Almost all characters either are human, or once were human (save for Fae, who often resemble humanity and/or have some human ancestors back there).

For those who are still human but have picked up a few tricks, we offer the options listed below. Even if one does not have snazzy powers, one is hardly 'lacking'. The majority of humanity is perfectly normal and still manages to hold control of the world at large, from dog-catchers to college students, police to doctors, painters to lawyers, cooks to criminals.

A rough primer of what most folks know of the preternatural can be found here.

Some 'specialty groups' of mundane humans include the police and the (now disbanded) Regional Preternatural Investigation Team (AKA: RPIT) that investigates preternatural crimes, Humans Against Vampires (HAV) who oppose the new-found rights for the undead, and Humans First (HF) who oppose the tolerance of both Vampires and Were-Things (and aren't terribly fond of the Fae). See also hunters for a few unsavory individuals.

NOTE: If one started off as a regular human with any of the following tricks, the tricks do remain even if one ends up contracting lycanthropy or being brought over as a vampire.


When a person is born sensitive, it means they have an innate, natural talent for sensing another person's magical ability. This does not mean that you know what flavor of magic they are, nor does it mean that you recognize what kind of magic either i.e., vampires and shifters. With human magic, it must be performed in front of you or you must touch the person in question. This sensing may come in the form of hair raising on the arms, goose bumps, hair standing up on the back of the neck, or another similar type of reaction that you may choose (with staff approval). When you are sensitive it must be clear in your background whether you know what the feeling is or not. We need to know if you have been taught anything, or if you are completely oblivious to what the feelings mean, another option is to be suppressing it.

The only special ability allowed to sensitives is Sensitive.

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