Hope and Faith Shoot and Shop
Hope and Faith Shoot and Shop's Information
Type: A firearm dealship and public firing range.
Rating: 2 Stars
Location: 807 Michigan Street
Fame: Firing Lanes
Atmosphere: Shooty
Owner(s): Roderick Hawke
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): N/A


Main Room

Packed full of items, this room holds just about anything a gun owner could want or need. From hunting supplies of camo, scents, or animal callers to police or military supplies of billy clubs, flashlights, handcuffs or uniforms - Ace's seems to have it all and more.

One wall holds a collection of gun safes for sale, from small to large, along with glass-fronted gun cabinets. Near the back wall, a counter is found, a modern computerized register at one end. Glass fronted, the counter holds a wide selection of handguns - from collector antiques to the newest on the market. Along the wall behind it, a rack holds rifles and other semi-automatics, including a few machine guns. Most of these guns can be rented for a small fee to be used in back on the lanes - if you're curious about a certain model of gun and wish to try one out before purchasing, here's the place to do it. A small sign upon the wall lists prices for rental, along with prices for the ammo that each takes.

To the right of the counter, a window looks out over the firing lanes, while a door nearby leads one to them. There is a sign upon it, reminding all who enter to please use ear and eye protection when entering the lanes.

  • Please see the Gun Control page for In-Game firearms restrictions.

Shooting Range

This long room is divided into two sections - one for rifle use, the other for handguns. At the end of the lane, each is divided and provided a small bit of privacy by walls, a high counter placed between to hold anything one may need. There is a switch for the lights, and another that pulls the target holder up or sends it back down the lane in each area. There is nothing fancy about this room - nothing needed here besides a few benches against the back wall really.


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