Heartbreak and Loss


Feb 12, 2011

Navy Pier:Lower Pier - Grand and Lake Shore

Below the hustle and bustle of Navy Pier, numerous smaller piers and docks service the small watercraft of Lake Michigan. Tall support-beams stand along the beach, serving as a makeshift porch during low-tide and as something to cling to at high-tide. Buoyed out from the solid structure are the floating docks, raising and lowering with the water-level.
The night is shrouded in cold bleak mist, dark grey and colorless. The ground is icy and the air wet. The tide is low and rising. There is about forty-five inches of snow on the ground.




I didn't start to log this until after a few poses into it. Basically Forest and Zack were returning from having dinner at the Basement Bar with a group of the Pard. Forest got a phone call from Ahikam who said they'd found Talen who had gone missing a few days before, having left Forest after an argument, leaving Forest, Zack, and the Pard.


Forest shakes his head, worry and uncertainty in his eyes, "Ahikam said he's gone feral… we've got to get over there Zack, he might hurt them.." He moves to the counter and grabs his truck keys, "Call Jacobi and Lenore, we might need them."

Zack nods and pulls out his phone, flipping through the numbers in the address book finding the number. He heartrate hastens, as worry fills his eyes. "Come on, Lenore… answer the damn phone."

Forest leads the way out the door and down to his truck while you're on the phone, driving like a madman through the streets.

Zack follows after Forest, mumbling curses about people not answering their phones. He braces as Forest drives so hazardously.

Crystal wriggles and squirms in the snow mrowling at ahi as she tried to get free, she wanted to go to talen!

Into his cellphone, Zack says, "Lenore.." Zack sounds absolutely panicked, "This is Zack… Forest had me call you.. Ahikam found Talen and he's gone completely feral.. whatever that means… we're on our way there now. He's on the pier…"

Ahikam holds Crystal down as best as he could, growling softly to her, "stop it Crystal, he'll hurt you, hes not Talen right now, i don't know a thing about helping ferals, and neither do you, do you have any more of those catnip balls?" peeking over the snowbank at Talen, and then trying to root through Crystal's shreaded clothing to see if there were any more.

Crystal mewls squirming to get away from being pinned, of course she had more balls. several in fact, she'd been busy.

Forest's truck pulls up onto the pier and Forest jumps out, leaving the truck running and the door open, to run down to the lower pier. He stops when he's a distance away and can see the three out on the pier, trying to get a sense of what's going on, his attention mostly on Talen.

Zack kills the engine and just slides out the driver's side of the truck, slamming it shut as he runs behind Forest. He only stops because Forest does. He looks at Talen, and tears form at his eyes, as he looks up at Forest as if it ask him what to do.

Talen 's hair is all puffed up, his eyes still cat like and his teeth still cat like. He snarls at the two in the snow bank. Then his eyes are brought to the others and he hisses and drops the catnip ball and stands, nude, and books it towards the water.

Ahikam stays half ontop of Crystal, stroking her, "stay, stay, they'll be here soon," he looks up as Forest's truck pulls up, and Forest and Zack pile out, "let them handle it love, hes their mate, we all love Talen though," both he and Crystal were fine from the looks of it, his beast slipping from him quickly however to join Forest as he peeked back to Talen as he started to run.

Moving silently through the night, Jacobi and Lenore have an advantage of living close by, so not having needed to bring their car.. They arrive at the same time as Forest, the two of them having parkoured their way through the city to make as good of time as the other man…

Lenore runs to Forests side. "Is he Faral?" She sounds very serious as she addresses the Raj. Looking to where Talen ran she has a bit of a torn look to her. the beast very aggrivated right now.

Forest watches as Talen runs off, holding his beast very tightly inside of him so as not to frighten Talen or the others. He looks to Lenore and presses his lips together, "I'm not sure." Slowly he moves over to Crystal and Ahikam, checking on their wellbeing first, crouching down beside them, a brief rub of his fingers against their shoulders before he stands up, watching for the moment.

Crystal mewls and squirms half beneath Ahikam in her ghostly kitty form with creamy white rosettes on snow white fur. Turning her head side to side to look around, and then up at Forest with sad eyes as she freezes in place.

Zack looks to the two new arrivals, then to Forest. He moves hesitantly forward, watching Talen. He looks like his heart is breaking all over again. He looks at Forest, knowing he must be feeling the same.

Talen dives into a snow bank and disappears from sight…well mostly. Blue eyes still watching the group.

Ahikam looks up at Forest, reacihng up to touch his arm, and leg, "hes feral as far as i can tell… i don't know if i woulda called if he wasn't… i… i don't know what happened, but i know we still love Talen… i don't know how to, or have the strength to approach him, he'd hurt me and i know he doesn't want to… i know what humans would do if they found him…"

Slipping on the silvered knuckles of Lenore, Jacobi calmly begins to prepare himself while everone else is distraght… Popping his knuckles idly as he says, "Ii can't get a moment's peace to even enjoy dinner with my mate.. its always something… I'm turning the phones off from now on when we're having private time.."

Crystal cowers and cringes now beneath Ahi as she trembles there in a snowbank with ahi pinning her.

Forest watches Talen and after a few moments he starts to approach him, holding his hand out to the side as if to tell the others to stay. His movements are slow and small, trying not to frighten Talen anymore than he already is. When he gets a little closer, he calls out softly, "Talen…"

Given Forest's motion to stay, Zack stops in his tracks. He turns and glares at Jacobi, "I'm sorry to have disturbed your precious time. I'd think that as part of the Pard, you'd want to help. And as your mate is the Raj's second it's kind of her fucking job." His eyes narrow at the silver knuckles, "Those aren't necessary."

Talen eyes look up and notice Forest. Recognition is there. Tears start to fill up his eyes as he curls deeper into the snow.

Ahikam slips off of pinning Crystal, reaching his arms instead to hug her to him, burying his face in her fur a moment, "i'm sorry Crystal, i know you wanted to go to him, but he needs our Nimir now," stroking his hans through her fur, and glancing to Jacobi with a frown, "i'm sorry, i didn't plan on finding my friend lost his mind…" he holds a hand out to Zack, "this… was hard on everyone, he didn't have anyone… i knew he needed you or Forest…"

Turning towards Zack, Jacobi says, "Shut up Zack, I know my damn duty.. now stop glaring at me before I teach you the difference between power and deadlieness.. You might be faster, but I got the experience behind me. There's a reason why I'm the Enforcer and you'll respect that right now."

Lenore looks at Zack and slips the knuckles off and into her pocket. "Never know… LAst cat I had go feral killed a bus full of kids, you hear feral you think the worst." Looking back at Jacobi she hisses. "And I'm the second so you will shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you." Her beast prickles and there is no favortism in the woman right now. She looks at Forest and watches to see how things go, first sign of trouble she is in there.

Forest continues to step forward to Talen, completely focused on the pair of blue eyes in the snowbank. he lets his beast move out towards Talen's in a calm manner, trying to test Tal's beast a little. "It's ok Talen… talk to me."

Crystal mewls and curls up in Ahi's arms shaking and cowering.

Zack's go-to-hell look to Jacobi doesn't go away, but he turns his back to the man. He focuses his attention on Talen and Forest. He crouches down, watching.

Talen blinks a few times and pushes away from the alpha. The beast in him is calmed easily and he leans forward closing his eyes. "Talk talk talk talk talk…" He mumbles against the snow.

Ahikam bares his teeth a moment at Jacobi, but he didn't say anything, mostly because of Lenore, hugging Crystal close to him, sitting up and pulling her with him as he scoots over to Zack to wrap an arm around him, his beast slipping to curl around the two he was holding, trying to offer as much comfort as he could, before he turned to look after Forest and Talen.

Crystal whimpers and mewls softly cowering in ahi's arms and trying to hide there.

For his part Jacobi doesn't put the knuckles away, he just holds them and his fists at the ready, watching and waiting… He ignores Zack, he's there purely for his duty.

Forest steps closer, within arm reach of Talen, his hand held out in front of him, almost like you would a dog you were letting catch your scent, "Tal… it's Forest, it's ok, everything's going to be alright, just come out of there and let's talk, ok?"

Zack almost jumps when Ahikam puts his arm around him. He looks over at him for only a brief moment before he returns his attention to his mates. Ahikam can feel him shivering there. His beast is so like a cat in a small caged, contained but ready to burst loose.

Talen leans forward and sniffs the hand. He licks his lips and crawls from the snow slowly, scared of the man in front of him but compelled to listen. He chews his lip and tilts his head. He crawls right up to Forest and whimpers quietly

Ahikam hugs Crystal with one arm, and Zack with the other, right now they both needed as much as he could give, and he tried as he looked on with concern… it looked like Talen wasn't totally lost, which brought joy to his heart, he hoped that things could be fixed and his friend could come home again… he knew how badly the whole pard had hurt without him.

Crystal tried to burry her head in ahikam, trying to hide as she shook and cowered with small mewling whimpering noises.

Forest tentatively wraps his arms around Talen and pulls him in against his chest, shhing him softly, still testing and watching to see if the little blonde is going to tear into him.

Lenore shakes her time and goes straight to Forest. "You cant always baby him sir, he needs to learn how to deal with things. Normal humans do it everyday, I know you love him but this is not good for the Pard and you need to think of them as a whole." She doesnt use an angry tone, just one of reason. "Tell him how you feel, he needs to know that his actions are effecting others and own up to them."

Talen tenses when the arms going around him. He pushes the feeling of being trapped aside as those eyes look to Lenore. Something in them pained.

Zack looks as Lenore just walks up to Forest, even after everyone being told stay back. "Don't you think that little heart to heart might be done, once we got out to the compound, or at least gotten him calmed down?" It is said under his breath, but he isn't trying to keep he cougar either.

Jacobi just watches, completely impassive, his energy at rest about him, he and his mate standing at the ready.. As she speaks what words must be spoken, Jacobi adds, "Forest.. He will need to change.. To grow.. He needs to have the strength to be the leopard he is, he needs to stop thinking of himself as a human and remember what he is and where he stands. Beyond that he must know to hold himself above the bar that others are held.. We can't baby him, or anyone anymore. Its time for people to grow up. We almost lost how many people when /one/ vampire came after us?" Looking towards Zack, he growls, "No Zack, this is settled here and now. No heart to heart. He mans up and takes control without Forest forcing it, he accepts his duty and role, he accepts his family.. Or he's feral."

Jacobi gestures towards Forest, "If he makes him succumb, it doesn't change a damn thing, the change has to come from Talen, not someone else.. Not from me. Not from you. Not from my mate, and not from our Raj. Himself.

Ahikam leans to kiss Zack's cheek, "we'll get this all sorted out… hes back now though, right? i need to get Crystal into the truck… Jacobi's growling is scaring the hell out of her," he reaches to snag a couple of

Crystal's cat toys, placing them on Crystal as he pulls Crystal into his arms, and stands up, "and its not doing my nerves much good either," as he starts to head up to the truck, carrying Crystal close to his chest, cradled on her back.

Forest still is working hard to keep his personal emotions in tact, and at the words of Lenore and then Jacobi, he nods his head. "They are right Talen. You need to show us that you are worthy of being in the pard. That you've grown up enough to own to your responsibilities and not keep running away every time someone confronts you." He stands up and moves a few feet back to stand by Lenore, watching Talen to see his reaction.

Lenore looks back at Zack and shakes her head. "No, I dont. He needs to hear it and if he really is a danger? I'll put him down. No way I am anyones like on a what if." Again, not angry, or annoyed just mater of fact. She looks at Jacobi and sighs. "Mind your own emotions Love, you bring out the worst in people when you act like that. Calm yourself." Once she says that she looks back to Forest and Talen, smiling and placing a hand on her Raj's back

Zack puts a hand on Ahikam and Crystal before they leave. He stands up, wrapping his arms around his chest, and steps slightly to the side so that if he looks, Talen can see him standing there for him as well. At least one face other than Forest's who is not ready to pounce if the need should arise.

Crystal shivers in Ahi's arms and puts a forepaw on each side of his neck as she whimper a mewled softly

Talen doesn't move. He just sits there silently for a few moments. He sits back and puts his hands in his lap looking out to the water. "I didn't cheat." He growls out. "I'm sorry you were hurt by my actions. If I didn't cheat on you with Zack, a man I am madly in love with, why would I cheat on you with a straight Fae." He doesn't look at the man. "Your accusations broke my heart and I didn't want to face the Pard with that mark on my back…which you so eloquently carved." The voice is quiet as he speaks. "I'm sorry the Pard was upset that I chose to leave as opposed to being the cheater. I couldn't face them knowing they'd believe their alpha over me…"

Ahikam glances back at the group… he wanted to be with Talen and just hug him to peices… but he had to defer to his mates and the Nimir, as much as he just wanted his friend back… frowning at what he heard from Talen, just confused about that, and sighed, moving to lift Crystal up into the truck bed, and climbed in after her, settling down there to hug her to his chest, his beast wrapped protectively around her.

Lenore rubs Forests back and smiles. "Now explain to him why you felt that way, what lead you to call him a cheater." She stays neutral as she talks. "When you bend to far you break Forest, dont let him break you." Looking to Talen she smiles. "You need to listen to his words and not turn everything around to be someone else's fault. Consider what /you/ did wrong, consider someone elses feelings above your own."

Having tried ot have this conversation in private already, Forest presses his lips together in a frown and takes a deep breath before he speaks. "I never said that you were cheating on me Talen, you came up with that on your own. What I tried to do was explain to you how it made me feel to see you and that Brishen together like that. That someone who is in love with someone else, doesn't act like that with another man. Straight or not, it's not done. Maybe for others, but not for me." He looks over his shoulder to Zack and reaches out to him, wanting the young man to come stand beside him. "And what you and Brishen did with Zack…. you didn't even notice how you made him feel. I would think, having been in love with each other for a long time that you would know some of his history, but maybe I was wrong on that. And it's not my place to put it out in front of the pard." His words are more firm than anything, his emotions still in check, though it is growing very difficult for him. "To me.. your actions say that you don't understand or really care how it makes those you love, so long as you're having a good time at the moment."

Crystal quickly scrambles to the back of the truck bed to cower in a corner before being pulled into ahi's lap and chest again trying to bury her head against him and hide

Zack moves up besides Forest, looking down at Talen. He's been as strong as he could manage and really can't take much more. There are lines down his face where tears have been slowly falling for the last little bit. He doesn't say anything, as he doesn't know if he should or would be allowed to. All he knows is that he wants his family back and that includes Talen.

Lenore steps to the side and waits for Zack to join, her energy calm and not aggressive in the least. She wants to add to it but just acts as mediator for now, knowing what its like to loose someone you love because they dont care. If he doesnt fight her Lenore will rub Zacks arm lightly, just offering that bit of care. Her eyes go back to Talen and she waits.

Ahikam pulls his coat off and wraps it around Crystal, stroking his hands through her as he and his beast tried to calm her, pulling the hood of his coat up so it just about covered the both of them entirely, except for his feet and Crystal's rump sticking out, letting her hide there with him as he tried to settle her down, as much as he wanted to take her home, it would have been a difficult and dangerous task to carry a scared leopard through a city, no matter the hour, so he just hoped for a ride back to the apardments, where he could get her to sleep and get some clothes over for her when she changed back later.

Talen sits there. "Your assumptions make you an ass Forest. I do care. However I am not a mind reader. If I have known or been told that the actions with Zack made him uncomfortable…they wouldn't have been taken. Brishen is like a child. You acknowledge his actions and it gets worse. I didn't acknowledge them. Notice that. I didn't acknowledge them. It's not like I moaned and writhed against the counter. I ignored him." He says. "I love you and Zack. You're feelings are always foremost in my mind. I give up all my time with you for the pard yet I am the one that's selfish…I find that quite interesting."

Crystal nuzzled into ahi as she would slowly stop shivering just staying there curld up and hidden.

Ahikam took one of the yarn balls and jingled it a little beneath the blankets near Crystal's nose, purring softly himself as the scent leached out, trying to get her to relax and play just a bit, even if it was to just gnaw on the yawn ball… glad atleast the others were talking…

Lenore looks at Talen and only now does she show any emotions leaning. "It has to be everyone else's fault but your own doesnt it boy?" She shakes her head and there is annoyance there. "Dont you dare call Forest an Ass with a straight face, you dont listen… Your pathetic and yes I still think your a brat. Your not good for the par as far as I have seen, you over react, endanger the younger ones and treat those you supposedly love like they are amusing play things. Feral? Not Feral… just throwing another tissy fit." She shakes her head and chuckles taking a few steps away. "Sorry I was right about you, that makes me sad."

Crystal sniffs at the ball and gently mouths it before burrying her head against ahi with a soft whimper and mewl

Forest looks from Talen to Zack, his expression strained and Zack being closer would be able to see the tears that are fighting to spill over. He manages to keep it together as he turns back to Talen, "I'm happy to see that you are ok Talen. I am. We were all worried about you." He takes a deep breath before continuing. "You have a lot of growing up to do, a lot of learning, and I hope that you and Lenore get along well, because she is going to be helping you, a great deal." Another long pause before he continues, "You can stay at my place until you find somewhere else" his voice cracks as some of the emotion comes through, and he looks to Zack, reaching his fingers up to run over Zack's cheek, "as can you Zack, as long as you want." Now the tears do spill over and he moves, brushing his lips lightly over Zack's cheek, lingering for a few moments before he turns to head away, walking down the beach in the opposite direction of his truck.

Zack's eyes move between Talen and Forest. He looks like his in a state of shock. He closes his eyes as Forest walks off. He's at the point of almost hyperventilation, before someone breaks down.

Talen winces at Lenore's words then the tears flow and he stands. "I never said it was anyone else's fault you stupid bitch." He growls at Lenore. "He's already expressed how it makes him feel. I have apologized and I will again. You said yourself to take responsibility for you ACTIONS. Remember that? I am. My inaction hurt him. Hurt them both. I understand that, why do you think my heart is broken?" He shakes his head. "I have never played with Forest or Zack… nor do I feel they are play things. I have never and will never endanger the young ones. I over react because my beast is so close to the surface. Yes its my fault I don't have full control on him. You are not good for this Pard." He points at her. "Since you came along the Nimir was kidnapped and YOU lead us into a trap knowing it was one. Notice how when we fought with Forest we won. We fight beside you we loose. I didn't charge into that ware house. I stayed back." He shakes his head. "You should go back to the hole you came out of." He turns his eyes to Forest. "You yell at me for leaving and yet this is the example you show…" His voice softer to Forest. "I love you god damn it and I'm sorry I hurt you. I really am. If I could just erase everything that happened with Brishen I would."

Ahikam sighs finally, hugging Crystal to him… as much as he loved everyone in the pard, he needed to get Crystal home, and he was afraid that this was going to lead to bloodshed or worse… maybe he should have just left Talen alone… he finally rises, hugging Crystal to him, "come on love… stay quiet and i'll carry you home," as he walks off the back of the truck and hops down, and starts to carry his pale snow leopard home, getting her as covered in his coat as he could.

Lenore looks at Zack and watches as Forest goes. "Please, go take care of him Zack? He needs you right now." There is pain there as her beast picks up the heartbreak from Forest and no doubt Zack and Talen. One small blessing is the fact Jeremy is not here. Looking at Talen she smiles. "I am more than willing to help you grow up, and move on if you need it. Hell your still family, always will be if you need it. You can stay at my place if you need to, but you might not like it cause I wont baby you." Yeah, she's letting the verbal diarrhea from Talen roll of her back. "I have to say though… get away from the Raj right now…"

Forest pauses a few yards away and turns to look at Talen, his face pained, tears streaming down his cheeks. His words are very soft as he speaks, "I love you too Talen, but right now, I think it's best that we part ways." He looks to Zack, a hopeful expression on his face, yet he seems to believe that the young man will stay with Talen. "Zack… it's your choice, I'm sorry to do this to you." He looks to Lenore, "Can you take care of him for awhile?" he nods his head towards Talen at those last words, then seems to just stand there, waiting to see what Zack will do.

Zack looks between Forest and Talen several times. As each second passes, his breath breathing becomes more shallow, until his eyes roll back, and he collapses.

Talen growls at Lenore then turns his eyes to Forest. If you could watch someone fall apart into thousands of pieces that would be what you see in Talen's eyes. He shakes his head. "No." He turns his eyes to Zack and it hurts all the more. His hands go to his mouth as he sobs. "I won't be a burden to this pard…and I can't be without you Forest…" He walks over to Zack and brushes his hair out of his eyes. "I'm sorry…" He walks to his suitcase, picking up the silver blade as he goes. "I'll make it quick." He walks away from the group and into the city.

Lenore nods to Forest and nods. "I will take care of Talen…" Then Zack passes out and she rushes over to lift him and bring him to Forest. "Take him how, he's better off with you tonight." Then she goes after Talen. "Quit being stupid Talen, your not a dishonored Samurai…"

Forest rushes over to Zack when he collapses, but Lenore is quicker and he takes Zack's limp form from her, cradling the young man to his chest. It's very difficult for him as he watches Talen and hears his words. His jaw quivers and he has to fight himself not to run to his tiny dancer. To Lenore he says, "Take care of him…" Then he turns and walks towards his truck, putting Zack in the passenger seat before climbing into the drivers and heading off.

Talen turns and lifts the knife. "Don't touch me. Stay the fuck away from you, you bullying bitch. You touch me and I'll fucking gut you." He looks to Forest and tears up further. He turns and leaves the other way, knife held tightly in his hand.

Lenore doesnt touch Talen but she does follow him, loyal to the Raj. "You know I cant leave you alone, not with a sharp object and an unstable mind. You have not seen bully yet." She sticks her hands in her pockets and just follows.

Talen turns around and shakes his head. "You don't leave me be and I will charge you criminally with stalking and harassment. You have three seconds to comply." He growls. "If you follow me further I will walk right up to the police station have you arrested." He turns and continues walking.

Lenore shakes her head and smiles as she continues to follow Talen. "To the police station than, I really like that Idea actually." She means it to, staying close enough to be there but out of striking distance. "So, do what you need to Tally, I'm on you like glue."

Stepping forward, Jacobi looks towards Talen and says flatly, "Talen, last chance. You do this.. you walk.. You know there's no turning back.. You've now threatened my mate, you've now gone against your own… You walk this road, you walk it alone, you know what waits for you."

Talen turns his eyes to Lenore stopping. "I need the very man that just walked away and the other man he held in his arms." He lifts the blade. "It's done." He shoves it into his own chest and cries out in pain as he falls to the ground unconscious.

Lenore rushes forward and pulls the sward out of the stupid shifter. "Nice… way to be selfish again." She holds the wound and looks back to JAcobi. "Medic!" She doesnt have share blood or anything cool.

Rolling his eyes, Jacobi swears and shooes Lenore, actually shouting at her, "God damnit! Why'd you pull it out!" Immediately he pulls off his shirt and starts to rip it into shreads to push it to the blonde's wound. Looking up at her he shouts, "Make a choice, we let him die, or we save. Make it and make it now. This is not going to hold…"

Lenore blinks and looks down at Talen as his blood colors the ground. "Make him comfortable and make it fast…" She has tears in her eyes, this was stupid but for the better in the long run. "Sorry Talen, we will make sure you are laid proper." She drops to her knees and moves the hair out of his face. "Why do you have to be so stubborn?" She's crying now as the boy bleeds out.

Removing the shirt, Jacobi shifts above Talen, and simple leans down and bites into the man's neck. Ripping it out he starts to eat while the blood is still warm… He does lay Talen out proper, he returns him to the Munin after having snapped his neck.

Lenore drops in and helps to take talen into herself, tears mingled with the blood, he deserves to be part of the pard, always and forever.

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