BBoard Help

Reading Commands for Myrddin's Bulletin Board 4.0.6+
+bbread Scans joined bulletin board groups.
+bbread <#> Scans messages in group <#>.
+bbread <#>/<list> Reads message(s). <list> can be a single number, multiple numbers, or a range of numbers (ie. 1-6), or any combo.
+bbread <#>/u Reads all unread messages in group <#>.
+bbcatchup <#> Marks all messages in group <#> as read. You can use multiple group #'s/names or may use the word 'all' to catchup on all messages on all boards.
+bbscan Totals unread postings (if any) in each joined group. You can place this command in your @aconnect, and it's recommended you do so.
+bbnew Reads the first unread message (can be done over and over again to read all unread)

Note: You can use the board's name (or abbreviation) in place of its number.

Posting Commands for Myrddin's Bulletin Board 4.0.6+
+bbpost <#>/<title> This starts a post to group <#>.
+bbwrite <text> This adds text to an already started post.
+bb <text> Same as +bbwrite.
+bbedit <area>=<old>/<new> Edits your post in progress. Valid areas are: text or title
+bbproof Displays your current post in progress.
+bbtoss Discards your current post in progress.
+bbpost This will post your current post in progress.
+bbpost <#>/<subject>=<body> Posts a message to group <#>. This is a quick way of posting a message with one command.
+bbedit <#>/<#>=<old>/<new> Edits one of your posted messages.

Note: You can use the board's name (or abbreviation) in place of its number.

Misc Commands for Myrddin's Bulletin Board 4.0.6+
+bbremove <#>/<list> Removes a message by you. <list> can be a single number, a group of numbers, or a range (10-14).
+bbmove <#>/<#> to <#> Moves one of your messages to a new group.
+bbleave <#> Unsubscribe from group <#>.
+bbjoin <#> Joins a group you've previously 'left'.
+bblist Listing of all groups available to you along with their timeout values.
+bbsearch <#>/<text> Shows you a list of postings on group <#> with <text>.
+bbtimeout <#>/<#>=<days> Changes timeout for a message to <days>.
+bbnotify <#>=<on|off> Turn post notification for group <#> on or off.

For a '.sig', set an attribute on you called BB_SIG, and place your signature in that.

Note: You can use the board's name (or abbreviation) in place of its number.

NOTE You probably won't care about the stuff below this line unless you're staff

Wizard Commands for Myrddin's Bulletin Board 4.0.6+
+bbnewgroup <title> Creates a new group.
+bbcleargroup <#> Clears group <#> and all its messages.
+bblock <#>=<lock>/<key> Locks group <#>. Lock can be 'flag' or an attribute name.
+bbwritelock <#>=<lock>/<key> Same as above, but controls who may write to the group.
+bbconfig Shows values of all config parameters. See '+help bbconfig' for help on config parameters and how to set them.

Expanded Help on Message Timeouts for Myrddin's Bulletin Board

There's only a couple of things that need to be understood in order to take full advantage of message timeouts.

1: Once a day, the TR_TIMEOUT attribute on the bbpocket should be triggered. Some games already have a way of accomplishing this. For games that do not, simply have a wizard execute set the 'autotimeout' global parameter: +bbconfig autotimeout=on Turning that parameter on sets up the board to take care of its own daily triggering. Setting the paramenter to 'off' turns off the BBS's internal triggering.

2: There are 3 different timeout values:

  • The global parameter 'timeout' (set via the '+bbconfig timeout=<days>' command) sets a default timeout that will be set on any new bb groups created after the execution of this command.
  • The group parameter 'timeout' (set via the '+bbconfig <#>/timeout=<days>' command) sets a default timeout for the group <#>. Any new messages posted to this group will inherit that timeout.
  • The user command '+bbtimeout <group>/<message list>=<days>' will set the specified timeout on individual messages. Players can only modify their own messages, wizards can modify any messages. Players can only set timeouts equal to or less than the default timeout for the board, wizards can set any timeout.

In all cases, a timeout of '0' indicates no timeout.

Configuration Parameters for Myrddin's Bulletin Board 4.0.6+

There are two types of configuration parameters: global and group. Global configuration parameters affect the BB system as a whole, while group configuration parameters affect a single Group.

To set a global parameter:

+bbconfig <param>=<value> Sets global config parameter.

Global Parameters:

  • timeout This sets the default timeout (in days) for any new groups created. A timeout of '0' means messages won't timeout. (ex. +bbconfig timeout=30)
  • autotimeout If you don't have a way to trigger the TR_TIMEOUT attribute on the bbpocket (daily) to clean out expired messages, you can use the autotimeout param instead. Setting this param 'on' enables the BB's built in timer. Set this param to 'off' to disable.

To set a Group parameter:

+bbconfig <#>/<param>=<value> Sets config parameter for board <#>.

Group Parameters:

  • anonymous Setting this value turns the Group 'anonymous'. This means that any future posting's 'Author' field will have the value of this param instead of the name of the author. Wizards will also see the actual name of author.
  • timeout Sets the default timeout value for the Group. Any new messages will have this new value. A value of '0' means messages won't timeout.

Expanded Help on Group Locks for Myrddin's Bulletin Board

A few notes about locking BB Groups.

The +bblock/+bbwritelock commands are only meant to take care of the simplest of locks. There is simply no way to write one bblock'ing command that can deal with all the different ways people want to lock their BB Groups, and it certainly isn't practical to keep adding different locking commands for each locking method I come across.

Coders can set up locks on Groups that are as customized or exotic as you like quite easily, however. Each Group has its own object. If you look inside the global BBS object, you'll see them. Each Group object has a pair of attributes that control who may read and who may write to that Group. The attributes are named CANREAD and CANWRITE, respectively. The dbref of the player attempting to read/write is passed to the appropriate attribute as . As long as the attribute returns a non-zero result, the player can read/write.

CANREAD Examples
CANREAD: 1 Anyone can read
CANREAD: hasflag(%0, wizard) Only wizards can read
CANREAD: strmatch(name(%0),*z*) Only characters with a 'z' in their name can read

Changes to Myrddin's Bulletin Board

The most recent version of this code, bug fixes, and patches can be found at:

  • 4.0.6+:

New Command: +bbnew
Feature: +bbsearch now searches for more than poster name
Note: Both the new command and the revised command are by Moe@OGR.
Dial up OGR/Gateway and 'examine #4281' for details.

  • 4.0.6:

BugFix: Patched a security hole (thanks to Alierak for pointing it out)
PennFix: Minor tweak to +bbremove that will keep Penn's cleaner and
prevent odd behavior
Feature: Message headers internal to the bbs now store dbref of the owner
of the poster.

  • 4.0.5:

Improved +bbscan (Amberyl)
Improved number range error handling (Kareila@ChaoticMUX)
BugFix: +bbmove - better error handling, and replaced missing '}'
BugFix: FN_SETR behaves better for those that need it.

  • 4.0.4:

BugFix: +bbsearch now checks permissions properly
BugFix: base 36 to base 10 conversion tweaked to be friendlier to Penn
(added a base case of '0' to fold()).
BugFix: Posting to an anonymous board no longer appends your BB_SIG.
BugFix: BBS is now aware of the 8k MUX buffer limit. This affects the
'percentage' full meter.
PennFix: +bbmove tweaked to be friendlier to PennMUSH.
PennFix: Various other PennMUSH fixes, most involving flags. Should help
the BBS run correctly on PennMUSH's.
Feature: Post notification now includes board/#
Help: Help files have been expanded in the areas of message timeouts and
locking groups.

  • 4.0.3:

BugFix: +bbcleargroup now checks permissions properly
BugFix: +bbcleargroup will no longer re-order remaining groups
BugFix: Automatic post notification for anonymous boards now uses
the anonymous 'title' instead of the poster's name.

  • 4.0.2:

BugFix: +bbsearch will now work properly on all servers
Some attribute cleanup

  • 4.0.1:

BugFix: Message ID's no longer improperly sorted by certain commands
BugFix: Update-Installer should no longer scramble message ID's

  • 4.0.0:

Misc. security enhancements.
Up to 25 increase in storage capacity.
Support for message timeouts. Fully configurable.
Support for anonymous boards. Configurable 'From' field title. Obviously,
MUSH staff can determine original poster.
Post notification: online players are notified of new posts. Configurable
New Command: +bbsearch. Allows user to search a group for posts by a
specific author.
New Command: +bbnotify. Allows user to toggle post notification for
New Staff Command: +bbconfig. For setting global/group timeout values,
anonymous boards, built-in timeout monitor.

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