Honey's Vitals
Name: Honey Smith
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Short, cute, blond, woman, usually provocatively dressed
Position: Cage Dancer at Something Wicked & Hostess at Divine Torture
Fame: None yet
Temperament: Friendly and Vivacous
Themesong: Say Goodbye by Dave Matthews
Katherine Heigl as Honey Smith


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Real name: Deidre Smith, but even her ID says Honey
Club Name: Honey Sweet

She works at Divine Torture and a hostess and still ocasionnaly takes a shift at Something Wicked in the crimson district as a cage dancer. She can sometimes be found in the Fifth Floor Spa and Health Club in the Sear's Tower staying in shape. She orders a lot of take out from Power Thai.

She is fairly out going and friendly. Due to her job not a huge morning person, crawling out of bed at noon most days. The lips are quick to smile and she is an incorrigible flirt. She has a clear shoe fetish, wearing them in all the colors of the rainbow, wedges, spikes, sandals, boots.

A young woman stands before you. She has creamy warm skin, perfectly smooth like satin. The hair is blonde, near golden, lustrously thick and hangs in soft waves to just below shoulders. The lips are bow shaped and toned a pearly pink. The delicate bones and angles of her face giving an ingénue quality to her features. A set of thick dark lashes highlight her wide golden brown eyes, her gaze holding the shining glow of youth and a vivacious sparkle. They are ringed in smoky kohl liner, giving them a haunting quality. She smirks quite a bit, giving her an impish air.
The body looks almost sculpted the curves and lines showing a very feminine form. She wears a white micro -T, the cotton material skin tight. A hot pink bra is clearly seen through the deep v neck t-shirt. The flash of a belly button and hips leads to a pair of well worn extremely low rider jeans. If you see the back you see the upper curve of her derrière and a flash of hot pink lace thong. The swelling full hips lead to long supple legs that end in a set of spiked black strappy sandals. The heels making her around 5'6". The toes are painted candy pink.

Honey's Current I-Pod Playlist
Warm up, Hard Workout, cool down and strech


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