Connor vs. Blessing Hospital

This case proved that the hospital was responsible for negligence on the care and treatment of Hayden when she was admitted as a trauma patient. This case was watched by the media as Hayden was infected with the shifter virus by a blood transfusion and the effects of the infection were not officially recognized until she shifted. The hospital was not equipped to handle a shifter and did not send her to one that was until her father pressed the issue. If he had not succeeded in getting her transferred then the consequences of her shifting at Blessing would most likely have proved fatal.

  • She disappeared for a year or so but reappeared with accusations of discrimination against a college professor who was apparently giving her an undeserved failing grade.

O'Connor vs. Quincy University

A teacher was proven guilty of discrimination when he failed Hayden because she is infected with the shifter virus. The case was settled with the termination of the teacher and a full scholarship for Hayden.

  • The woman managed to graduate at the top of her class some years later but has yet again fallen off the radar.
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