Humans First (HF)

Even though the Supreme Court ruled that vampires could count as citizens of the United States in 1993, many individuals still did not exactly care for the idea. One group of such individuals are Humans First (AKA: HF), a rather militant and determined group of folks who feel that vampires are nothing more than bloodsucking freaks, that those infected with lycanthropy should either be exterminated or kept in reservations, and that the fae are tainting the purity of the human bloodline.

Obviously, they're not the most popular of folks in the eyes of your standard preternatural.

Surprisingly though, there are a few cases of vampires and lycans belonging to HF, feeling that their lives were ruined by the individuals who brought them over to undeath or who infected them. They feel that it's ironic justice that they now are able to use their preternatural abilities to prevent others from being corrupted like they were. It is with a similar mindset that some psychics, sorcerers, and other magic-wielding humans have joined up with HF, using "fire to fight fire". An international group with the same intent is the World Organization of Human Protection (W.O.O.H.P.)

There have been no recorded instances of fae belonging to HF, but many who were around during the Dark Ages could be said to've subscribed to "Fae First" with their frequent anti-human paradigm (including humans cursed with vampirism and those cursed with lycanthropy, both of which are claimed by some fae to have originated in fairy curses in days of yore, although this has not been proven).

If one ICly joins up with HF, please let Staff know so we can try to help your character out in their cause against the forces of darkness. Obviously, one can ICly hate the preternatural without belonging to a particular organization (EG: hunters) or while belonging to another organization (EG: Rose Knights of Columbus), but HF is generally a good way of making sure there's an ample mob with pitchforks and torches to help your character's cause.

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News Files

Currently in Chicago, there are an estimated 50-60 Humans First members. The upper echelon of their leadership is unknown to the public, but within their ranks a few of them are known.

NPC leadership

  • The Father: A priest at Our Lady of Lourdes
  • Wolfman: A powerful shifter that has dedicated himself to 'curing' himself and those like him.

Current PCs affiliated with Humans First include:

  • Brother Emperor: A clairvoyant that is working with HF. His mental status, is a question.


On November 26th of 2011, HF was credited for bombings that took place at the CLAW offices, the PolyChrome Cafe, the Dove Gallery, and the Church of Eternal Life.

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