Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn's Information
Type: Hotel
Rating: 3 stars
Location: Jackson Street
Fame: One of many in a large, quality chain, this hotel sits in the Sears Building.
Atmosphere: Pleasant and comfortable
Owner(s): Holiday Inn
Manager(s): n/a
Employee(s): n/a

Holiday Inn: Lobby

Below the hotel proper, a small lobby fits in just aside the Sears Building. The floors are mostly chequered black and white marble, but grey carpet runs from the double doors up to the front desk, wrapping around it, and then heading towards the elevator. Potted ferns and ficus trees stand around the sand colored walls, obscuring the edges of the room in conjunction with small islands of sofas and padded chairs.

Darla the Clerk

Darla is a short, round, middle-aged woman in a crisp maroon hotel uniform. Her chin-length brown hair is gelled neatly away from her face. Light touches of cosmetics brighten her smile-lined face, and a cheerful expression adds another layer of attractiveness. Her brown eyes glance alertly around the room. She waits at the secretary, to take bookings and provide information to guests.


Not quite the Omni, but a long way from the Motel 6, the Holiday Inn is pleasantly and comfortable. The walls are a soothing sand color that meshes neatly with the beige carpeting. To the left of the entry is a sandy-tiled kitchenette with dual sinks, coffee maker, and a small demi-fridge, the wall-side occupied by the sinks and all while a counter-window opens to the main room. Three backed stools stand along the counter and the bedroom door is further along on that same side. To the right is the door leading into a moderately sized bathroom, ivory toilet and tub are complete with silver fixtures, and a beige shower curtain is pushed back. White towels hang neatly from the rack, washcloths arranged over each. Wrapped soap stands ready for guests to use. At the far end of the front room is a living space with short love seat couch, two chairs, and a low coffee table making a neat conversation pit, a closet opposite the bedroom door.

In the bedroom proper, a pair of double beds are neatly made, covered in spreads of striped green, rose, and gold. A bedside table in dark oak rests between the beds with dual brass lamps protruding from the wall above. A 32" television stands on a swivel stand atop the dresser, remote beside the alarm clock and phone on the bedside table.

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